Book Review and Summary: Why The Rich Are Getting Richer By Robert Kiyosaki

Book Review & Summary: Why The Rich Are Getting Richer By Robert Kiyosaki 

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Updated: 01/02/2023


Everyone has the desire to become financially independent later in their life when it comes to defining success. But, the problem is they do not know when and where to take the right path to reach their final destination, which allows them to retire young and retire rich.

And, Robert Kiyosaki is a well-known author and real estate investor, who wrote one of the best personal finance books named: Rich Dad Poor Dad. The book is considered a basic foundation to understand the numbers of money, where he emphasizes the importance of using cash flow to increase the asset values over time.

In this post today, we will take a book review and summary of Robert Kiyosaki’s next popular book, which is “Why The Rich Are Getting Richer”. The author notes it is advanced financial education as it is a must-read to advance your knowledge in personal finance.

Let’s jump to the main content: Why the rich are getting richer summary and review for further understanding of this brilliant book:


1. The importance of financial education

2. Viewpoints of the author: why the rich are getting richer

3. Understand the cashflow quadrant

4. Robert kiyosaki books

Key Points

  • Robert is a famous author and real estate investor, who travels around the world to empower people’s life.
  • Why the rich are getting richer is a continued reading to advance your knowledge after Rich Dad Poor Dad.
  • Emphasizes the importance of understanding the language of money.


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1. The importance of financial education

I think everyone must know Robert Kiyosaki for his super-famous book Rich Dad Poor Dad, which was released back in 1997. Two decades ago, it was one of the best national-selling books that have been sold millions of copies worldwide.

Why the rich are getting richer is the next level of personal finance book to advance your financial education after Rich Dad Poor Dad. It’s because the book teaches you the importance of having the right financial education to make smart financial decisions and achieve financial freedom.

By understanding the cashflow quadrant, you should be able to read the language of money which is assets and liabilities. Those two aspects play a key role in creating the correct financial house to fulfill your dream.

The author explains assets will create regular income sources adding up to your pocket, while liabilities are debt assets to have a negative impact on your pocket. I will not take a deep dive into the cash flow quadrant because it will be discussed later in the section. 

If you are well understood the key aspects behind the cashflow quadrant, you may have the ability to solve the complex issues within your own financial situation. In particular, the author argues that people with high financial education can even get richer due to their ability to use debts for getting richer.


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Use this link to read the book


2. Viewpoints of the author: why the rich are getting richer

In this second part of this review, the author has some stunning viewpoints on the reasons why the rich are getting rich. We shall go through a few significant points from the book to understand his arguments.

  • The first viewpoint from Robert Kiyosaki is that he believed the policymakers should give people tools on how to make a living rather than give them fish on their dishes. In this case, he notes it is the way to solve social and individual issues because they can stand on their feet by having the right financial education to make money for a living.
  • The second argument is that “savers are losers“. In this case, He argues that inflation will eat away a trunk of your saving money over time. Around 30% of banks in the world have reduced the interest rate to almost 0%, which means savers will need to pay a service fee to keep their money in those banks. It’s one of the great arguments I like in this book.
  • Next, the book explains the real reason behind the rich are getting richer because of their ability to use debt in a correct way, which helps them to acquire more assets and turn those assets becoming portfolio income. However, I think the dangerous part is if you do not know how to control or use debts properly, it will be very dangerous to impact your financial situation.
  • Last but not least, Robert Kiyosaki highlights one of the significant reasons to get richer is how you can find the right CPA ( certified financial account) to help you legally reduce the tax payment to the government.

There are some substantial arguments on why the rich are getting richer in this book, but I don’t include all of them here. You should continue to find out by reading the full version, which is beneficial to your financial knowledge.

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3. Understand the cashflow quadrant

It’s essential to understand different types of income to figure out where you should choose your path in terms of building wealth over time. The author notes the very first step to understanding the language of money is to get familiar with diverse earnings.

  • Ordinary income occurs when you get a job and earn a regular income to pay taxes and save for retirement.
  • Portfolio income: is all about buying low and selling high, which accounts for a capital gain.
  • Passive income: is considered an automated income, which allows you to earn money over time, even your sleep. In this case, you make money work harder for you, not the other way around.

the cashflow quadrant


To understand the quadrant, you should get familiar with each element to improve your general knowledge of personal finance and be able to make logical decisions.

E: as an employee, you use your free time to work for money

S: self-employed, people in this quadrant also use the time to make money, the only difference is they work for themselves.

B: business owner

I: investor

Next, the author uses the cashflow to educate people on how to build a phantom income that enables them to create different sources of income. In this case, the writer uses his real estate company and Mcdonald’s business as an example of creating phantom income.

In particular, both his real estate company and Mcdonald’s business utilize the two significant tools from the cash flow to create recurring incomes and assets appreciations. Those are B: Business, and I: Investor

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4. Robert kiyosaki books

Here is the list of books, the author also wrote to help improve your general financial knowledge.

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • Why the rich are getting richer
  • Why We Want You to Be Rich
  • Midas Touch (book)

Those are most favorite books, and you may get one of them on your bookshelf to read this year. Besides that, the author also has other popular books, but I don’t include them on the list because I haven’t read them.


Final thoughts

In this post, Why the rich are getting richer summary and review outlined several key important aspects such as the cashflow quadrant based on the assets and liabilities as well as the importance of financial education.

I believe those are important points that the author emphasizes throughout the book, which you should pay more attention to or read a second time to fully understand the ideas behind this excellent book.

Keep in mind that ” Why the rich are getting richer” provides much further detail about financial education and the cash flow quadrant. If you are not familiar with some ideas and concepts in this book, then you should read the ” Rich dad and Poor Dad” book.


By Jiro Nguyen. 

The content is only based on the author’s personal opinion and his understanding. It is used for informational purposes only, and you must not rely on it as a comprehensive or a substitute for professional advice.



What is the book why the rich are getting richer all about?

The author mentions the key following reason that the rich uses to get rich. 1. They follow the cashflow quadrant 2. Legally pay less tax. 3......

Robert Kiyosaki books

Here is the list of books, the Robert Kiyosaki also wrote to help improve your general financial knowledge. Rich Dad Poor Dad Why the rich are getting richer Why We Want You to Be Rich Midas Touch (book)

Why the cashflow quadrant is important?

The cashflow quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki is an important financial tool to help us determine the way to reach financial independence. You can find this term repeats in most popular books of the author.

By Jiro Nguyen

Jiro Nguyen is a highly driven and skilled business management professional. He has an MBA in economics and management and is a founder of Jns-millennial.

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