How To Start Freelancing With NoHow To Start Freelancing With No Experience

How To Start Freelancing With No Experience: 7 Steps

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Updated: 23/06/2023


How to become a freelancer?

This question is one of the common questions across social media channels and on Google that many people are asking to learn tips and techniques in order that they get started with a freelancing career. 

There are many freelancing websites like Fiverr freelance, and FlexJobs ( to find a remote work-from-home job), which have thousands of job opportunities, including side gig work, and part-time and full-time work-from-home jobs.

To become a freelancer, the very first priority is to highlight your freelancing skills and work experience so that you can identify the freelancing niche such as a freelance writer or a freelance web developer, and build a long-term career with it.

As mentioned in the previous post that shows you the step by step to build successful freelancing for beginners. Here is the link below to read if you missed it.

This post continues to expand the work of the previous article, in which you will learn at least seven proven ways to become a freelancer and increase the chance of landing your first work-from-home job.

Key Points

  • You continue to learn 7 proven methods on how to become a freelancer.
  • Continue to expand your network by contacting your friends and other freelancers to let them know you are doing freelance.
  • Set up your freelance business page on Social media like Facebook and LinkedIn to attract both potential clients and freelancers.
  • Consider either writing on Medium or building a website, which not only helps to improve your skills but also builds a great work portfolio.

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7 proven methods that show how to start a freelance business

As mentioned earlier, this post is a continuation of the previous work, so you should refer to the first post for more information on how to start a freelance business.

After reading, you may consider expanding your knowledge horizon by reading this post in more detail in the order it may help to increase the chance to build a successful freelancing career.


1. Improve the skills and knowledge to become a freelancer

To start a freelancing career, you must continue to work on improving your skills and knowledge in order to deliver quality work and build a great reputation.

In the beginning, it will take time and hard work to expand your knowledge horizon within your freelance niche.

And, after 1 or 2 years, you will have a decent amount of work experience and become a professional in your freelance field.

For example, freelance copywriting is a learnable skill that requires an individual to have creative writing. Thus, you can’t expect to get a job right away if you don’t have much work experience.

In addition, you may consider joining freelancing sites across social media like Facebook, and Reddit freelance forums where you will learn great advice and proven tips to develop your skill and knowledge in the field.


2. Don’t ignore your local clients

The next step to start freelancing for beginners is to concentrate on expanding your professional network with other professionals. It’s because it will open the door to finding potential clients if they know you are doing freelance.

For example, let your friends and colleagues know that you want to become a freelance writer. Then, they may refer you to one of their connections to do the job as a freelance content writer.

In addition, networking is important to start freelancing successfully due to the fact that your connections may take you to the next level by helping you to build a successful career and get more clients.


3. Set up the freelancing business page on Facebook

Don’t underestimate the power of social media, especially Facebook. It is because the social platform alone brings millions of participants each year. 

For this reason, it would be a goldmine for you if you know how to use the Facebook platform properly in order to show your work and attract more traffic to your blog.

In addition, continue to post regular articles on the Facebook business page, at least one post per week, keeping the readers engaged and coming back to your page.

The next step is to consider finding freelance work on Fiverr, especially the role for beginners. Then, prove to your clients on Fiverr by sharing your work on the Facebook business page.


4. Create a website

Starting a blog is one of the essential aspects of starting freelancing for beginners because you will have opportunities to not only show your freelance works on your blog but also help to get familiar with other technical skills like WordPress technology and web hosting services.

By posting regularly, prospective clients may find your work on the internet if they type the relevant targeted keywords on the search engines. Thus, it is the way to start freelancing as you show your expertise and great work on your blog.

Technically speaking, you are considered an entrepreneur for running a blog. It’s one of the most profitable online businesses, in which you can create different sources of passive income.

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With a little investment up front, I would suggest going for affordable and reliable web hosting providers like Vultr ( receive $100 as a new account sign-up bonus with Vultr) and Hostinger due to the fact that those web hosting services offer free SSL and free domain names for choosing any shared web hosting plans.

In the beginning, the shared web hosting plan is the best for beginners, and later on, you can scale up the hosting plan to a higher level if your site has increased some traffic.


5. Use freelancing websites to search for opportunities

The next step is to search for freelance work opportunities on different best freelance websites for beginners. At this stage, you only search for a work-from-home job that requires little experience as it will increase the chance to land your first project and build a great portfolio.

As you grow your career, you will get to work with more quality and higher-paid clients because previous clients have given you some credibility for the quality work you provided.

Here are several job sites that you may consider to get your first freelance project.


6. Write on Medium

Medium is a great platform that provides all the resources and features available for freelancers to build their freelance businesses by regularly posting.

There is a cross range of writing topics, including business, money, personal finance, etc, which you choose from to develop your skill set. 

Another great benefit of using Medium is that freelancers can make money with the platform, in case your site has more followers ( more than 100 subscribers) and traffic.


7. Read more books to improve your knowledge and skills 

Last but certainly not least, reading more books relevant to your freelancing niche can help improve your skill and knowledge and get familiar with other proven tips and ways to launch a successful career.

If you want to learn how to start freelance writing for beginners, then consider searching for freelance writing books on Amazon that helps you to improve your writing skill.

Importantly, search for books that have a high number of ratings, above 4 stars, to ensure you don’t waste your time and money not learning anything.

Start a free trial with Amazon Kindle Unlimited here.



We went through 7 steps on how to start a freelance business, this post is a continuation of the previous post mentioned before.

To take full benefit, you should refer to and read both posts to ensure getting familiar with the tips and techniques in order to start a successful freelance career.

If you have a full-time job, I suggest you do not quick your job just yet until you have steady and regular clients. At the start, you may treat this freelance career as one of the side hustles to make money on the side in your free time.

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