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How to make money writing from home: 5 Freelance Writing Sites


If you are a new writer and want to get paid to write, there are many ways you would consider to make money writing as a freelancer while helping you to improve in this skill set.

In particular, some popular options include, freelance copywriting, article writing, and blogging, to name a few. However, it’s important to note that choosing the right niche based on your experience and expertise is essential to your writing success.

In addition, the rise of artificial intelligence, especially ChatGPT is a revolutionary to improve your productivity in online business fields like social media marketing, content writing, customer services, etc.

For this, the direct approach is to know how to unlock this AI writing assistant tool by leveraging its true potential and getting the ideas to write quality content better.

Let’s discover several freelancing sites & writing platforms that offer article writing, blog posts, or content writing projects to make money writing online as a side huslte.


Key Takeaways

  • Discover the list of the five best platforms that allow you to practice your writing skills while you can get paid to write articles.
  • If you want to fast-track your career and make money writing, it’s essential to build a portfolio and use it as a work experience to offer article writing or content writing services to clients.
  • There are other ways to consider making money from writing, including ebooks, writing content, email newsletters, blog posts, and article writing, to name a few.



If you want to master your freelance writing skills, then iWriter is an ideal starting point that allows a freelance copywriter to make money writing online by offering content writing services like article writing or content creation to clients.

In particular, iWriter is a content marketplace that lists many writing projects on the platform, and writers need to get the project accepted before they can write.

After completing the service, you can send the piece of content to the client, and if they are happy with your work, then you will get paid for your service.

This writing platform is a great fit for new freelance writers who want to make extra money writing from home while practicing their skills. The pay is not too high as a beginner writer can earn around 1 cent per word.

In order to get accepted, you need to pass the screening test that demonstrates your writing and research skills.

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Quora is my favorite website that I prefer to write on and learn from others because this is a question-and-answer platform that allows you to practice your writing by answering questions based on your skills and expertise.

In addition, you can post any question that you want to seek free advice from other professionals in the field.

There are a few benefits of joining Quora you should consider:

  • Build an online reputation and establish authority in your niche.
  • A great platform to grow your followers and practice your writing.
  • One of the ways to get paid to write on Quora is through their partner program.
  • Use your professional profile on Quora to offer service to others in your niche.

It’s important to note that Quora is a place where you must provide valuable answers and content for the audience, which means the content must provide comprehensive information and help others improve their skills or solve their problem. 

For this, you will highly likely establish authority as one of the highly-rated writers on the platform.



Medium is another excellent platform for those who want to get started with their writing by practicing and publishing long-form content. In particular, you can write a new piece of content and update it on the platform, which you believe can provide valuable information and tips for your readers.

If you have a business website or blog, Medium is a great place to recycle some of the content from your blog. In return, you can grow the list of subscribers on Medium, and they can visit your site for more information.

In addition, you can get paid to write articles on Medium by applying for a partner program. 

Keep in mind that your site on Medium should have at least 100 followers and a few quality articles before considering applying for monetization with them.

Indeed, writers may include affiliate links on their content that are related to their writing niche. The best approach is not to display too many links as it may have a bad user experience.

The best practice is to read and get familiar with Medium policy guidelines in order to become a valuable contributor to the platform.



Substack is a leading platform that enables freelance writers to make money with their writing using a subscription model while they can grow their email list of subscribers.

In particular, you create and public top-notch content that must provide comprehensive information and credible sources to your audience. In return, they will sign up for your newsletters.

When you grow your audience on Substack, you may consider turning on the email paid subscription charge to your followers, normally around $4- $5 per month.

In this case, Substack will handle all the payment process and take 10% of the service fee on top of your revenue. For this reason, you can have peace of mind to focus on writing valuable content and send it as a newsletter to your email list.

In addition, you can import the email list from your blog to Substack and start sending email campaigns to your audience on the platform.

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Textbroker is a content service platform that connects freelance writers with site owners and clients. In particular, you can join the Textbroker website for free and start writing articles to make extra income and improve your writing.

As a beginner writer, you can choose the “open order” to receive writing requests for different writing topics, and your job is to accept the right content writing services to deliver and make money from home.

Based on my experience, Textbroker would be a great fit for new writers who want to develop their writing career in the long run and earn extra cash at the same time. Especially, the more you write, the better knowledge and experience you will master.

For this, you will have more opportunities to make more income by working directly with clients through ” direct order” on Textbroker.


Bonus tips

If you are considered a good writer in your field, then you will have more opportunities to find different ways to make money with your writing. The priority is to understand your audience’s interests and trending topics so you can tailor your content to satisfy their needs.

Here are other ways to make money writing from home:


Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the great side hustles where you can leverage your writing skills to earn regular recurring income. This could be done by starting your own blog or sharing content across social media platforms to build a large audience.

When the audience finds your content valuable, they will purchase products or services using your affiliate links on blog posts or on social media posts.

Keep in mind that don’t always focus on generating revenue. Instead, you need to understand your audience’s needs and be a resource to give valuable information that helps them improve their knowledge and skills.

Indeed, the affiliate products and services you provide must related to your niche. For example, if you are a travel blogger, then choose air tickets, hotels, and car rentals to sell to clients and add value to them by giving discount codes.



Publishing an ebook is another great way to make money writing, especially since your ebook is your asset and intellectual property, where you can make a regular income over time if readers believe it would add value to their knowledge.

One of the biggest challenges of writing an ebook is that it takes a lot of hard work and courage to write from A to Z. It may take several months to fully complete and publish your ebook.

For this reason, launching your digital marketing campaign is one of the effective factors to advertise your book to others. In particular, paid advertising, content marketing, social media marketing, YouTube, TikTok, and email marketing are some of the ways to distribute your book.

Indeed, your ebook must contain quality information and provide value for readers.


Final thoughts on how to make money writing

We listed several freelance writing sites you would consider applying to and start writing content right away. It not only helps you to master your skill in writing but also allows you to build a great freelance portfolio.

Thus, you would be open to more opportunities for full-time, part-time, or even flexible freelance jobs.

Based on my experience, blogging is by far the most direct way to get paid to write articles or content and open to other side hustle income streams such as affiliate marketing, content monetization, and offering writing services to others.

If you know other platforms that offer writing services, then share with others by commenting below!


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