Beginner Guides to The Ubersuggest Seo ToolBeginner Guides to The Ubersuggest Seo Tool

Beginner Guides to Use The Ubersuggest Seo Tool

Updated: 01/08/2023

In order to increase Adsense CPC and make money with blogging, the very first step for most site owners is to consistently create original and quality content, which can drive regular traffic to their blog.

In addition, blogging beginners need to pay attention to site SEO optimizations such as on-page and off-page SEO that help their site to crush competitors for ranking higher. 

In particular, finding profitable keywords play an influential role in boosting your site’s appearance on Google search result. There are best keyword research tools like KWFinder to help you find targeted short and long-tail keywords across your website. 

In this post today, you will learn the ultimate guide to using the Ubersuggest keyword tool and explore other features which you should take advantage of to improve keyword ranking for your blog or website.

Key Takeaways

  • Ubersuggest by Neil Patel is an SEO tool that enables bloggers and webmasters to find targeted keywords, backlink analysis, and rank checking, which help their sites rank higher on the search engines.
  • For your convenience, the keyword tool also has a Chrome extension, which is available to download with just a few steps.
  • It is one of the best long-tail keyword research tools besides KWFinder, to help you find high-traffic volume keywords with score difficulties.


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What is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest review


Ubersuggest is one of the best SEO tools that enable users to find high-traffic volume keywords, rank checking, domain authority checking, and backlink analysis.

The tool is much better at providing accurate short and long-term targeted keywords relevant to any blog niche. For example, your website or blog may appear on the search result whenever a customer search for relevant and targeted keywords.

This keyword tool was bought by the most successful digital marketer and entrepreneur, Neil Patel. He has developed and added more features to become one of the best long-tail keyword research tools for providing new keyword ideas.

What are the key features of UberSuggest?

It doesn’t matter whether you use different types of online business models like affiliate marketing blogging, business, and client SEO. You can not get away with SEO because it plays a key role in optimizing and driving traffic to your site.

In addition, small, medium, and large entities all use the keyword research tool to compete with each other in the internet space by including targeted keywords in content marketing, on-page, and off-page SEO optimization.

For example, before writing new content, it is essential to plan for targeted keywords, which you can include on your blog’s blog.

By using this keyword tool to search for target keywords, directly provides a list of short and long-tail keywords that apply to your blog niche and would help you make money online by getting more traffic.

For this reason, I will walk you through exploring features and other functions, which you should take advantage of to find keywords for your site.

  • Domain and keyword rank checking: This feature helps to monitor and track your keyword ranking and update other SEO issues on your site. , you can use those statistical numbers to improve your site’s SEO optimizations.
  • Keyword tool: provides a lot of new keyword ideas in your target niche.
  • Backlink analysis: Users get access to the overview of their site’s backlinks and you can use these features to build quality backlinks for your site.
  • Chrome extension: Users can use the tool as a chrome extension, which creates much more convenience for bloggers and site owners.
  • Ubersuggest free account: the platform offers a free account for members to use the keyword suggestion tool, but it only allows them to find up to a maximum of 3 keywords a day.

Besides the free plan, bloggers and website owners can use the premium services as it will add more benefits and features based on each plan you choose ( individual, business, enterprise).

Guides to use the UberSuggest keyword research tool

It’s keywords that many online businesses and SEO agencies are competing with others in order to rank higher on the search engine. And, they have to knock other sites out of the top 3 search ranking pages if they want to claim those top spots.

It is an ongoing game, and you must continue to put more effort and work to temporarily stay in the top three as much as longer.

I emphasize how the importance of SEO in our day-to-day business activities, which you must not ignore.

Ubersuggest- By Neil Patel review

Here is the step-by-step guide to using this keyword research tool for finding a lot of new keyword ideas before writing an article.

  • Step 1: Find both short and long-tail keywords based on the high number of searches on Google and other search engines, then use the Ubersuggest keyword tool to brainstorm and gather all necessary keywords for your site.

In this step, you will have the opportunity to figure out the keyword search volumes with difficulty scores as well as cost per click (CPC).

Ubersuggest keyword

  • Step 2: Scroll down to ” Keyword ideas” where you will find a list of new keyword ideas that contain both short and long-tail keywords. Gather the relevant keywords for your niche.

Ubersuggest keyword

  • Step 3: After highlighting several keywords, bloggers should only select high search volume keywords with low difficulty scores. It may help your site to easily appear on Google and does not compete with high authority domain sites.

Right now, you should have a list of short and long-term keywords that you should include in your blog post and website as it may help your site to increase the SEO optimizations and drive organic traffic.

What are other keyword research tools?

Ubersuggest is one of the best free SEO tools for keyword research, which allow you to identify and gather a list of new keyword ideas before planning for any blog posts or articles. 

With just a few simple steps, you would have a list of targeted keywords that you can include on your website and drive more organic traffic by appearing on the search engines whenever customer types relevant keywords.

There are other keyword research and tools that you should consider using together, including “SemRush” -an SEO tool, Google keyword planner tool, and KWFinder

Especially with SemRush, you also get keywords with search volumes and difficulty scores, but this magic tool provides the traffic % number, which means you can check the traffic % for a particular keyword that visitors come to your website or blogs.

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