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8+ Best SEO Tools to Increase Website Traffic

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Updated: 01/02/2023



When it comes to developing an online presence for the business, website owners and bloggers must at least understand the basic knowledge of SEO in order to drive organic traffic to their site.

Many large corporations spend thousands or even millions of dollars just to hire an SEO agency to cover all the jobs that help them rank higher on search engines.

In particular, the expert will carry out numerous tasks including on-page SEO, building backlinks, and using target short tail and long tail keywords, which they hope to compete with their competitors and increase traffic to the website.

With a limited budget, you don’t have the capability to invest a similar amount of capital as large entities. Instead, bloggers and small website owners can search for several best keyword planners as it not only helps to save you a ton of money but can increase traffic to your website.

There is a list of several best keyword SEO tools you may consider implementing one or two on your site as part of SEO optimization.


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Best keyword research tools for SEO optimization

1. Frase

frase review

Frase is an AI writing and SEO optimization tool that provides many great features for content writers and bloggers to create high-quality content faster and rank higher on the Google search engine. 

In particular, this tool will help you to take an analysis of the current top-ranking content from your competitors and give you a detailed report of profitable keywords and phrases. For this, you can take advantage of the Frase AI writing assistant to generate quality content that ranks for search engines.

The following are several top-notch features Frase provides:

  • The Frase Ai writing assistant: You can use this AI writing assistant to create high-quality content faster by generating ideas, rephrasing sentences, and answering your questions in bullet points, etc. For this, it helps you to expand the content idea and improve the overall productivity of your business.
  • SEO tool: Provides the analysis of your competitor high ranking posts in terms of keywords, topic planning, and content structures. Thus, you can select both short and long-tail keywords to rank higher on search engines.
  • Chatbot: This Chatbot feature is a useful tool to help bloggers, content writers, and digital marketers write an outline, rewrite sentences, an introduction, and a product description. Indeed, it was built to answer the Q&A questions.
  • Integrations: Offers an integration with other popular software and platforms like WordPress, Google Docs, and Google Search Console, to name a few.

Frase is an innovative AI writing and SEO tool that helps you generate quality content faster and easier. It is an ideal solution for individuals, businesses, and bloggers who want to create more content for their brands or clients.

Take a 5-day free trial with Frase for 1$ here


2. SEMRUSH– All in One SEO Platform

SEMRUSH review


SEMRush is by far the most favorite and popular keyword research tool for SEO optimization. It’s no wonder the best SEO tool available in the market due to the fact that the platform offers more useful features than just a keyword research tool.

In particular, you will be able to increase traffic to your website by accessing the following key metrics of optimizations that cover rank checking, opportunity to rank higher, domain overview, organic traffic, and organic keywords.

Using the keyword planner (magic keyword tool) that helps to highlight numerous long tail and short tail keywords as well as other benefits as follows:

  • Identify longtail and short tail keywords’ difficulty score
  • Opportunities to include both long tail and short tail keywords from SEMRUSH on the content.
  • Highlight the keyword traffic volume.
  • And Highlight Adsense CPC-keywords

One of the useful features we found using SEMRUSH is backlink analysis, which allows bloggers and businesses to find opportunities for link building and drive more traffic to your site.

It’s because building quality backlinks is one of the crucial elements in optimization because it helps your site rank higher on the global search engines. In other words, your site is in a position to drive more traffic and increase sales.

SEMRUSH is the best keyword research tool that is widely used by many SEO experts and bloggers. You can get a 14-day free trial to increase website traffic using your link below.

3. Ubersuggest– By Neil Patel

Ubersuggest- By Neil Patel review


The next popular keyword research tool is Ubersuggest by Neil Patel due to the fact that this is among the prominent keyword planner tools, which many bloggers and experts use to brainstorm many low and high-traffic keywords.

It’s a free keyword research tool to help you highlight the number of long-tail keywords and suggest the relevant keywords based on your search. However, users are only allowed to search for up to 3 times the target traffic keywords.

Ubersuggest also has several paid plans that are in accordance with the small to large websites. In particular, the basic plan is the cheapest plan that is recommended for a small blog or website while following other two ( Pro and Plus plans) are designed for medium to large businesses.

You don’t need to use paid plans if you are satisfied with the free keyword research tool version with Ubersuggest.

⇒ Use the free plan with Ubersuggest


4. KWFinder 

KWFinder reviews


KWFinder is the leader in keyword research that enables webmasters and bloggers to find high-traffic volume short-tail and long-tail keywords. In addition, the platform also highlights keyword difficulties as well as suggests how many related keywords popular domains use in their content.

For this reason, you should avoid popular keywords with high difficulty scores if your site authority ranking is low. It is almost impossible to compete with larger sites by using those keywords. Therefore, selecting keywords with low difficulty scores is considered a simple and smart strategy for smaller blogs and websites.

KWFinder- Mangools review

This SEO tool solely concentrates on helping you find the targeted keywords that you can include on one of your posts to drive more traffic.

KWFinder offers different paid plan options and it’s recommended to take a 10-day free trial, which helps to increase traffic to your website.

⇒ Get started with a 10-day free trial here


5. Ahrefs

Ahrefs SEO tool review


Ahrefs is one of the reputable SEO and keyword explorer tools. By using this platform, bloggers can get benefit from maximum optimization as the tool is not only limited to keyword research but also offers other SEO functionalities such as site audit, rank checking, etc.

