Best Platforms for Finding Online Proofreading Jobs

The 8 Best Platforms for Finding Online Proofreading Jobs

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Whether you are searching for freelance work or full-time work-from-home jobs, use one of the job sites we are going to list below that offer many opportunities to land your first project as a proofreader. 

As a beginner, the main obstacle to finding online proofreading jobs is the job description doesn’t require more than two years of work experience, and the salary must meet your expectations.

The direct approach to this solution is to search for different job sites, including freelance and professional platforms. For this, proofreaders can apply for the right position based on their skills and experience and the pay is somewhere attractive.

Let’s find out the top 6+ job sites that offer online proofreading jobs:



Fiverr is an ideal freelance marketplace that offers thousands of online jobs from different industry categories. In particular, if you are searching for freelance proofreading jobs, either for beginners or experienced freelancers, this is the place you should go first.

The good thing about Fiverr is that most of the freelance gigs are short-term projects, where you normally offer $5 for completing each project. This allows freelance proofreaders to learn how to interact and communicate with clients as well as build their work portfolios.

In addition, offering proofreading and editing services on Fiverr is a way to build another side hustle besides your full-time job. You can set your own work schedule and accept the project offer whenever you are free.

Keep in mind that focusing on quality over quantity, which means delivering a perfect service on your first job is the most important as it will later help to get more clients and allow you to earn money online.

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FlexJobs is a professional job site that allows you to find online proofreading jobs for part-time and full-time roles. In particular, the site specializes in helping users find remote work and flexible work from home from different job categories.

Unlike other freelancing websites that have many scams and fake job posts. FlexJobs is different as it will take the hassle out by carefully checking on every job post and ensuring job seekers can find the legitimate jobs they are searching for.

In addition, you can take advantage of FlexJobs’ career resources by accessing webinars, career coaching, and blogging tips to help you confidently ace the interview and land your dream job.

The job board site offers a subscription fee model, which means members need to pay a monthly membership fee, but it’s worth considering the expert team of FlexJobs scans every job post so you have peace of mind to concentrate on searching and finding the legitimate remote job.

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If you are looking for jobs online as a proofreader, ZipRecruiter is the perfect place that offers different types of proofreading roles so your main priority is to search and apply for the remote job that matches your skills and experience.

After creating a profile and uploading your resume, you can search for the role that best fits your expectations and skills.

Alternatively, ZipRecruiter uses artificial intelligence to match your profile and background and send relevant job opportunities to your email.



Upwork is one of the top freelancing platforms that allows you to search for proofreading jobs online. Whether you are searching for project-based, contract, or long-term work, Upwork is an excellent place to find and get steady work hours.

The most important aspect when finding freelance work on Upwork is to carefully read the job descriptions and only send your proposal if the role matches your skills and requirements.

In addition, your cover letter must precisely explain why you are a good fit for the role and how you use your skills to address each requirement of the job.

Don’t go over the places to apply for whatever jobs you see, it will waste your time and money.

With the free membership, you will receive only 10 connects each month, and if you want to apply for the next job on Upwork, you need to purchase more connects to bid for the project.

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If you are searching for remote work opportunities as an editor & proofreader, then Scribendi is the right place to apply for freelance work. In particular, Scribendi is a leading online professional platform providing proofreading and editing services.

Here are several editing and proofreading services the platform offers:

  • Academic proofreading and editing
  • Dissertation editing
  • Essay proofreading & editing
  • Book proofreading
  • Book editing
  • Business report proofreading
  • Website and blog copy editing and proofreading
  • Resume editing

Individuals, students, and businesses seek to improve the quality of papers, blog posts, website copies, and academic essays, I believe Scribendi deserves to be the top spot for proofreading and editing your work.

To work as a professional freelance editor ( work remotely) at the firm, you need to first meet all the job requirements and must have experience as a professional editor.

This is one of the core competencies Scribendi offers a service satisfaction guarantee to clients.

Once you get admitted to the platform, you have the flexibility to select preferred remote editing projects and earn consistent income via PayPal.



Scribbr is a leading academic service website that focuses on helping students and researchers with their research papers, thesis, dissertations, and plagiarism before they can submit their work.

In particular, proofreading and editing services are the core product competency of Scribbr, where they hire experienced proofreaders to scan multiple times and fix all common errors to improve the quality of research papers.

If you are looking for freelance proofreading or contract roles, then keep an eye on the job section on Scribbr. You may find the relevant position based on your skillsets and location.



Gramlee is another professional proofreading and editing platform that promises to provide 24-hour turnaround service to clients.

In particular, you can copy and paste your content, article, or research paper on the platform, and the expert team of Gramlee will check your work by proofreading and editing to polish and improve your content quality.

It will return the paper to your email within 24 hours. And, this is the most competitive advantage customers love about Gramlee.

I highly suggest applying for a proofreading role if you love this professional editing and proofreading platform for its unique business model.



LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that not only allows you to network and connect with key people and employers, but it also has a variety of online proofreading jobs you should consider.

The priority is to add as much information as possible to your LinkedIn profile, including your technical skills, work experience, and education, and write a short about yourself.

After you are done with your profile, the next step is to search and apply for relevant proofreading jobs that you believe you would perform the job better and exceed employers’ expectations.


Final thoughts on online proofreading job platforms

If you have the necessary skills and experience, you should consider applying for a proofreading job, either freelance work, a side hustle, or a full-time role.

Take time to search for online jobs on different job websites, from there, you will be able to find the right position that fit your experience, skills, and especially, your salary expectation.

For a beginner, it’s important to deliver a high-quality service on freelancing sites like Fiverr or Upwork, it will allow you to build your reputation and create a great work portfolio for more opportunities in the future.

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