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What kind Of Remote Jobs Are On FlexJobs? Key Facts You Need To Know

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How to find a remote job and start working from home?

FlexJobs is an online platform that helps members search for opportunities like remote jobs, work-from-home jobs, and freelancing jobs, which includes casual, part-time, and full-time remote work available for freelancers, students, and stay-at-home parents.

If you are currently looking for flexible side jobs from home to make extra income, then this online job marketplace would be considered an ideal solution to finding quality clients due to there is no scam on the platform.

In this post today, you will learn several key facts about the FlexJobs platform, which you should consider before applying for opportunities work-from-home jobs. We also include numerous remote jobs and freelance work worldwide that are available on the platform for your consideration. 

Key Takeaways

  • Flexjobs is an online job platform that helps members search for opportunities like remote jobs, work-from-home jobs, and freelance work.
  • Freelancers, students, and stay-at-home parents can search for different kinds of remote job opportunities on the platform and earn extra income.
  • There are four subscriptions for premium services, and the most popular one is for 1 month at $24.95.
  • With a membership fee, members will ensure not to get scam jobs listed on the platform, that is what you pay for the premium service.
  • FlexJobs is a legitimate job platform that has an A+ rating from BBB, which allows members to find professional and quality remote jobs, freelance jobs, and work-from-home jobs.


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1. Is FlexJobs good for earning extra cash as a side hustle?

FlexJobs has over 30,000 thousand flexible side jobs including flexible, remote jobs, and work-from-home jobs, which come from 50 job categories. 

Since the establishment of the firm in 2007, the platform has helped thousands of individuals achieve their goals by getting flexible and remote work-from-home jobs.

In particular, more than 3.7 million people have used the platform to search for remote work opportunities.

There are some success stories that use FlexJobs to search for freelance, part-time, and full-time work, which allows those individuals to earn extra cash as side hustles. Those who are particularly interested in finding flexible and freelance work to make money on the side with a full-time job.

For this reason, it would be an ideal solution to earn extra income, especially on the weekend or in your free time.

For example, if you are good at writing and want to earn additional income as a side hustle, then use the platform to search for thousands of remote writing jobs ( content writing and copywriting).

Keep in mind that you must have the skill and work experience requirements in order to deliver quality service to your clients.

Thus, if you are not satisfied with the role requirements, then you can get career advice from one of the company’s career experts. In particular, they will help you with your Resume, career coaching, and career development.


2. How much does FlexJobs cost for premium service?

Find remote and work from home jobs with FlexJobs

With the membership fee, members will get guaranteed that there are almost no scam jobs listed on the platform due to the fact the firm will double-check every job posting and take action if there are scammers on the site.

As mentioned in the previous article, there are four subscriptions for the premium services, and the most popular one is for 1 month at $24.95.

Other premium plans are 1 week, 3 months, and 1 year. You may refer to the previous post if you want more information about FlexJobs in terms of services and how they do it.

They are also entitled to access the vast remote jobs database that is available on the platform, which you can apply for professional and high-quality remote roles.

One of the great benefits of using premium membership is that the platform will hand-screen all the jobs listed and send you related remote job opportunities if match your profile.

3. Is FlexJobs safe?

The answer is ” YES” FlexJobs is a legitimate company that has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which indicates the firm has satisfied the customers’ requirements in terms of handling complaints and solving problems.

As mentioned earlier, there are almost no scam jobs listed on the platform because every job list will get a double-check so that members will not deal with any issues with scammers.

Sign up for FlexJobs here


4. What kind of remote jobs are available on Flexjobs?

With over 30,000 job opportunities listed on the platform from more than 50 job categories, members can take advantage of to access the vast database of jobs in order to increase their chances of getting high-quality professional jobs.

Flexjobs remote jobs

The screenshot above indicates the popular job categories, those skills are in demand for hire on the platform, which includes writing, marketing, customer service, web design, IT, etc.

If you are interested in one of the work-from-home jobs, then you can narrow down the search by typing the remote job within your specific work area.

Here are numerous remote opportunities after I conducted a job search on the platform:

work from home jobs on flexjobs freelance jobs on flexjobs Remote jobs on Flexjobs

  • Call center
  • IT personal
  • Web design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content writing job
  • Recruitment
  • Human resource
  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • Remote data entry jobs
  • Market research job
  • and other related remote work opportunities.

There are more job opportunities available on the platform, and you can take the time to apply for a professional and quality job based on the help of FlexJobs.

It’s because the platform has done a great job by vetting every single job in order that members can benefit from getting a high-quality job.

Get started with FlexJobs here

Final Thoughts

If you want to explore legitimate and professional freelance opportunities, then FlexJobs would be an ideal solution to help you vet all opportunities.

Thus, it takes all the hassle out by ensuring there are no scam jobs on the platform, that is why you pay for what you receive.

Keep in mind that depending on your skill and work experience, you should only search for the role that you can meet all the requirements like technical skills and experience.

Paying attention to the job description is the most important aspect because you are going to perform day-to-day duties based on the job description listing points.

If you believe the role is for you after satisfying all the requirements, then go and apply for it.

There are also other professional job platforms that also have a cross range of remote and full-time jobs like Toptal and  ZipRecruiter, you may consider expanding your search for full-time or part-time job opportunities with ZipRecruiter.


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Several options you could consider making extra cash at home, including finding a freelancing job, starting a home-based business, and applying for remote job work, etc.

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