Vultr cloud web hosting reviewVultr cloud web hosting review

Vultr Review 2023: Is Vultr Software Legit or Not?

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When it comes to building a blog or website, cloud hosting is considered the ideal solution to host and grow your business to the next level. It’s because cloud web hosting is much safer and performs better than traditional web hosting.

In particular, it’s a good option for bloggers and business owners to deploy their websites on the cloud platform and they can scale up their resources if there is more traffic demand. Your website will be shared across global data centers to increase speed and performance.

If you are searching for the most efficient and performance cloud hosting platform. Vultr is one of the leading cloud web hosting providers you would consider deploying. Let’s figure out how it works and its key features for your needs.

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What is Vultr cloud hosting?

vultr cloud hosting review


Vultr is the leading cloud-hosting platform that helps startup owners and bloggers to deploy their sites with high-performance, scalable as well as affordable applications. In particular, this cloud hosting provider offers a cross range of cloud services, including cloud computing, dedicated servers, block storage, DDoS protection, and bare metal.

Since its establishment in 2014 by Matt Stauffer, the firm has expanded its global network of data centers to 32 locations across the world, including North America, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Australia, and Africa.

At the time of writing, there are over 45 million cloud servers deployed using Vultr cloud hosting services for businesses.


How does Vultr work?

Vultr provides different cloud web hosting solutions for startup owners to host their websites or blogs on the cloud platform. Users can select one of the cloud hosting plans such as cloud computing and server types to deploy their application.

For example, the most affordable cloud service for small and basic blogs or websites is cloud computing, from $2.50, which means it is the best fit for low-traffic sites.

Business owners and bloggers can choose the right cloud hosting plan based on their business needs, including servers, storage capacity( Ram and CPU), server locations, and sizes.

Keep in mind that you can add up additional features like DDoS protection, automatic backup, etc, for which there is an additional fee for each feature you include on your application.

In order to use Vultr, you need to create a new account and choose the right cloud service based on your need. Here is the process that help you to set up the application.

  • Select the right server based and server type ( Ram, and CPU), if you are deploying for a new blog or website, then cloud computing on Vultr would be the best fit.
  • Choose the server location, it’s important to select the location where you would like to operate your business.
  • Add up additional features like automatic backup, DDoS protection, and virtual private cloud, to name a few. It is entirely up to you if you believe it benefits your site.

Key features

The following are several key features that I believe are worth mentioning, to give you further information, and you may consider if Vultr is the right cloud hosting provider for your business.

Global data centers

Vultr has 32 networks of data centers that span almost all over the world, including Asia, North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia, and Africa. For this reason, it provides coverage for your website’s resources and speed performance across those data centers, which means you can reach a global audience.

As mentioned earlier, depending on where you operate your business and your target audience, select the closest cloud server for better performance.

One-click deployment

With Vultr’s one-click deployment feature, it will be a game changer for those who don’t have a technical background and are busy with their schedule. In particular, they can just one click installment to deploy popular applications and software on their Vultr project.

For this reason, it will save them a lot of time and effort to use one-click deployment instead of manually installing web applications and software tools.

Some of the popular managerial and software tools like WordPress, cPanel, Drugal, LAMB stack, Joomla, etc. You can use the one-click deployment feature to install on your site.

Powerful cloud hosting solutions

Vultr is a powerful cloud hosting solution that offers varieties of excellent features like powerful Intel high frequency, Nvidia CPU, and 32 data centers worldwide. For this, your site application with Vultr will run much faster and more reliably to deliver content worldwide.

Top control panel

Vultr offers the top control panel with an easy-to-use platform interface, including monitoring server health, CPU usage, security, etc, which makes it much more convenient for users to launch any application to software tools with one click installer.

Provide cover for DDoS Protection

Users can access the powerful control panel to configure their websites security. In particular, you can manage the web application firewall as well as use DDoS protection if necessary. Keep in mind that there is an additional fee for turning on this feature.

Automatic backup

The platform also provides an automatic backup feature for site owners to schedule back up their entire site on a weekly basis. They also can manually create a backup and restore the backup for the latest one if necessary.

How much does Vultr cost per month?

It depends on how many resources you expect to use, which cover several factors like server types and the amount of resources (ram, storage capacity, and CPU). In addition, there are other top features, including DDos protection, automatic backup, and virtual private clouds, which means you will pay for those additional features to benefit your application.

Vultr pricing

vultr servers

In terms of Vultr pricing, depending on the server types you choose ( cloud computing, cloud GPU, bare metal, optimized cloud computing), it will reflect on your monthly bill. Plus, there are amount of resources you use, which will add additional costs to your bill.

Vultr offers competitive cloud hosting costs for those who want to build their business at an affordable price.


Is Vultr legit or not?

The answer is yes, Vultr is a legitimate cloud hosting platform that has been in business for nearly 10 years. The platform offers powerful high-performance cloud hosting servers for site owners and bloggers to deploy their business globally. 

As mentioned earlier, it has a global network of data centers worldwide, 32 data locations, plus more than 45 million cloud servers launched with Vultr. For this, it is well known for its global reputation and performance.


Final thoughts on Vultr review

Vultr is a leading cloud hosting platform that offers powerful cloud solutions for startups and businesses to deploy their applications at an affordable cost. The platform is well known for its global reputation, reliability, security, and high-speed performance, which would be a great option for those who want to build and scale their businesses from time to time.

If you are searching for cloud hosting services that offer affordable and high-performance networks, then Vultr is a good option to launch your business.


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FAQ Section

What is Vultr used for?

Vultr is a cloud hosting provider that offers a cross range from cloud solutions for launching websites, mobile app, Sass platforms, etc

How many servers does Vultr have?

Vultr has thousands of servers based on 32 data centers worldwide, including Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America.

How do I migrate my website to Vultr?

The process of migrating your website to Vultr involves as following: create a new Vultr server, back up your WordPress file, and upload the backup file to Vultr. Don't forget to configure the DNS record and use the staging during the migration before getting your site live.


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