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Top 6 High Income Jobs That Generate SIX Figures $Income

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Have you ever asked yourself the question? will I ever go for topjobs that can generate 6 figures of income? Why can people in these fields generate so much income? In short, it’s because they continue to learn and expand their skills and knowledge as well as update with the market and industry trends- in return, the employers or big corporations must pay them high remuneration in order to secure their services. Those high-paying jobs include positions in finance, real estate, management, and other related professional services positions.

In this article, I will walk you through the top 6 high-income jobs, which are in accordance with the current market demands. And if you plan to follow one of those jobs as your long-term career, the chance you would earn more than enough income, which can even support the lifestyle you desire and your family.

1. Management Consultant

2. English Instructor

3. Event Planner

4. Copywriter and Online Content Writer

5. Property Broker

6. Investment Banker

Most of the above jobs (topjobs) are available on LinkedIn jobs, Indeed jobs, and Glassdoor jobs for you to search and match your skill and competency to each available position. Remember, these high-income jobs (topjobs)are required candidates to possess several key skills as a core competency, which might allow you to secure a job offer. Those highly skilled would be included leadership, problem-solving, analytical, exceptional communication, and math skills, just to name a few.


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1. Management Consultant

The first and foremost occupation is the management consultant, this career is considered one of the most trendy and high demands in the market, where small, medium and large business entities actively search for talents in the field to help them solve their current business issues.

In particular, your job is to examine and gather all the necessary information, which can identify the current external and internal market issues, then you will continue to propose a plan to address those issues in a systematic way.

This is because you need to come up with a solid business plan to tackle business issues based on the identification step- this action aims to improve the business performance in terms of reducing cost, increasing revenue, and maximizing employee productivity. 

As mentioned earlier, your competency level is a must to attract and retain a number of clients over time. In particular, communication skills in both writing and as a person are considered vital skills to excel in this career.

Following the problem-solving skill, analytical skills as well as competency in English efficiency- it’s because you need to work on those skills set in order that you can perform the job at best and be able to satisfy the corporate clients’ expectations. 

Getting an MBA is ideal to pursue in this career because the course skills set are relevant to management consulting. However, you do not need to get an MBA to go ahead with a management consulting career. This is because you should invest in yourself by creating a proper plan to work on the improvement of the skills and knowledge required and constantly update with the industry trend, which will definitely set you on a path to exponentially develop your career as a management consultant.

2. English Instructor

Another top hot career to earn you a good income would be an English instructor. This is because the world is becoming even more integrated than ever, where English is considered the international language to exchange business across companies, countries, and continents.

In addition, generations X, Y, and Z in most parts of Asia Pacific are determined to work on improving their language literacy, which allows them to get an opportunity to work in huge reputable firms and earn a good income for their living.

By taking gigantic opportunities, there are many ways that can help to earn you a six figures income, including offering a virtual class for students in those countries in which English is considered a second language, and creating a language app to allow young adults and students to learn the language faster. And finally, you could sign up for language teaching online via the sites teaching English online, future learns, and others that are available on the internet.

Here are several sites that you can apply to teach English online: Preply or FlexJobs.

3. Event Planner

An event planner is also on the list because you can easily set up a company under your ABN in a relatively cheap and convenient way. There are many events such as conferences, wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, and networking events as well as home parties, which offer huge opportunities for you to step into the industry.

However, you need to have good networking skills and communication skills in order for you to secure a job as a side hustle business. By establishing good networking with different classes of people in society, your company would be easily building a stepping stone to break through to the industry as you have the reputation and referral to your firm’s services from your circle of networking friends. As a result, clients can trust your company and your job is to ensure they are all satisfied with the product and services you provided in the end.

4. Copywriter and Online Content Writer

The next best job on the list is copywriter and online content writer– the industry is in needs to find good talents, and you are required to write persuasive content to attract and retain a number of customers in the industry. Those companies are willing to cash out massive benefits to hire such talents and the chance, of you would secure a job in those companies, are high because you have possessed good communication skills in both writing and speaking.

For this reason, the six figures income would be realistic once you meet those requirements and be able to get a good rating service from clients. There are other copywriters who currently earn more than $20,000 a month as a freelancer because they are determined to pursue their careers in this field in the long run.

Here are several platforms that you could consider searching for high-quality and professional opportunities and remote jobs, including Fiverr, Glassdoor, and FlexJobs.

What makes them different compared to the general labor job skill?

They continue to explain their skills and knowledge horizon by adopting marginal improvement to practice those required skills in the field such as improving communication, practice writing, and listening skills every day.

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5. Property Broker

The next top job is property broker and if you are planning to enter this lucrative market, then it would be the right career for you. According to statistics, there is a high percentage of homeowners, approximately 89% prefer to use property brokers and agents when buying or selling a home. It is very important for consumers to pick a reliable agent to cover all the jobs associated with documentation and legal requirements.

For this reason,  as a real estate agent your job is to act as a gateway to connect buyers and sellers in the market- the job you do must be in accordance with the client’s interests and due diligence which requires transparency and a high level of connection and information to your potential clients. In particular, the commission rate must be well informed to the customers because they are required to understand the rate you charge, those acts will ensure to minimize the conflict with clients regarding the fees and build up your reputation in the industry.

6. Investment Banker

The average salary for a junior position as an investment banker is between $47,000 and $130,000 per year. Importantly, bankers can add a bonus to their salary ranges, which depends on their job performance, according to ZipRecruiter.

The duties related to the position would be helping clients to raise money in capital markets by issuing debt or selling equity in the companies.

Other jobs can include advising clients in terms of mergers and acquisitions ( M&A) and providing consultation on the investment opportunities such as derivatives. Furthermore, duties also cover the research on the macroeconomic condition in order to come up with the solution for the investment opportunity in the emergent market.

For the skills requirements, you would need to have competence in math and good problem-solving skill as well as analytical skill. Communication is also considered one of the most vital skills because you need to attend meetings with clients regularly and interact with them at the highest level to ensure both parties are well understood. There is no specific requirement for a particular degree to pursue your career in the investment landscape, in this case, it doesn’t matter if your background in business, engineering, accounting,  nursing, or other degrees, as long as you can meet those requirements from your employers like big corporate banks medium financial firms they are willing to roll out the opportunity to welcome you to their organization.

In sum, the 6 high-income -top jobs are currently considered the most lucrative remuneration in the current market at the time of writing, and whether you plan to pursue your career in one of those top spots then you need to have a proper plan to build the skills and knowledge necessary in order that you are capable to perform the job at a high level.

Once again at the end of the day, it is up to you whether you stick to one of those particular careers or do something else, which is in accordance with your passion, then the answer is you must go and stick with your plan, no matter it is a bumpy ride as success is build based on resilient and repetition.


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