Types of Online Digital MarketingTypes of Online Digital Marketing

6 Popular Types of Digital Marketing You Should Embrace to Generate More Leads


Whether you want to build an online presence for your business or promote other companies products and services to your followers. Digital marketing is considered the most important strategic initial to build brand awareness and bring many benefits.

According to WordStream, the global digital marketing & advertising industry is predicted to reach $786.2 billion in 2026.

So What does this data show?

For this, it creates many opportunities for marketers, bloggers, influencers, and businesses of all sizes to embrace different marketing strategies to generate more leads.

In particular, you could implement different types of online digital marketing strategies, including social media marketing, content marketing, and search engine optimization to create appealing content and establish a long-term relationship with the audience. 


Key Takeaways

  • The global digital marketing and advertising industry is predicted to reach $786.2 billion in 2026, which means there are opportunities for businesses and marketers to implement different types of online digital marketing, including content marketing and social media marketing to generate more leads.
  • Before creating any content or email campaign, the priority is to understand your targeted audience ( what are their needs and interests), so you can tailor the right marketing strategy to satisfy their requirements.
  • Keeping updated with digital marketing trends is crucial for your business’s success. For this, learn new marketing tips and strategies to help your business improve brand awareness and generate more leads.


Content marketing

Content marketing is still relevant and applicable in the new area of modern digital marketing trends because it is a long-term marketing strategy that plays a significant impact on your business’s success in terms of generating regular traffic and increasing conversion rates.

The term ” content is king” is originally from an essay that Microsoft founder Bill Gates wrote in 1996, which indicates the importance of content marketing for every business to generate more sales revenue.

However, this digital marketing is a long-term game, where it requires business owners or bloggers to consistently provide high-quality content to fulfill their target audience’s needs and interests.

Your content must be delivered valuable information to your audience and they can use the information to solve their own issues or problems. For this, they will be more likely to trust your business and find ways to support your business.

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Social media marketing

When it comes to building brand awareness, social media marketing is one of the powerful tools to stay engaged with your targeted audience and build a relationship with them.

In particular, you should regularly share short and long-form content on different social channels to provide credible information about their needs and interests. For this, they may share your business content with others and may follow your business as loyal fans.

Don’t forget to connect with them by responding to their comments, listening to their suggestions as well as providing valuable content.

There are many popular social media platforms you could consider promoting your business, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, etc. I suggest you choose the right platform to stay active on because each social site works differently from others.

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Email marketing

When you grow the list of subscribers, it’s your business asset, and you can take this opportunity to create email campaigns and send them to your followers.

There are many purposes for sending email campaigns such as building a brand reputation, promoting your business products or services, and updating any news about your business.

If you want to learn more about marketing tips, then email marketing is one type of digital marketing that bring many benefits to your business. For example, it is considered the best way to generate direct traffic to your site rather than just replying to the search engine.

Before sending any email marketing campaign, it’s important that you should segment your email list based on customers’ demographic and interests. For this, you can tailor your email campaign and send the relevant message to your targeted audience.

And, Mailchimp is the ideal business solution for blogs and websites to launch an effective campaign to generate more leads. With premium features like autoresponders, email segmentation, email templates as well as drag and drop functions.

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Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another type of performance-based digital marketing that allows startup and business blogs to partner with affiliates and let them promote products and services on their websites or social media platforms.

This is an effective marketing strategy to increase sale revenue if you partner with credible affiliate marketers. For example, they can promote your products on their Youtube channel or TikTok to earn a commission if some purchase their links.

It’s important to note that only promoting the products and services that you believe are relevant to your targeted customers, thus, can generate more leads.

If you run a startup or business that offers products and services, then you can join the FlexOffers network for advertisers, If you run a startup or business that offers products and services.

Alternatively, bloggers and website owners can earn affiliate commissions with your content.

Join FlexOffers for publishers here.


Social influencer marketing

Social influencer marketing is another form of digital marketing that allows your business to build brand awareness and reach a new targeted audience.

When your business works with influencers, who have at least a few thousand followers on social media, they can help your business to generate more sales by promoting products and services to their fans.

Before choosing any social influencer, do research to find out if any of them meet your business requirements such as the same targeted audience, demographic, number of followers, etc.


SEO marketing ( Search Engine Optimization)

Whether you have a blog or website that wants to generate more traffic to your site. It’s all come down to search engine optimization (SEO) as it helps your site rank higher on search engines.

In particular, choosing profitable keywords with low competition rates is one of the key factors to help your site rank high on Google.

And the keyword research tool you should use is KWFinder, it allows you to find short and long-term keywords with monthly search volume, plus keywords difficulties.

Besides keyword research, there are other factors that impact your site’s SEO performance, including content quality, quality images, description, meta tag, and structure of your site, to name a few.

SEO marketing is an excellent way to promote your site’s online presence and can help to build the business’s reputation over time. However, it takes a lot of hard work and time before your site can rank on Google search.


Final Thoughts on online digital marketing trends

Implementing the different types of digital marketing mentioned above will bring many benefits to your business in terms of reaching new audiences and increasing your site’s visibility on the Internet.

Don’t forget to share your content across social media platforms as it is considered another effective way to generate more traffic to your site and build your brand awareness, besides SEO marketing.

Depending on your business budget, you can choose the right marketing plan to reach new audiences.


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