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Frase Review 2023:  Is This the Best AI Writer and SEO Tool?


When it comes to content marketing, many AI writers and SEO content optimization tools help business owners and bloggers find ideas and use profitable keywords to rank higher on search engines. 

One of the content creation tools you will learn today is Frase IO, the leading content writing assistant and optimization tool that allows you to upgrade your content by analyzing competitor content, finding keywords, and assisting with an AI writer.

In this Frase review, you will learn several key features of this content marketing tool as well as get familiar with how this AI writer works. For this, you could determine whether it is a good fit for your business.


What is Frase IO used for?

frase review


Frase is a content writing assistant and optimization tool that helps you to create quick and high-quality content by recommending relevant keywords and phrases ( AI writing assistant), in order for your content to rank higher on Google.

In particular, this content marketing tool takes further research on competitor content that ranks high on search engines and uses an AI writer to outline content based on several factors, like keywords and content ideas, to optimize your site.

At the time of writing, Frase uses the Open AI GPT-3 technology to help users generate quality content and help your website rank higher on search engines.

Frase is not only well known for its Content writing assistant ( AI writer), you can employ Frase for other purposes, including SEO, copywriting, keyword research, analytics, and customization chatbot, etc.

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How does Frase IO work?

Frase IO is an AI writer and SEO content optimization tool to help business owners and bloggers deliver great content by providing several key generations like keyword research, chatbot, and content creation.

The following key aspects that show you how this tool work

  • It helps to optimize your content by outlining and providing suggestions like keywords based on your topic scores. For this, you will have the opportunity to improve the topic scores.
  • Frase will analyze your competitor’s content that ranks high on search engines by using two main key factors: keywords ( short and long tail keywords), and their ranking scores.
  • The platform also helps you to figure out the search intent of your target audience about a particular topic. For this, they will suggest relevant keywords and other quality factors to write better content.

You can take advantage of this powerful AI writing tool and search optimization by taking a 5-day trial worth 1$. Sign up with Frase here.

key features

It’s important to note that Frase has some top-notch features that will bring many benefits to your business as follows:

Content Editor 

In the content editor section, it’s easy to use and navigate around, which means users can start writing on the editor and it will automatically save your document.

The content editor functions work similarly to other Word documents or Google Docs, where you can adjust the front sizes and headings.

In addition, you can track the word count of your document, which shows on the left-hand corner of the dashboard.

frase content editor

By looking at the screenshot above, you can see the average topic scores and competitors’ content that rank high on Google, your job is to include reccomened keywords to optimize your content and increase the content scores.

AI writer ( content writing assistant)

The greatest feature you could benefit from using Frase is AI writer, this content writing assistant will do a brilliant job of helping you write better content by assisting you to expand your ideas, rephrase the paragraph answer in bullet points, etc. 

It does not replace humans as content writers or copywriters because it only works as an assistant to help people get more ideas. If you want to write engaging and informative content, you then do research and read a lot to find credible data and information to convince your

frase ai writing assistant

As the screenshot above shows, the topic idea is ” Digital Marketing”, and when I ask the AI writer to expand the idea by writing more, then it quickly analyzes and comes up with several paragraphs.

I noticed the AI writing assistant provides only general information and repeats the benefits of digital marketing for business. For this reason, I suggest users double-check and only get ideas from the AI writer to expand their points.

Importantly, this AI writing tool can provide further assistance to your business in terms of long-form content (AI article writer), SEO content optimization, question and answer, rewriting paragraphs or sentences, marketing, etc.

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SEO tool ( suggest keywords and topic scores)

With the SEO tool, users can take advantage of SEO content optimization for a variety of purposes, including AI article writing, content analytics, topic planning, and a Wikipedia concept map.

In particular, SEO content optimization will suggest to the users the list of short and long-tail keywords, and phrases that other competitors use to rank their content on the top 20 search results.

For this, you can have ideas to write the next topic that could rank on Google, and don’t forget to include the most searched keywords to increase your topic scores.

frase seo tool

For example, I use Frase SEO tools and click on the content planner section, where I enter the keyword topic ” AI Writer“, the system then analyzes based on the top search engine result content and suggests the list of long tail keywords. ( Please refer the screenshot above for more information).


