Best Freelance Apps for FreelancersBest Freelance Apps for Freelancers

The Best Freelancing Apps to Help Freelancers Find Available Projects and Manage Daily Work

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Freelancing apps and tools are incredibly important for freelancers to find and manage their work in an effective way. In particular, these platforms can help you to find freelance jobs online and assist you in managing daily tasks like scheduling your time effectively, communicating with clients, etc.

At the beginning of your freelance journey, you need to create an effective seller gig on sites like Fiverr or Upwork, to increase the chance of capturing short-term work opportunities.

Over time, you will build credibility and reputation within your freelance niche based on the number of customer reviews.

In this post, you will learn several freelancing websites and tools that can help you manage your daily work and find freelance work opportunities to save time and increase productivity.


Key Takeaways

  • Several best apps and tools help you to find freelance work opportunities and boost your productivity, including time management and scheduling daily tasks.
  • Fiverr is an ideal starting point for beginners to build their reputation and learn how to interact with clients.
  • If you have a few years of work experience with technical skills, then consider joining Toptal or FlexJobs to earn a high salary.
  • Toggl is the best time-tracking app while Calendly is perfect for scheduling meetings.



Fiverr is one of the largest freelancing sites that is considered an ideal starting point for beginner freelancers to find their first short-term project and learn to interact with customers.

In particular, it’s not too complicated to create a seller account on Fiverr as you only fill out general information and your area of expertise such as content writing, SEO, social media marketing, etc.

After successfully creating a new account, you must include a professional profile photo, set the availability, and briefly introduce yourself so that you can help to increase the chance of receiving offers from clients.

To boost sales, you can apply to learn new skills with other top Fiverr freelancers who can teach you tips and techniques to get your first freelance work. Keep in mind that you must take as many skill tests as possible to showcase that you are the one who can provide satisfactory service.

The next step is to create the selling gig based on your expertise and experience. For example, if you are an expert in social media marketing, then you can create a gig to help the client manage their social media platforms.

Importantly, you can create multiple selling gigs that are associated with the skillsets you list at the beginning of your Fiverr profile, to increase the chance of getting more client inquiries.

Based on my experience, Fiverr is a good starting freelancing career to help you find your first freelance work and grow your portfolio over time if provides highly rated service satisfaction.

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Toptal is a high-end freelance website that connects talented freelancers with top companies in a cross range of areas, including web development, web design, finance management, project management, etc. Indeed, freelancers often receive a higher salary due to their qualified skillsets and expertise.

The platform states that they hire the top 3% of highly qualified freelancers with the required technical knowledge and experience. If you want to join Toptal and are open to more highly-paid job opportunities, then you have to pass several screening tests before admitting to the platform.

For this reason, there are many global leading brands and companies that use the Toptal platform to find the top freelancers such as Bridgestone, the University of Southern California ( USC), Motorola, Salesforce, Microsoft, etc.

Depending on the requirement of each company, you may receive an offer from the employers based on temporary, part-time, or full-time work.

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FlexJobs is another high-rated online jobs marketplace that enables stay-at-home parents, students, and freelancers to find high-quality remote work-from-home jobs from top companies across the globe. In particular, this freelancing website has more than 22,000 remote work opportunities from many job categories such as digital marketing, freelance writing, administration, computer, IT, etc.

In addition, Since its establishment, thousands of individuals have found casual, part-time, and full-time work-from-home jobs through the FlexJobs platform.

One of the benefits of joining FlexJobs is that members will have an opportunity to attend career advice and training, where they can join webinars, live training, or virtual job events, to learn top tips from experts and any other trends within the industry.

Last but certainly not least, almost every online job on the platform will get handed a screen to ensure there is no scam and no advertising. For this, members can have peace of mind not to deal with scammers and find high-quality remote jobs.

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Toggl is a tracking app that is considered an ideal solution for freelancers and students to monitor how many hours they spend on daily activities. For this, they can understand their billable hours working on clients and find ways to boost productivity.

The platform provides a free version of time tracking by generating reports on how many hours you spend on websites and apps. You can connect the Toggl time tracker to several platforms.

At the time of writing, Toggl allows us to integrate with more than 100+ popular apps and brands like Google Calendar, Jira, Salesforce, Github, Asana, etc. You can also download Toggle for browser extensions ( Google Chrome and Firefox).

Alternatively, you can download the Toggl app that is available on the Android and Apple app stores to monitor and track your time effectively.



Calendly is the leading scheduling app that allows members to automate their scheduled meetings between team members or with other partners. In particular, you can connect with other apps like Salesforce, Gmail, Twitter, and LinkedIn to share a schedule link with others and they will find the right time to book a schedule that matches everyone.

With the free version, you will get a basic feature like only connecting to one calendar, but it should be enough for freelancers who mainly use one or two calendars. 

In addition, you can consider upgrading to premium versions, where it will be better for bigger teams with more advanced features and support tools to help your business grow.


Final thoughts on several freelance websites

We listed several best freelancing apps that are considered ideal solutions for searching for freelance jobs and finding ways to improve your productivity. If you are a beginner freelancer, Fiverr is the perfect place to find your first freelance job and grow your portfolio over time.

Alternatively, Toptal and FlexJobs are much more suitable for talented freelancers who have several years of work experience and expertise in their niches. Indeed, you would expect to earn a higher salary on those platforms.


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