best practices to improve content writing skillsbest practices to improve content writing skills

Top 6 Essential Practices That Help to Improve Your Freelance Writing Skills


There are many ways to make money from writing, the challenge is to determine the area that you want to focus on and build a long-term career that you can earn a good income.

Indeed, the priority is to improve writing skills by implementing different essential practices like reading widely, learning from other top writers within your niche, etc.

Based on my experience, it is a learnable skill, and when you dive deeper to learn everything and practice regularly, you will definitely see a noticeable improvement after a certain of time. In particular, by joining freelancing marketplaces like FlexJobs, you not only improve your freelance writing skills but also can learn to interact with customers.

Content writing is one of the growing fields that always need professional copywriters or freelance content writers to fill in various niches. For this reason, here are the best practical tips that help to develop your content writing skills and build this writing profession in the long run.


Key Takeaways

  • If you want to explore ways to make more money writing, then consider content writing because the market is always in high demand for content marketers, who can help small businesses or startup to publish quality content.
  • It’s important to note that choosing the right writing niche based on your skill set is essential to your success.
  • The following are 6 essential practical tips to improve writing skills as freelance writers or content marketers, which you should implement to level up your profession.


Practice writing regularly

In order to make money from your writing, the most practical approach to improve your writing as a freelance content writer is to write more often. It could be done by writing more content on social media, blog posts, and articles.

For example, Quora is always my favorite Q&A platform, where you can practice your writing by answering questions based on your knowledge and learning from other top writers within your niche in the platform.

Alternatively, you can consider creating a blog and start publishing content regularly. This helps you build your own writing portfolio and you can use this to showcase your skillset and experience to potential clients.

After practicing for a while, you can join freelancing job sites like Fiverr or, to search for content writing opportunities and even make a little money for small projects.


Join the like-minded online groups

If you want to improve your written communication skills and find potential online jobs work from home as a freelance content writer, the most direct way is to find popular online communities that allow you to learn from other people’s successful tips, and ask any questions related to your freelance work.

In particular, many top freelance writers are actively engaging in those community groups, and they often post at least a few pieces of content per week to share their real-life experience as well as provide some valuable tips, which you can learn to avoid some common mistakes in the future.

For this reason, if you also actively stay engaged in those online communities for freelancers by posting valuable information, then you are on the right track to develop your expertise in your writing niche and may receive a project offer from one of the freelancers in those groups you joined.

The following are several online communities for freelance copywriters:

In addition, you can connect and team up with one of the highly rated freelancers, so you both can share experience and learn from other technical skills. Indeed, they can be your potential clients when they have more projects.


Use AI writing assistant tools

The rise of artificial intelligence, especially ChatGPT plays an influential role in increasing productivity for businesses. In particular, they can leverage AI writing tools such as Frase to create quality content marketing faster.

For example, content writers can use the Chat GPT app to prompt any questions or topics, it will analyze the information on the internet by using extensive text data on the internet and provide them with appropriate information.

In addition, Frase is not only the AI writing tool that uses ChatGPT 3 model to help you write high-quality content based on the ideas it suggested, this tool also provides the SEO analysis of the high-ranking posts from competitors, gives short and long-tail keywords and other key SEO key metrics you can you to rank your post higher on search engines.

With that being said, AI writing tools can bring many benefits to your freelance writing career in terms of increasing your earning power if you know how to unlock its potential and leverage it properly to deliver high-quality content marketing for clients.

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Read more often

We have to accept the fact that no one is perfect, which applies to all aspects of our lives, including improving writing skills. For this reason, if you want to make a living with your writing, you then need to read more often to absorb the writing style and information, eventually, you will become a better writer over time.

In particular, find the top authors in your writing niche and learn everything about their writing styles and techniques. For this, you can learn and implement their methods in your writing style, which you believe will make you a top writer.

” We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.” Earnest Hemingway.

I totally agree with this statement. Without any practice or taking action, you will forever stay in the same spot. Thus, the direct approach to improving writing skills is to read more often, and you will see eventually become a master in your field if you keep practicing weekly.


Use Grammar checker tools

When it comes to creating better content, it’s important to pay attention to detail by checking your words and avoiding common writing mistakes. In addition, you can take advantage of grammar-checking software like ProWritingAid and QuillBot to check the long-form content and fix errors in your writing.

In addition, those grammar tools also have some great features like paraphrasing tools, citations, etc, which are ideal for students, freelance writers, and non-native English speakers to improve their writing skills.

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Whether you provide freelance content writing services to clients or write blog posts or articles for your website, it’s essential to double-check your content properly before publishing it. 

By proofreading content, you can find common errors like grammar, punctuation, or spelling in your text. Over time, you will definitely improve your writing and avoid those common errors.

In addition, clients or customers may give a bad impression of your content if it has many grammatical errors. In order to protect your reputation and provide satisfactory service, always double-check your content before publishing.


Final thoughts on how to improve your freelance writing skills

If you want to make a living freelance writing, you then need to practice your writing and read more often within your field, which allows you to emulate other people writing styles and techniques as well as avoid some common errors.

After a certain of time, you will improve your writing skills and find more opportunities in your niche by writing engaging copy for your clients.

Don’t forget to leverage the Chat GPT app or other AI writing tools to help you get ideas and write better content faster and thus become a better freelance copywriter.

If you have any other writing tips, please share your ideas by commenting below.

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