Can UpSide app Help to Save on GasCan UpSide app Help to Save on Gas

Upside App Review: Can UpSide Help to Save on Gas?

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Have you ever heard of the term save money live better?

There are many cashback apps that enable users to find different ways to save money, either online shopping or saving a few cents by topping gas at gas stations.

One of the super cashback sites is the Upside app which helps members to save money by participating at available local businesses and gas stations, restaurants, or even convenience stores.

For example, members can take advantage of this site to find the nearest local stores that offer cash-back rewards such as Circle K, gas stations(BP, Shell), Dairy Queen, Domino’s, etc.

In this post today, we will dive deeper into the Upside gas app review to explore its key features and how to save money on gas and groceries. For this reason, you will be in a better position to decide whether it is the right one to help you and your family save money on expenses.


What is the Upside gas app?

Upside app review

Upside app is one of the fastest-growing apps that specializes in helping users to find discount and cash-back rewards at the nearest local gas stations, restaurants, and convenience stores.

In the beginning, Upside’s main focus was to help members save money on gas, later on, the firm expanded its business and partnered with other businesses from different industries to find a better deal for customers and help them to save money on gas and groceries.

The Upside gas app is free to install, and members can download it on Google Play or the Apple app store.


How does Upside app work?

Before getting familiar with key features, we should understand how Upside helps to save money on expenses in terms of providing cash back for users and bringing more revenue and profit for local businesses.

With more than 50,000 stores across the country, you wouldn’t have any hard time finding your most popular and favorite local stores, including Domino’s, BP, Shell, Valero, and Dairy Queen, to name a few.

earnings using Upside

For app members, the platform is an ideal solution to earn money by purchasing and shopping at the local partnered stores and gas stations. 

In particular, using the Upside app, members can search for the available restaurants and local stores that currently offer a cashback program. For this, they can claim the offer at the time of paying and enter the receipt on the app, then the system will allow members to earn money from this.

For those who wish to withdraw the cashback reward, their account earnings must meet the minimum withdrawal threshold and they can claim the cashback via PayPal, or e-gift cards.

If you are on a tight budget and want to earn money, Topcashback and Upside are the two great options to help you save a little extra on daily expenses.


How to save money on gas?

As mentioned earlier, you need to download the app and set it up ready in order to search for the available local gas stations to claim the offer and save money on gas. Especially, members can earn up to 25 cents for filling up gas purchases at available stations

  • BP
  • Valero
  • Shell
  • Mobil
  • Exxon
  • Chevron
  • Sunoco
  • Phillips 66

Keep in mind that members can claim the cashback offer of up to 50 gallons of gas per purchase.

Download Upside gas app

How to save money on groceries?

Besides saving on gas and on other daily expenses (restaurants, convenience stores), users also have an opportunity to earn money with everyday shopping for groceries.

Use the app to find the exclusive cash-back reward at the available groceries stores so you will earn money for every successful purchase. 

  • Good Food Markets
  • Shoppers
  • Gelson’s
  • Cub Foods
  • Carlie C’s IGA
  • Mc Kim’s IGA
  • Sunset Foods
  • Piggly Wiggly
  • etc…

Depending on each partnered store, you may find different offers, and the best way to save more on your daily expenses is to find the best store that provides the better cash-back reward offer.


How to sign up?

The process of completing the registration with the Upside gas app is not too complicated as you can enter your existing Gmail account, Facebook account, or Apple account or enter a new email to get started.

Upside gas app sign up

Install the Upside gas app and use your existing information to log in with the app. The app will access your current location in order to provide the nearest stores that offer cash back.

In addition, you can narrow down the search by using the filter option from the app to find the best deal within your local area.

If you want to save money on groceries, turn on the location service on the phone and filter search to local grocery stores and convenience stores on the app. Hence, you will receive a list of the nearest local stores that offer cash back.

Keep in mind that after identifying the discount store, the platform will count down the time for users to complete the purchase and receive an incentive.

Normally, they provide a fixed timeframe, around 30 minutes to a few hours claim the offer. For this reason, it’s vital to search for several similar stores and find the one that offers the best incentive so that you can save more money on everyday expenses.


Is Upside legit?

The answer is definitely Yes, Upside is a legitimate cash-back app that helps users to save money on a daily expense basis. In particular, the platform has millions of users across the country and saves millions of dollars for customers each year.


Final thoughts on the Upside gas app

The Upside platform is one of the leading cash-back apps that allow members to find the discount deal and save money on gas and groceries.

By enabling the location on this gas app, members will receive many incentives and discount options from different local stores (restaurants, gas stations, and convenience stores ) within their local area.

This app is an ideal saving solution for students and individuals who want to find ways to save money on their everyday expenses. For this, you could end up saving up to hundreds of dollars based on using the app to purchase and earn money.


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