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Top 10 Money Earning Apps of 2023

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Updated 24/06/2023


Are you looking for proven ways to make money online? It becomes so much easier than before to make money due to the rapid advancement of the internet and information technology. Specifically, you only need a smartphone to easily make money to take online surveys, become a delivery driver, or even select a particular side gig, and much more.

Indeed, money-earning apps will allow users to make extra money in their spare time as you could consider making money online, either from home or outside as a gig worker.

The following are the top 10 money-earning apps that pay you real money, which you could consider to make extra money either as a side hustle or as a fun activity to earn money in your spare time.

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Amazon Flex
  3. DoorDash
  4. Hyrecar
  5. Honey App
  6. Rakuten
  7. Topcashback
  8. Mypoints
  9. Fiverr
  10. TaskRabbit

The list of the 10 Best money-making apps:

Here is the list of the top 10 best apps to make money, which you may take advantage of to earn extra income as a side hustle. In particular, stay-at-home parents and students may participate in short terms projects or freelance work in their free time.

Fiverr is the most popular freelancing website that has millions of online jobs for students to earn money at home. They will learn how to interact with clients, learn new valuable skills, and build a great freelance work portfolio to further advance their future careers.



Swagbucks is among the top 10 money-earning apps on the list due to the fact that it allows members to make money from home by taking online surveys and providing cashback rewards on every product they purchase online.

In particular, here is the list of online activities that allow you to make money online by participating in this online money-earning app without investment

  1. Playing the game: get participate in playing an online game. This is the most exciting part as you get paid while having fun.
  2. Taking polls
  3. Shopping online: enjoy your shopping experience activity at more than 7000 stores
  4. Taking online surveys: earn points for completing every online survey.
  5. and watching videos

Sign up Now with Swagbucks

You either can redeem cashback via paying to your PayPal or redeem for free gift cards. Those options include Amazon gift cards, Walmart gift cards, and much more. For this reason, Swagbucks is considered an online money-earning app, which provides different ways to make money from home

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Amazon Flex

The first and foremost popular app is Amazon Flex, which enables users to make money by delivering products to customers. Similar to other delivery apps, members will have maximum autonomy to work on their own, which means you are being your own boss, and as long as you delivered the parcel to customers, then your job is marked as finished.

How does Amazon Flex work?

Amazon has a specific program in different cities, which promises to deliver parcels within one or two days. For this reason, Amazon Flex mostly hires a local delivery driver to help them deliver products to customers’ safety.

In particular, the delivery driver will need to pick up a parcel from one of Amazon’s local distributors, and they will follow the instruction to sort out, which products are going to deliver first. Thus, it ensures the products will arrive on the due date.

According to Amazon, an average earning is around $18- $25 per hour as a delivery driver. Notes, you must be 18 or older to be eligible for the role.

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Doordash is a delivery app, which allows you to make money by signing up and becoming a delivery driver. In this case, the company will pay you for every trip that you completely deliver food to customers’ doors.

As mentioned, the greatest thing about being a delivery driver is that you are entitled to pick your own working schedule as you enjoy the highest autonomy from the job. In other words, you have to worry about dealing with a bad boss who constantly spots the mistake you made.

As long as you have your own bike or car, a driver’s license, plus must be 18 years old or older, then you almost can apply as a driver with DoorDash.

Keep in mind that the best time to increase earnings with DoorDash and other food delivery apps is to highlight the red zones in the app, which indicate the most popular and busiest areas you will highly likely receive instant food orders.

Is DoorDash worth it after gas?

Besides highlighting the popular zones, the DoorDash driver should identify most business hours during lunch and dinner time so that they can make extra money and increase their earning power as a food delivery driver.

For example, the busiest lunch hours for food drivers normally start from 10:30 A.M to 1 P.M, while dinner hours will get most orders from 5:30 P.M to 8:00 P.M.

Instead of spending the whole day on the street working as a food deliverer, you may consider working a few hours during lunch and dinner time.

Thus, it gives you more time to concentrate on other important things to improve your skills and knowledge.


HyreCar is an online marketplace, which allows you to list your car for earning money. The process is quite simple as you only need to list your car on the platform, then HyreCar will do its job by finding a suitable renter for you.

One thing to keep in mind is that your car will be rented out to those who are going to drive for Uber, Lyft, and other delivery services. The fee is quite transparent as they take a commission between 15-25%, which depends on how much you are willing to pay for the rental protection plan.

Renting out your car is another great way how to make money from home, which allows you to earn passive income. Instead of letting your car park inside the garage, you may consider leasing it out for creating an additional passive income source.