Another great feature that could help with your SEO content writing is the chatbot, which is built by the Frase platform.

With the Frase chatbot, you can ask the system any question related to your content, then it will analyze the information and answer your question appropriately,

In addition, the chatbot can help to write an outline, rewrite sentences, write an introduction, and provide a few sentences to answer Q&A questions.

frase chatbot

To use the Chatbot, access the document and then click on the AI tool, then click chat. From there, you can ask any question, it will provide ideas that you can use to write better content.


Frase allows users to integrate with some of the most popular platforms like Google Search Console, Google Docs as add-ons, and WordPress.  

frase integrations

For example, if you want to integrate with Google Search Console to monitor your traffic performance and allow the Frase platform to recommend more opportunities to grow your site, you then need to connect your Frase account with Google Search Console.

To integrate, simply click on the account and integrations, from there, you can select any platform to connect to your Frase account.

You can take advantage of this powerful AI writing tool and search optimization by taking a 5-day trial worth 1$. Sign up with Frase here.

What are other resources?

To improve your site search engine optimization and write better content with Frase, you can take advantage of the platform resources, including:

  • Live webinars
  • Blog posts
  • Help center
  • Crash course.

Those resources are prepared to help you to update with the current industry trends and how you can use the Frase tool to deliver informative content for the audience.


Frase pricing

Frase does not provide any free plan at this moment. 

It provides paid plans that are designed for individuals, teams, and companies to use their resources and access premium features.

Option one: “Solo” is for individuals, bloggers, and writers. The fee is $12.66 for paying annually. The limitation of this plan is only for one user and can write up to 4 articles per month.

Option two: ” Basic” for professional copywriters, and freelance writers. The fee is $38.25 for paying annually. Only allows one user, and can write and optimize up to 30 articles per month.

Option three: ” Team” is for businesses and pro bloggers. The fee is $97.75 for paying annually. Maximum for 3 users, and can write and optimize unlimited articles.


Frase Pros and Cons

Frase is a powerful SEO and content writing assistant tool that offers many great features and resources for users to write high-quality and engaging content. The following are the pros and cons of Frase.


  • The Frase platform is easy to use and navigate around. I guess you should take around 10 minutes to get familiar with all key features like AI writing, SEO tools, chatbots, optimization, outline, etc.
  • Provide the AI writing tool that you can use to create new content or optimize the current content. 
  • SEO tools are great resources for generating content ideas by analyzing the top search results topic from competitors. You can take advantage by copying long-tail keywords and links to optimize your content.
  • Chatbot is another great feature that I like about Frase. You can ask the chatbot any question or ask to write the introduction, conclusion, write an outline, etc.
  • Integrations: users can integrate the Frase account with other top platforms like Google Docs, Google Search Console, and WordPress.


  • Frase does not provide any free plan, and the premium plans may be expensive for those who have a tight budget.
  • The keyword research tool is still considered basic. In particular, when you use the topic planner to discover long-tail keywords, the tool suggests a list of relevant keywords without keyword difficulties and monthly search volume.


What are other alternatives to Frase?

Frase is a leading content optimization tool and AI writer that helps you to write appealing content and stay engaged with followers. If you want to do further research to find out other similar platforms like Frase, here is the list of alternatives.

  • Surfer SEO: is an excellent SEO tool that helps to optimize your content by analyzing competitor content and providing keywords that you may include to rank higher on Google.
  • SE Ranking: is an SEO platform that measures your website performance and provides opportunities for your site to improve and optimize better, including keywords, backlink analysis, on-page SEO, and SERP research.
  • Scalenut: is a content writing and optimization tool that provides premium features and resources for users to write quality content and boost their sites’ SEO performance.


Final thoughts on Frase review

Frase is a powerful content marketing tool that helps bloggers, freelance writers, and site owners generate better content and improve their site SEO capabilities in terms of driving more organic traffic and ranking higher on Google.

With some useful features, like AI writing, optimization, content planning, SEO tools, and chatbot, Frase is considered a leading SEO tool that can bring many benefits to your business.

However, Frase AI can’t fully replace human writers just yet, rather than that I think you should embrace it as a tool to stay engaged with the audience and optimize your site better on search engines.


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