Online Job Sites That Offer Remote & Freelance Work From Home JobsOnline Job Sites That Offer Remote & Freelance Work From Home Jobs

The Online Job Sites for Freelance and Remote Work From Home Opportunities.


If you’re searching for remote job opportunities on the internet, you’ll find numerous job sites that provide full-time, part-time, or flexible freelance work options. These options are ideal for students or freelancers looking for work and earning a good income.

Buffer’s survey revealed that 99% of respondents expressed a desire to work remotely at least once in their lifetime. This indicates the remote working trend is not going anywhere, but it will be here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Another reason that many prefer to work from home is because it provides a better work-life balance. This allows them to spend more time with their families and enjoy the other aspects of life, such as having a flexible schedule, engaging in regular exercise, and promoting overall well-being.

Whether you are searching for full-time or part-time remote jobs, we compiled a list of several best online job sites that you can use to find remote or freelance work opportunities.


Key Takeaways

  • Whether you are a virtual assistant, freelance content writer, or web designer, the following are several best remote job sites that help you find freelance and remote work opportunities.
  • It is crucial to carefully review the job description to identify the necessary skills and experience that align with your profile.
  • If you are a graduate student, the priority is to build your work portfolio by starting smaller projects on freelancing sites like Toptal or Fiverr. This helps you to improve your skillsets and learn how to interact with clients.
  • It’s important that you follow those freelancing websites’ policy guidelines and always communicate within those platforms. It’s because scammers may post fake projects and ask you to chat outside these freelancing sites.


Freelancing sites for finding freelance work opportunities:

There are several freelancing websites that provide thousands of freelance work opportunities ranging from premium projects to smaller, short-term work.


What is Toptal

Toptal is a high-quality platform for freelancers, connecting the most talented 3% with businesses of all sizes across various industries.

Startups, tech firms, and businesses will benefit from the Toptal hiring process to hire quality freelancers and experts in the fields. It includes a thorough screening process with 5 steps that assess communication skills, technical abilities, and professionalism

Many large companies around the world, such as Shopify, Bridgestone, and Kraft Heinz, trust the platform. And, there are more than 2.2 million talented freelancers that applied for the Toptal site.



New Fiverr Account

Fiverr is the leading freelance marketplace that allows freelancers to create a Fiverr seller account and offer freelance services to clients. While business owners can take advantage of this platform to search for the right freelancers and to work on their temporary projects.

For students and stay-at-home parents seeking work-from-home jobs to earn additional income, this freelancing site is the perfect solution.

The site lists thousands of freelance gigs from different industry categories, including marketing, web design, AI services, logo design, etc.

Instead of bidding for the project, you need to create a seller gig based on your industry expertise and skills. This allows potential clients to contact you for more details about your experience. review is one of the largest freelancing websites that connect businesses of all sizes to millions of freelancers from all over the world. The platform lists thousands of freelance work opportunities in different industries such as copywriting, content writing, web design, marketing, research writing, digital marketing, education, trade and services, etc.

In order to bid for the projects listed on the platform, you need to sign up and create a professional profile, where you provide evidence of your work portfolio, and share your skillsets, experience, and education. 

Based on my experience, the more genuine information you provide on your profile, the higher the chance the clients may view your profile and award you a job.

Keep in mind that some scammers post fake projects listed on the platform, and they may ask you to communicate outside the platform. For this reason, it’s essential to read the firm privacy guidelines and always communicate with clients within the site.


Best online job sites that offer full-time and part-time remote jobs

There are plenty of remote job sites available to help you find remote and freelance work opportunities. Here are some of the best ones.

Remote Ok

Remote Ok review

Remote Ok is a remote job board that specializes in providing remote job opportunities for people from all over the world. This platform has more than 30,000 legit online job opportunities, ranging from different industries, including finance, engineering, teaching, web3, human resources, and digital marketing, to name a few.

This online job site has been in the job market since 2013. At this time of writing, Remote Ok has become the best website to find remote jobs for applicants worldwide.

To search for full-time or part-time remote jobs, you need to enter keywords, location, salary, and industry, the system then provides a list of opportunities and you can apply directly on the platform if you find any interesting position that matches your profile.

This platform offers a cross range of positions from different industries, where you can find remote jobs that are being offered by top 500 companies, startups, and technology firms.

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We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely review

We Work Remotely is the largest remote job site that provides a variety of remote work opportunities from different industries, skill sets, and areas of expertise ( based on company claims). 

You can search for a variety of opportunities across different categories, including programming, content writing, marketing, customer support, freelance writing, etc. 

For example, after entering your email and filler out the search, you can see some relevant remote work opportunities that fit my profile, such as content writing, Google Ads Specialists, grow marketing manager, etc. (refer to the screenshot above for more information).

Many of the largest and most reputable companies in the world, such as Google, Amazon, and Basecamp, trust this remote job community.

If you are a business owner or hiring manager, you can use this job site to post for hiring positions, the cost to post a job on the platform is $299.

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When it comes to finding legit online jobs, FlexJobs is an emerging site that double-checks every job post on the platform to ensure it is scam-free. This allows you to search for flexible freelance work, full-time or part-time remote jobs

Currently, this site has more than 22,000 remote job opportunities that are being offered by more than 5000 companies, including tech firms, startups, 500 Fortune companies, etc.

The site offers jobs from a variety of industries like customer service, writing, marketing, accounting & finance, to name a few.

This is a paid subscription remote job platform, where they will hand-screen every job post. Thus, you don’t have to deal with fake job posts or scammers.

Remote jobs on Flexjobs freelance jobs on flexjobs work from home jobs on flexjobs


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Remotive review

Remotive is a job community that lists many remote work opportunities in a variety of industries, including marketing, sales, customer service,  software development, writing, and human resources, to name a few.

By entering a job search keywords, and selecting the industry, the system will analyze and list many remote jobs that are relevant to your resume.

If you want to receive job opportunities delivered straight to your email, you then need to sign up for the newsletter by entering your email and relevant skillsets.


Final Thoughts on Several Online Job Sites

We listed several best websites to find remote jobs online based on our extensive research, and you can use one of the platforms to search for freelance work, full-time or part-time opportunities that fit your skills and expertise.

If you are a beginner, it’s best to learn and improve your skillsets by creating an account with Fiverr or, where there are many short-term project opportunities to earn extra cash and build your portfolio.

When you grow your skillsets and portfolio, you then can consider finding high-quality remote jobs on Toptal or other platforms.


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