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SurveySparrow Review: How it works and Key Features



When it comes to online surveys that pay cash, an individual and stay-at-home parent would think of popular market research platforms, including LifePoints and Swagbucks surveys.

However, there is another survey platform called SurveySparrow, that specializes in helping individuals, and businesses of all sizes reach their new target audience and engage with them via chatbot or offline surveys. 

In particular, this survey tool will enable your business to gather essential customer data and their product feedback, so you can use those data to improve the product and service to add more value to them.

In this post, we will dive deeper into how this online surveys tool works, its pros and cons, and other key features, so you can leverage those features and scale up your business by reaching more customer engagement.


What is SurveySparrow?

SurveySparrow review


SurveySparrow is the survey tool that enables individuals and businesses to gather important customer data associated with their shared survey questions and their feedback. For this, they can make better decisions to improve products and services.

Specifically, this cloud-based online surveys platform provides the conversational interface to increase conversion and gain customer experience using the mobile, website, email, and even chatbot.

For this reason, it not only helps businesses to reach the target audience by understanding customer feedback but also supports improving decision-making and building a competitive advantage for brands in the market.

Established in 2017, the survey corporation has exponentially expanded its market presence in more than 148 countries and has over 100,000 customers across the globe at the time of writing.


How does it work?

With an online market presence in 149 countries, it’s not surprising that this customer management and survey platform has thousands of customers and clients, from individuals to businesses of all sizes.

In particular, some of the largest brands and companies that have used this survey tool to increase interaction with customers, such as FedEx, SIEMENS, Deloitte Digital, Xerox, and Grant Thornton, to name a few.

In addition, the cloud-based survey platform is an ideal solution for individuals and businesses from different industry sections, including, education, health care, hospitality, student experience, academic market research, online businesses, employee experience, product and service experience, etc.

The followings are several products and functionalities of the SurveySparrow platform that are important to help your online businesses increase customer awareness and build a better customer experience.

  • Offline data surveys“: perhaps, this is the most stunning solution for individuals and businesses to continue gathering feedback data without an internet connection. Users need to download the offline app and still collect data from the customer-sharing experience. 
  •  Chatbot surveys: whether running an online business, saas platform, website, or blog, your business needs a chatbot system to respond to users and engage with them. In addition, users don’t need to have the technical skills to create a code, instead just copy and paste the embedded code on websites.
  • Panel surveys“: it is best suitable for global businesses or blogs that want to gather customer data from online surveys in different demographics. Access customer feedback from over 148 countries and help make better business decisions.
  • 360 surveys“: businesses that want to get real data from customer reviews can consider using 360 survey software to understand employee concerns, strengths, and weaknesses. Thus, managers can find ways to improve the productivity of the organization’s workforce.
  • Customer management: many businesses from different industries use this tool to stay on top of the game by automatically sending an invitation survey to customers and asking for their feedback.
  • API“: members can create a weblink and ask customers to fill out the survey by clicking on the link. Thus, they can collect customer information feedback at any touchpoints.
  • NPS ( Net promoter score) platform: it is considered an all-in-one survey software due to the fact that it enables businesses to gather customer data at all touch points. For this, your business can use customer data and their feedback to make better decisions to improve products and services for their preferences.

In particular, many online businesses use this NPS platform to ask for customer feedback about “how likely they would rate the customer support service”, in this regard, the respondent can rate the work based on the rating scale and share opinions if necessary.

SurveySparrow free trial

What are the key features?

Besides the above products and their functionalities, let’s dive deeper into several features. You can take advantage of and increase the conversion with your blog and websites.

  • Share surveys: using this survey tool, users can create survey links and QR codes, which enables them to share surveys on different marketing channels, such as social media, email, web, text messages, etc.
  • Smart surveys: perhaps, this is one of the most stunning features that many businesses use this smart survey to only ask customers and readers relevant questions, which are associated with their topic of interest.