Honey App

Honey is well known as the best earning app in terms of helping you to find saving codes and coupon codes, which ensure you don’t overpay at your favorite local shopping stores.

It’s a Google Chrome extension, meaning you need to install the Honey app on your browser extension, and the app will do its job best to save by finding the coupon codes for you.

Even though you don’t make money directly using the Honey app, it will help you to save money by finding the best saving codes that you can use directly in your online shopping cart. Thus, Honey is among the best money-making apps that enable you to discover discount deals for your shopping.



Rakuten is one of the top cashback apps that helps users to redeem cash-back rewards for up to 40% at the most popular online retail stores or other brands.

In addition, members are also eligible to redeem cashback for gift cards, travel, and so on, which provides different ways to earn money online. Hence, it’s better to make money online with Rakuten by earning cashback rewards rather than wasting your money and time not saving anything.



TopCashback is an online cashback reward platform that helps customers to save hundreds of dollars every year. Members can use TopCashback to make money online by receiving money back for their online shopping.

With over 4,000 online retailers, users can get the advantage of the platform to shop at their favorite and popular brands while saving hundreds of dollars each year. It’s a win-win situation as it creates benefits for all involved parties.

In terms of membership, it’s completely free for becoming a member of a large community with over 20 million members worldwide. What you need to do are an email address and password then you are ready to join in.

From this pinpoint, it is one of the best legit money-making apps to help members to find a better deal and earn cashback for shopping online.


Mypoints was established back in 1996, and it was the very first cashback reward platform that allow members to make money online by participating in different forms of online activities.

In particular, there are several ways to earn money online with Mypoints as follows

  1. Shopping online: users will receive points for successfully spending money at popular online stores
  2. Playing the game: it is considered one of the game apps that pay instantly to a Paypal account. The fun fact is you just sign up and have fun with games and make money.
  3. Participating in surveys for money: share your own opinions by answering questions and earning points.
  4. Watching videos: members can watch fun videos and make money online.
  5. Getting paid to read email

Besides cashback rewards to the PayPal account, members have the option to redeem free gift cards at popular brands, including Amazon gift cards, Walmart gift cards, and Starbucks gift cards.

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Fiverr is a freelancing marketplace that has millions of active freelancers. Those gig workers use the platform to offer services to customers and business owners across the globe. It is by far the best earning app, which allows users to make money from home.

With over 150 categories such as content writing jobs and programming, members can select one of the job categories to offer service to companies and clients based on their work experience, skills, and talent.

You will receive payment once you delivered the task assigned by the clients. Remember, the more service satisfaction you receive from buyers, the better your star ranking is. It means you would increase the chance to attract interest from buyers due to your service reputation.

Fiverr creates so much convenience for members to make money online, and you can withdraw money from the platform via a PayPal account and bank account. 

Keep in mind that Fiverr is an ideal freelance marketplace for beginners to make extra income by getting short-term project freelance work. In particular, you will receive an average order of around $5 from each order.

However, the platform would be considered relatively easy to land a freelance project than other platforms. It is a great place to build your freelance work portfolio to further advance your skillsets and work experience.



TaskRabbit is an online local marketplace, where members can search for local jobs and make money by helping the community. This online money-earning app allows freelancers to offer services to local clients. They will get paid once complete the task successfully.

Furthermore, it is an online platform, which actively engages in local activities. Members often offer service and support to local customers such as delivery tasks, grocery shopping, and moving house, and yes also offer an online tutoring service and content writing jobs online.

Hence, it is by far among the top money-making apps because it gives you the choice to work and make an impact on the community in which you are living.


Overall, we discussed the list of legit money-making apps that allow freelancers, students, and stay-at-home parents to find the easiest and not-high-demanding skills jobs to work at home or in their free time.

In particular, you can take advantage of those apps to find freelance side hustle works on the weekend and earn extra cash based on the hour you spend. Thus, it may help to cover part of your living fee, especially for students.


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Top 10 Money Earning Apps

Here is the list of Top 10 Money Earning Apps, which allow making money online and offline. 1. Amazon Flex 2.DoorDash 3. Hyrecar 4. Honey App 5.Rakuten 6.Swagbucks 7. Topcashback 8. Mypoints 9. Fiverr 10.TaskRabbit

how to make money from home?

The following best money-making apps that show you different ways to make money from home. 1. Fiverr 2. Honey App 3. Swagbucks 4. Topcashback 5. Mypoints

How to make money online for beginners?

You could consider signing up for cashback reward apps and online surveys. Those are the easiest way to make money online.


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