How To Scale A Freelance BusinessHow To Scale A Freelance Business

How To Scale A Freelance Business: 6 Proven Ways.

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When it comes to creating a freelance business, the very first thing for many freelancers is to take time to reflect and highlight their skills and passion, so that they would be able to select one of the online businesses to develop in the long run.

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In particular, consider highlighting your strengths and weaknesses as it allows you to understand your areas of expertise and talent. Thus, you may use those valuable skills to offer service to clients and add value to the community.

In addition, if your freelance business niche is on the list of trending skills on Fiverr or ZipRecruiter such as SEO copywriting, content writing, and web designing jobs. Then, it’s a bonus to sign up for those sites and start to build a freelance business portfolio.

In this post, you will learn several proven ways how to grow your freelance business, so that you may implement those tips to expand the business and earn extra income as a side hustle.


Key Takeaways

  • As part of scaling up your freelance business, you may also research for most in demand skills on Fiverr, which can help to build a portfolio and earn extra income alongside your online business.
  • You must prove to the potential clients the work you have delivered as previous projects or your work evidence, allowing them to build trust with your business.
  • Commits to delivering high-quality services and products to clients, which satisfy their requirements. In return, they may share your business name with their friends or colleagues who need to get the work done effectively.
  • Keep in mind that if your business has created an online presence by having a website or blog, then you should consider using email marketing platforms like Mailchimp or Sendinblue, which help to cultivate relationships with customers.

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Several examples of freelance business ideas for beginners

The following are several freelance ideas to make money online, you may consider choosing one of those to create the most profitable freelance business and make regular income as a side hustle:

  • SEO content writing.
  • Web designing, especially WordPress blogs or websites, could be one of the online jobs for students to earn money at home while they are at University.
  • Content writing.
  • Social media content marketing.
  • Logo design.
  • Business design, etc.

As part of setting up your freelance business, you may also research for most in demand skills on Fiverr, which can help to build a portfolio and earn extra income alongside your online business.

Keep in mind that it’s important to understand the downside of the freelancing business, you may never know how long it will take to succeed as a freelancer, you may get clients straightaway or take time to get your first contract. 

Indeed, the reward will be huge in terms of revenue and flexible work schedule if you build a successful work portfolio and capture a number of loyal clients.

Hence, consider one of the tips below if you want to scale your freelance business and approach a more innovative way to multiply your earnings ( avoid trading time for money).


1. Increase your rates

One of the most critical aspects of growing your business is to slowly increase your fee and rate, it could be done after you have built the ground for your freelance niche in terms of getting regular clients, building a reputation, and receiving positive feedback from your work.

In addition, you must prove to the potential clients the work you have delivered as previous projects or your work evidence, allowing them to build trust with your business.

For example, in web design, you may prove to your clients by providing testimonials of other customer feedback about your site. If you don’t have any successful web design projects, it’s going to be impossible to work with high-quality clients and increase revenue.

Alternatively, you can share the freelance work portfolio from a freelancing website like Fiverr or Toptal to highlight the trustworthiness and reputation of your business.

For instance, let’s say your web design business charges the customer to build the basic website $200. You have delivered a lot of successful projects after a while. Thus, You may consider increasing the fee for creating a comprehensive website.


2. Build a reputation for your freelance business

According to Faculty Washington Edu highlights that building a freelance reputation across several freelance marketplaces will yield a bid return on investment for every individual and business.

It’s because they deliver high-quality products and services to clients and satisfy their requirements. Thus, it helps to reduce cancelation rates.

In particular, your business commits to delivering high-quality services and products to clients, which satisfy their requirements. In return, they may share your business name with their friends or colleagues who need to get the work done effectively.

Another benefit of building a great business reputation is that customers are willing to leave positive feedback or even write a testimonial statement on your site.

For this reason, high-quality clients may have more trust in your business than other newly established firms because you have received great customer reviews over the year and built a high reputation in the market.


3. Join Freelance groups on Facebook

Another way to grow your freelance business is to join Facebook groups related to your online business niche. It’s considered the local point to scale your business when you offer the service to your clients at an affordable price.

For example, I have seen people working in the real estate business, and post on the Facebook group to offer service to potential clients by helping to find potential properties for them.

In addition, you can take advantage of those Facebook groups by posting hiring notices and finding valuable team members to help you scale your freelance business and share the work with you.

Keep in mind that always read each subgroup’s rule and privacy policy on Facebook to ensure that your business doesn’t violate it.

After joining one of the groups associated with your business, you will have opportunities to update with the industry trend and interact with other freelancers and potential customers. Thus, they may become your partner and customers in the future.


4. Consider outsourcing your freelance work to others

In order to expand your side hustle business and make money from home, the next approach you may consider is to hire other freelancers to cover the work for you and your business.

One of the most benefits of hiring a team member is to free up your time as you assign the work to other freelancers to take responsibility for the particular task. Hence, you can concentrate working on other more important tasks.

Yes, the downside of this approach is the cost involved, which means you need to pay for subcontractors to secure their services. 

Based on my experience, you should only hire other freelancers as subcontractors if you can not handle the workload of your business. Also, your freelance business is starting to generate regular revenue.


5. Develop a product

Creating a digital product for your business would help to generate regular passive income over time. In particular, you could consider writing a book or digital book associated with your expertise, so that you can add value to others.

For example, after years of experience in your career within freelance work, you believe it is time to write a book that helps freelancers to increase their Fiverr gig ranking based on your experience as a freelancer. The book gives your business another way to approach customers to accumulate their knowledge if they don’t want to attend the seminar.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of Udemy by creating an online course and offering it to others people from all over the world.

Specifically, Udermy is a learning and online education marketplace that allows freelancers and business owners to sell their online courses in business, web design, etc, and earn regular passive income.


6. Offer referral bonuses

Last but certainly not least is to find the people in your network to advertise the business to potential clients. It could be your friends, colleagues, family members, and other people you meet at local networking events.

You politely tell them that your business also has a referral bonus program, which you are willing to pay a referral fee if they introduce clients to your business.

It’s a win-win situation for your business and others because they can earn extra cash for getting clients to you. In contrast, your company has an opportunity to capture more regular customers.

Keep in mind that the Play a matcher program may not be sustainable in the long run if your business doesn’t provide high-quality services and products to clients. 

From this pinpoint, the priority is to concentrate on maintaining satisfactory service to customers and ask for feedback if there are any other areas that need improvement.


Final thoughts on scaling up your freelance business

We outlined several freelance business ideas that are considered the most demanded skills on Fiverr and other freelancing marketplaces. The purpose is to give you some ideas if you haven’t decided which is the most profitable freelance business to make money.

The six practical methods that show you how to scale your freelance business, which you may consider applying to capture more quality clients and increase revenue.

To scale up your freelancing business, it’s essential to build an online presence by creating a website or blog.  to reach global potential clients from all over the world. For this reason, you may consider using email marketing tools like Mailchimp or Sendinblue to cultivate relationships with customers.


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