The Emotionally Intelligent Manager book reviewThe Emotionally Intelligent Manager book review

The Emotionally Intelligent Manager: Book Review & Summary

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Whether you want to excel in your professional career or build a dream business, the priority is to focus on self-development skills to get along well with other people and manage relationships better.

For this, you would be able to gain the respect of your employees and teammates as you demonstrate the ability to control your emotions and are able to hold back emotions while on the job.

In today’s post, we will dive deeper into another emotional intelligence book- “The Emotionally Intelligent Manager”. This book is a great resource for managers, leaders, and business owners who want to learn to manage their teams better and make better decisions to solve problems at work.


Key Points

  • In this” The Emotionally Intelligent Manager” book, you will learn to master emotional awareness by demonstrating the four emotional skills. You can implement it to make better decisions and cope the change or challenges.
  • These new emotional skills of leadership concepts, including ” using identify emotions, using emotion, understanding emotions, and applying emotions“, are considered great resources for business owners, and leaders to act intelligently and manage their teams effectively.
  • If you want to become a better manager in the workplace by building trust and establishing rapport with employees. This book provides valuable information to help you develop your leadership skills.



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The four key elements of emotional skills of leadership

In this book, the co-authors explain the importance of each emotional skill that you can learn and implement to manage your team better at work. By leveraging those emotional intelligence skills, you would be able to become a better leader and build great relationships with your team members.

Based on the arguments of authors mentioned that taking a managerial role means we must have our full accountability and responsibility to analyze, think, and make logical decisions to solve problems. This is how the “emotionally intelligent manager comes in and they get hired to think logically, not to worry or feel”.

Here are the four key elements of emotional skills of leadership that help you with your personal growth and development. Thus, you can implement them in your workplace and promote a collaborative working environment.


“Identify emotions”

The first element of emotional skill is to identify emotions, which means managers should be able to understand the external and internal factors that affect others’ emotions. In particular, they identify their team members’ emotions and are able to demonstrate their self-awareness to act intelligently and communicate effectively with their employees.

This skill is essential for those who want to become effective managers, where they are required to interact with employees or clients on a daily basis. For this, they must develop this emotional identification skill to understand their emotion and others in order to build better relationships and make better decisions.

The Emotionally Intelligent Manager

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” Use emotions”

The second element is to ” use emotions” effectively, which means when you have a positive emotion, you are more likely than ever to think rationally and come up with creative ideas to solve problems faster.

On the other hand, the co-authors also emphasize negative emotions like bad mood or negative feelings, which may have a negative direct impact on productivity in terms of making costly mistakes.

For this reason, one of the ways to enhance your creative thinking and problem-solving skills is to embrace this element to lead your team better.


” Understand emotions”

Understanding emotions is the third aspect of emotional intelligence skills, where you should be able to understand your emotions, whether you are happy, angry or sad, etc. This helps you to identify your feelings ( self-awareness) and avoid taking any negative actions in the workplace.


” Manage emotions”

The last element is to “manage emotions”, which means you are more focused on your self-management to stay calm under pressure and be able to get along well with others at work. In particular, managers or leaders who can control their emotions and behaviors are more likely to make smart decisions and think rationally when dealing with difficult situations.

People who don’t know how to manage their emotional behavior in public effectively, normally put themselves in a bad situation by making bad decisions without analytical thinking, losing control, etc.

The authors suggest that embracing this emotional intelligence skill will help you understand your feelings and moods better in order to make logical decisions.


Final Thoughts on The Emotionally Intelligent Manager

“The Emotional Intelligent Manager” book is a great resource for those who want to build their self-development skills or step up in a managerial position. In particular, the book provides the four emotional skills of leadership that they can learn and implement in their workplace in terms of understanding their behaviors and making smart decisions to solve problems.

In addition, co-authors give some emotional intelligence examples and case studies that help readers understand each emotional skill better. This is also one of the reasons I highly rated this book.


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