Best AI Writing Tools ListBest AI Writing Tools List

Best AI Writing Tools List That Helps Freelance Copywriters and Bloggers Create Quality Content

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When it comes to creating high-quality content on a regular basis, it could be a huge challenge for content creators, copywriters, and bloggers due to the fact that they need to do research, come up with new ideas, structure their content, etc.

It takes a lot of time and effort to create engaging and highly-rated content that serves the interests and expectations of the audience. In the long run, it proves to be an influential digital marketing strategy to build brand awareness and reach more targeted customers.

Additionally, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), especially, AI writing tools help writers to generate top-notch content faster. Other AI writing software like Frase, has an SEO feature that helps bloggers to optimize their content and rank higher on search engines.

For this reason, if we can use those AI writing tools as a companion to assist us with research, finding ideas, brainstorming, and optimizing their content, then definitely it could free up our time for other important tasks.

Let’s find several AI writing tools, and you can select any one of them based on your needs and expectations.


Key Takeaways

  • Creating quality content is time-consuming as bloggers and content writers need to do their research, find new ideas, and optimize their copy on social media.
  • In return, it proves to be a profitable strategy to build the online presence for their businesses and grow the number of loyal readers.
  • With the help of AI content writing tools like ChatGPT and Quillbot AI, you can leverage them by generating new content ideas and brainstorming to write quality content faster.
  • The following are several AI writing software that help to increase your productivity and free up your time for other important tasks.


Why do AI writing tools help improve productivity?

According to DataProt research, the global AI industry is going to reach $267 by 2027, which indicates the rapid growth of the AI market, especially since the launch of ChatGPT. Many businesses and enterprises deploy AI as a direct way to improve productivity and save some of their operational costs.

Leveraging the AI content writing tools the right way brings many benefits to your business in terms of increasing productivity and saving time. 

In particular, you can use the AI tool to generate content ideas and get an answer when prompting specific questions to an AI tool. For this, you can use your expertise to expand those ideas and write high-quality content faster.

Alternatively, copywriters also can take advantage of AI writing software to help them write better ad copy and product descriptions to satisfy clients’s needs and requirements.

Keep in mind that writers only use an AI writing tool as an assistant to brainstorm new ideas and use their industry knowledge to develop those ideas.

If you rely 100% on an AI tool to generate content, then there’s no point for readers to come to your site as they also can do it by themselves.

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Top AI writing software for bloggers and freelancers

Here is the list of several top AI writing software that offers both paid and free options.

Based on your business needs and expectations, you can select the right one that can bring more benefits in terms of freeing up your time and increasing your productivity.



Scalenut review

Scalenut is a powerful AI content creation tool that helps bloggers and marketers create high-quality content to optimize for search engines.

You can take advantage of this tool to plan and generate content by getting content ideas and targeted keywords.

Additionally, Scalenut will analyze some of the top-ranking posts to find their highly-rated keywords. Thus, you can include short and long-tail keywords in your article and rank higher on Google.

Using the optimizing content tool, it will run the analysis on your current content for on-page SEO issues such as keyword density, meta tags, and meta descriptions, and you can follow the suggestions to fix those SEO issues.

  • Provide the real-time SEO score to further improve content quality and structure.
  • Scalenut AI content writing tool generates quick content for blog posts, articles, and social media posts.
  • Provide suggestions to improve your existing content quality based on keyword density, meta descriptions, and meta tags, to name a few.
  • Plan your content by providing content topic ideas, and keyword suggestions.
  • Analyze top content that ranks high on search engines for targeted keywords.

Scalenut offers premium subscriptions only.



QuillBot AI writing assistant

QuillBot is the ideal AI writing tool that is widely used by students, bloggers, and freelance copywriters due to the fact that this tool offers many great features to help them write academic papers, and launch social campaigns and new articles.

With the AI writing assistant, you can use this tool to generate content ideas by inputting keywords, and letting the QuillBot AI suggest new text or write an introduction.

If you are a student, then this tool would be a good fit for you to search for academic topics on the platform, and you can reference sources using APA or Chicago styles.

Other features that provide value for writers are as follows:

  • Provides free grammar checker tools like punctuation, spelling, proofreader checkers, etc.
  • Paraphrasing tool
  • Summarize text
  • AI writing assistant
  • Academic citation tool
  • Plagiarism checker tool

In addition, Quillbot is available to download for Chrome, Word, and macOS extensions, making it convenient for bloggers and writers to improve their writing and save time for research.

QuillBot offers free and paid plans. And you can select the right subscription based on your personal needs.



frase seo tool

Frase is much more suitable for content writers and bloggers as this tool offers both AI writing assistance and SEO optimization that helps them write high-quality content that ranks higher for search engines.

In particular, this AI tool uses GPT-3 technology to help writers generate high-quality content for social media posts, blog posts, articles, and product descriptions, to name a few.

Especially the ChatBot, you can prompt any question related to your niche, and the system will analyze and provide your answer with relevant information, and ideas. It also helps to write an outline, write an introduction, or even rewrite a sentence.

With the SEO feature, Frase will help you analyze your competitor’s ranking posts and suggest how to improve your content or articles for SEO optimization, including short and long-tail keywords.