This smart survey feature enables site owners to create a condition only related to respondents’ questions. For example, when customers select “online payment” based on an online questionnaire, the system will automatically display credit card payment detail.

  • Voice recording surveys: business owners and bloggers can give long-form online surveys and give respondents options to select the voice survey because it helps to save them time and less effort to complete the lengthy survey.
  • Built multilingual surveys: with this option, members can create surveys in up to 70 languages, and your business can gather respondents’ feedback from anywhere in the world and target a wider audience.
  • White label surveys: enables your business or blog to keep the brand identity when sending out free online surveys. It allows you to remove the SurveySparrow brand, so you can create and share the domain name before sending surveys.

In addition, with more than 600 online survey templates, site owners can take advantage of changing the design and use the white labels to add their brand and domain when creating surveys.

Indeed, users also can use the CSS customizing tool by changing fronts, labels, icons, and brand logos.


Is SurveySparrow safe?

In terms of survey data and security, the SurveySparrow platform has strong enforcement of using SSL to transfer encrypted data over the internet, which means users can collect the secured surveys and keep them safe.

Furthermore, business owners can set password protection for online surveys, so respondents need to click on the link and validate the password to start taking online surveys.


SurveySparrow integrations

With SurveySparrow, members also have the option to integrate with popular apps and tools, which help to create the most efficient work for organizations.

  • Google Analytics
  • Mailchimp
  • Stripe
  • Google Tag Manager
  • AWeber
  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • Facebook Pixel
  • etc…


SurveySparrow pricing

SurveySparrow offers different product solutions, which are flexible for individuals and businesses to take advantage of those pricing options to deliver a great customer experience. Here is the list of membership options to consider:

1. For personal use

  • Offer a free version ( limited to up to 10 questions per online survey and get 100 responses each month).
  • Basic: $19 per month ( unlimited questions, 10,000 email contacts)
  • Premium: $29 per month ( unlimited questions and unlimited email contacts).

2. For Business use

  • Business: $99- best for small business ( can get up to 10,000 responses a month and two users)
  • Enterprise: $499- best for medium and large businesses ( get up to 30,000 responses per month and include 10 users).

Importantly, the 14 days free trial with SurveySparrow is available for almost all premium membership plans. Startup owners and bloggers can take advantage of the free trial and see if it is the right survey tool for growing your business.


Is SurveySparrow legit?

Depending on personal or business purposes, SurveySparrow offers a cross-range of product solutions to help you scale your blog or startup and create a better customer experience for members.

With this in mind, some useful features to help your organization are as follows: chatbot, offline survey, NPS platform, 360 assessment, multilingual surveys, and white label survey, to name a few.

According to the Trustpilot review, this survey tool receives an average rating above 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 739 customer reviews. In particular, 77% of customers agree to 5 stars, while 19% vote for 4.


SurveySparrow pros and cons

The followings are the pros and cons of SurveySparrow that you should get familiar with before making an informed decision about whether to choose this online survey tool or not.


  • Offer a free trial for users to experience.
  • For personal use or bloggers, can use the free version with limited features.
  • The platform offers some of the most stunning features, including, smart surveys, multilingual surveys, NPS platform, offline surveys, etc.
  • Perfect integration with some of the popular apps and tools: MailChimp, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, etc.


  • If you want to build the best customer experience and build your business, the only option to use is the paid plan as it offers all the necessary features your business needs. ( the free version only offers limited features).
  • Multilingual surveys are only available for the higher plan from personal use.
  • Not all apps and tools are available for integration on some plans.


Conclusion: SurveySparrow review

SurveySparrow is one of the leading survey platforms that enable businesses of all sizes to gather essential customer data and helps them to make better decisions to address customer needs and concerns.

In fact, that platform offers a cross range of products and some useful features, which you may not find from other similar platforms. Indeed, to access those features, startups, and businesses need to pay for premium plans to scale their businesses, at different prices.

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