Ways You Could Diversify Your Income Streams: This is how you could earn up to $1000 a month.

Have you ever heard of the idea of diversification? This idea is not new to everyone, but it is most discussed by the financial planners and economists in relation to your assets allocations.

In particular, you could use the principle of investing ” Do not put all of your eggs in one basket” as it helps to mitigate the impact of market downturn and protect your investment portfolio.

For this reason, building multiple streams of income seems to be a realistic way to ensure you continue to receive a constant income when one of your income streams gets impacted.

You can adopt this investing principle by creating different sources of income streams in order that it will help to create a solid financial system to support the lifestyle you desire and it will free up the time you need to spend with your family and loved ones.

Based on my research, I have found there are a few ways that can maximize your income, this could be through side hustles, passive incomes, and using your freedom at home to earn money while enjoying the lifestyle you want with your family.

Regardless of whether or not you want to get rich, one thing is for sure I beg everyone to create multiple income streams. And this is a very bad idea if you are relying on just one income for your financial livelihood. This is because there are too many unexpected things and things or situations sometimes are out of your control. For this reason, together we explore a few income streams that you can do to improve your financial distress.

Start a Side Hustle

If you want to earn more income then you have to diversify your income streams by developing a profitable side hustle business.  This is the only way that can help you if you want to reach your financial independence as quickly as possible and you must find the idea about the side hustle, which can solve the current social issue. Remember, thinking of the ways your side hustles based on helping people to solve their problem are considered sustainable to keep your business moving, not just selfishly thinking about your idea is the best fit because it may be applicable for you but not for everyone. In order words, you must put yourself in someone’s shoes before creating a new business venture.

For this reason, side hustling is a fantastic way to build your financial capability because you can make money while doing something you love, or sometimes you could earn a lot of money if the business is reached the peak level due to timing, luck, and your idea. So there are a few ideas I can suggest are dog walk, babysit, become a food delivery, rideshare driver, teach English online. It is much more meaningful than ever to support your neighbor by taking care of their garden, cleaning their car, paper delivery, and dog walk. In return, those people will pay you back in remuneration for your hard work as you have officially created another source of income and built up a great relationship with your clients.

Importantly, you no longer need to be present to start a business, this is because making money online has never been easier than ever. In particular, you can participate in market research surveys, or become a freelancer in Fiver or Upwork. In this case, you can use your skill to make money such as teaching, copywriting, or use your expertise to help people finish the job. Especially, Amazon, eBay, or Alibaba have also considered a good sources of income if you know how to buy stuff from overseas and sell it back in your city. Making money from the side hustle is one of the gateways to building your wealth, but you must save to invest in other asset classes such as stock, bonds, or property, which could be a huge profit to your path to financial freedom.

And I love the quotes of Arnold Glasow, which remind me to stop thinking for a while if you are having a tough situation that requires you to make an immediate decision. One step back you will see the picture of the situation in the broadest context through a simple thought, a small step of action.


” Success is simple. DO what’s right, the right way, at the right time.”

                                                                     -by Arnold Glasow.

By Jiro Nguyen.

The content is based on the personal opinion of the author. It is accurate and true based on the best knowledge of the author and his research. Content is for entertainment and informational purposes only and we are not financial advisors, personal counselors, or other professional advisors. It should not be used as comprehensive or a substitute for professional advice.

By Jiro Nguyen

Jiro Nguyen is a highly driven and skilled business management professional. He has an MBA in economics and management and is a founder of Jns-millennial.