The following are key features Frase provides:

  • Provide AI writing tools to generate text and content.
  • Chatbot can answer any questions related to your niche and helps to write an outline and product description.
  • Analyzes the top-ranking page on the Google search engine.
  • Provide suggestions on your current article and blog post to rank higher on Google.
  • Give short and long-tail keywords that can increase the online visibility of your website.

Frase doesn’t have a free plan, instead, it offers a 5-day trial for 1$, which you can take advantage of this AI writing tool to generate high-quality articles or social media posts.



ChatGPT review

ChatGPT is a revolutionary AI writing tool that can help to increase your business productivity and save the cost of operations. In particular, this tool can help generate content and answer questions when you prompt a question on the platform.

ChatGPT is a super language model tool that can generate natural language responses to assist writers with variable tasks, including social media posts, short-form content, blog posts, articles, product descriptions, and an introduction, to name a few.

Additionally, you can use this super language model tool to brainstorm new content ideas and further develop those ideas by using your industry knowledge and expertise.

The following are several key features ChatGPT provides:

  • Generate content ideas faster.
  • Take this ChatGPT as a real conversation companion that can answer your questions.
  • Provide multiple languages that help to translate one language to another.
  • AI writing language model that can assist in writing blog posts, product descriptions, articles, and research papers.

It offers both free and premium plans, and you can select the right one in accordance with your personal needs.


Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO review

Surfer an AI content writing software that helps you to generate content like blog posts and articles, it provides SEO tools to optimize for search engines and boost your site’s online visibility.

In particular, this AI writing tool analyzes some top-ranking pages for your own keywords. It gives some recommendations on your current or new content that you can implement to rank higher on Google.

With the SEO audit feature, it will scan your site for overall SEO performance, and you can follow the report to solve any on-page SEO issues on your site.

Using Surfer SEO, bloggers can take advantage of this tool to identify the keyword search volumes on Google and you can find high-density keywords to optimize for your content or web pages.

  • AI content writing tool helps generate content for blog posts and articles faster.
  • Provide keyword research to optimize your content on search engines.
  • Scan your content or web pages for overall SEO performance and provide some suggestions to improve the search ranking.
  • The outline generator tool will help to structure your content in terms of headings and subheadings.

Surfer doesn’t provide any free plan, they offer several paid subscriptions, and I found it a bit expensive compared to other AI writing tools.



CopyAI review

CopyAI is another exceptional AI writing tool that offers both free and premium plans for copywriters, bloggers, and digital marketers to create quality content easily.

Especially, it offers a variety of browse templates that can be used for blog posts, social media posts, email marketing campaigns, cover letters, and business plan templates, to name a few.

Additionally, users can use the free AI generator to help them write engaging marketing copy (product description, TikTok & Instagram captions) and reach their targeted audience.

The free plan allows users to generate up to 2,000 words per month but only allows one user per account.

For the pro and enterprise plans, CopyAI offers much more advanced features such as unlimited words, prompt improvement, etc.

Here is the list of key features CopyAI provides:

  • AI translation helps to translate content to different languages.
  • AI writing tool helps to generate content ideas that you can use for your blog posts or social media posts.
  • Provides a variety of templates for different marketing copy, blog posts, and articles.
  • The AI prompt tool helps generate quality content quickly and easily ( sale copies, paid ads, email campaigns, writing product descriptions, event marketing, etc.)


Final thoughts on AI writing assistant software

Overall, an AI writing assistant is considered the direct approach that brings many benefits to your business and blog in terms of increasing productivity, saving your business resources, and creating quality content quickly and easily.

Leveraging one of those AI writing tools is critical to your success. In particular, you can use it to generate content ideas in order to write and publish high-quality articles or blog posts to drive more organic traffic and build brand awareness.

Some of the AI writing tools on the list offer a free plan for experience, and you can take this opportunity to try them before making a decision. However, it all depends on personal or business needs and expectations such as:

  • Price
  • More advanced features ( grammar check, AI writing tools, SEO tools, etc.)
  • Easy to use
  • Provide reliable customer support
  • Generate quality content or copy.

If you are searching for AI writing software that can help generate quality content for search engine optimization, then consider using Frase or Scalenut.


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FAQ Section

Is there any free AI writing tool?

Yes, there are a few AI writing tools that offer free plans with some basic features like Quillbot AI and CopyAI. With a free plan, you can experience those AI tools to see whether they are a good fit for your business or not.

What are the best AI tools for writing content?

With many AI content writing tools available in the market, the best way to find the right AI software is to determine your expectations and needs such as price, features, ease of use, and quality content output, to name a few. Based on my experience, I would pick QuillBot, Frase, and Scalenut as the best AI tools for creating quality content.

Are AI writing tools worth it?

If you know how to unlock the potential of an AI writing software, then it helps to increase your productivity. In particular, you can use an AI writing tool to generate content ideas and use your industry knowledge to write and publish quality content quickly and easily.

How do I get AI to write something for me?

After choosing the right AI writing tool, you must provide essential information like topic headlines and keywords. Don't forget to select the content you want to generate like blog posts, email campaigns, articles, and social media posts, to name a few.

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