It’s widely used by many SEO personnel and industry experts in the most iconic companies across the world. For this reason, you shouldn’t have any doubt about this tool because it helps you to figure out web browser popular keywords search, which you can include on your site to drive more traffic.

The Ahrefs backlink checker provides a comprehensive report regarding your site authority score and suggests the relevant links from your competitor as you can find this as an opportunity to get more quality backlinks to your websites.

In addition, Ahrefs also provides keywords with constant update clicks or searches on the search engines as it is one of the real data that our teams use to build our site search ranking.


6. Keyword Tool (Free)

Keyword Tool review


Keyword Tool is one of the best alternatives to Google Keyword Planner. The platform provides the keyword research tool for many popular global search engines like Google, Amazon, YouTube, and Bing.

One of the useful features of this tool is the suggestion of related long-tail keywords, where it suggests numerous target keywords you may use on the article or build on-page SEO.

For example, if you copy and paste ” how to make money blogging” on Keyword Tool, it will automatically suggest the specific targeted keywords such as ” how to make money blogging for beginners in the USA“, this will increase traffic to your website and increase the conversion rates.

It’s recommended to use this free keyword search tool alongside other best SEO tools so that bloggers can maximize the benefit of optimization. It’s because Keyword Tools can be a remedy to suggest specific keywords to target a specific market or customer. Hence, you can include them in the title or content.

Keyword Tool offers a free plan with a limitation of searching up to 3 keywords every day. Another downside of using a free plan is the lack of information regarding the keyword search volumes and difficulty scores. 

⇒ Use the free plan with Keyword Tool


7. SEMScoop

SEMScoop- free keyword research tool


SEMScoop is another acceptable keyword tool, which has more than 12,000+ members across more than 194 countries. This SEO tool is quite complete as it offers multiple functions of optimization to boost your site rank higher and drive more traffic.

This keyword tool has an import keywords feature that bloggers and website owners don’t need to waste their time just copying the one-by-one keyword. In addition, SEMScoop also provides suggestion keywords with low to high levels of difficulty scores, which allows them to include the target keywords in their content.

SEMSCOOP offers a free keyword research tool that enables users to search up to 5 keywords per day. If you think it is a great deal for building content and driving traffic to your site, then this SEO tool is for you.

⇒ Use SEMScoop keyword research for free

Besides the free plan, the platform also provides paid plans. The basic plan is quite affordable starting at $9 per month. It’s recommended to start with a basic plan as you can use 25 keyword searches every day.


8. Google keyword Planner Free

google keyword planner

Google keyword planner is one of the most popular and widely used all over the world due to the fact that it’s incorporated with Google Adwords.

Many website owners and SEO experts use Google Keyword Planner not only to find the keywords for their content but also to help include keywords in Google Adwords, which they hope to increase the conversion rate as well as build an effective ad strategy.

It is a completely best free keyword research tool that provides benefits as follows:

  • Target keyword search volumes: highlight how often web browsers search for each keyword each month. Hence, you can use the high-volume search keyword to rank higher on Google search.
  • Highlight keyword competition scores: small websites should avoid keywords with high difficulty scores ( use medium to low) because it’s impossible to rank higher on the Google search engine.
  • Suggest other relevant search keywords: short and long-tail keywords are available for selection, which may help your site to drive more traffic.

In addition, Google Keyword Planner does a great job of suggesting new relevant keywords and indicates the CPC( cost per click) of each keyword, which allows you to highlight the most valuable keywords to include in the content.

You only need to create a Google Adwords account, and then navigate to the keyword planner tool to search for targeted keywords.

⇒  Free Sign up with the Google Adwords Keyword Tool


9. Answer The Public

Answer The Public review


Answer The Public is another free keyword tool that’s worth mentioning on the list. This tool helps you to find both short and long-tail keywords that you can use to build great content and drive more traffic to your site.

The platform offers a free plan with a maximum of searching up to 3 keywords a day. It’s not enough to just limit to 3 keywords as you can’t compete with your competitors in terms of ranking higher on search engines and reaching your potential search customers.

For this reason, the free plan will be a good start for blogging beginners or small website owners who try to streamline their budget as much as possible. 

⇒ Use the free plan with AsnwerThePublic

Tips for driving local traffic to your site

It’s essential to pay more attention to local SEO as it helps your business to increase the local online presence of your targeted local customers. In other words, the customers may find your business on search engines whenever they search for targeted keywords as it will help to increase traffic to your website and boost conversion rates higher.

The following are several local optimization methods that you should consider to increase the traffic as well as rank higher for your website.

  • Submit your business name and website to major local business directories such as Whitepage, Yellowpage, Yelp, etc.
  • Try to add Schema markup on your website and pages that help Google understand the content of your website. In other words, web browsers and search engines will understand your content better as it helps your site rank higher.

A resource to learn more about Google Schema markup for local business.


Key Points

  • 8+ Best keyword research tools for SEO optimization.
  • SEMRUSH is the best and most complete SEO tool available in the market.
  • KWFinder is an excellent keyword research tool to find the targeted keyword.
  • Bloggers can combine one or two keyword tools to maximize the optimization benefits.

As a blogging beginner, we recommend going for a free trial plan, which not only helps to add more targeted and quality keywords to your site but also allows you to figure out the best SEO tool to suit your business needs and expectations.

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