5 Most Powerful Ways to Increase Blog Traffic by 100%5 Most Powerful Ways to Increase Blog Traffic by 100%

5 Most Powerful Ways to Increase Blog Traffic by 100%

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How to increase blog traffic for free?

Many new site owners and bloggers struggle to increase their blogs’ traffic even after they have published several blog posts. One of the main problems is that they don’t take advantage of social media optimization and email marketing to boost brand awareness.

There are so many marketing techniques and practical SEO methods to not only increase your business’s online visibility but also help to bring more organic traffic, thus increasing sales and revenue.

Indeed, social media marketing plays a pivotal role in defining your brand and bringing tons of traffic to your WordPress blog once you fully understand how to apply the strategy that works for each social media site.

For example, Quora is the most powerful question-and-answer site, which can bring thousands of traffic to your blog if you know the right way to share your content. There is no secret behind it, as long as you get familiar with Quora policy guidelines, write highly rated answers to contribute to the community.

content marketing distribution tips

In this post, we will further explore other explosive traffic methods besides Facebook, Quora, and Twitter, which you should also implement as part of your off-page SEO strategy to drive traffic without begging for backlinks. 

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1. Pinterest

Pinterest traffic

If you want to drive more traffic to your website, take advantage of Pinterest traffic because it is one of the highest authority social media platforms ( besides Facebook, Medium.com, Twitter, and Quora) that ranks super high on Google and has millions of visitors each month.

However, the challenge is you need to use the right technique and proven method to share your content on Pinterest and increase blog traffic for free. For this, you can’t simply share your URLs on the platform and expect to get more traffic.

Based on my experience, I made the mistake of just sharing the post without adding much description and information. For this reason, I have learned the proven method and want to share with you the correct way to increase blog traffic with Pinterest.

The following is a step-by-step guide to creating a pin and sharing it on Pinterest so that your business can benefit by driving more sales and revenue.

how to create a pin on Pinterest

  1. The first and foremost important step is to design a Pinterest pin image with Canva because you can create a professional image that meets the standard of the platform and can increase the curiosity of your audience to click on the pin.
  2. Add a title with targeted keywords.
  3. Fill in the description with popular keywords and make it easy for people to find your content. Don’t forget to include a #tag (hashtag) on each pin to boost search optimization.

By implementing the above practical methods, your WordPress site will add another traffic source besides organic search engines, which proves to be a worthy return on your time investment.

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2. Tumblr

Tumblr is another exceptional blogging platform that enables site owners and bloggers to share their content, quotes, and videos in order to drive traffic if the audience clicks on the link.

Basically, Tumblr allows members to create an account for free and run a microblog on the platform without any restrictions.

Keep in mind that you must not display too many links or affiliate links as the system may mark it as spam, and your account may get terminated.

Importantly, the platform is well known for videos, GIFs, and art, so if you think it’s the right platform to build your brand with Tumblr, then I recommend learning and getting familiar with the platform, including Tumblr’s privacy policy.

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3. Redistribute content on Youtube

As mentioned many times by other professional marketing agencies and professional bloggers, high-quality content is one of the important aspects of increasing your site’s organic traffic and ranking higher on search engines like Bing or Google.

Without quality posts, your SEO effort, including on-page SEO, social media optimization, and email marketing, will not be effective. For this reason, you must focus on delivering quality content for your audience, so it is the only way to rank higher on search engines and gain more backlinks.

After creating top content based on your dedicated research and experience, you should redistribute your blog content to video content on YouTube, which can be considered another popular traffic source for your business.

We all know that YouTube is the most powerful platform and has billions of traffic each month, so you can recycle your content into YouTube videos. It is another way to earn extra income and spread your brand across social media.

You need solid video editing software like Wondershare Filmora to create professional and sound-quality videos. It is considered the best video editing for YouTube and is a must-have tool for every YouTuber who wants to grow their channel or business.


4. Share content on Blogger 

Another great way to increase blog traffic for free is to share your content on the Blogger platform. It’s super simple to create an account with Blogger because you only need to enter your existing Google email account, it allows you to create a blog and start putting content.

Blogger is a simple and easy-to-use platform. You can post new content without needing technical skills like WordPress or other website builders. Also, you don’t need to pay a single fee to run the blog on Blogger because it is hosted by Google.

In this scenario, I am not asking you to write new content on the Blogger platform. The purpose is to repost the content from your business website or blog in exchange for backlinks and drive more organic traffic.

Don’t forget to place the link to your business website at the end of the post so the audience may refer to your main website for more information relevant to their interest.


5. Email marketing

email marketing strategy

Email marketing is another powerful way to boost organic traffic to your blog if you believe your content can add more value for your audience. For example, readers will appreciate your email marketing effort by sending them updates on the new trends related to their industry.

I am talking about a win-win situation, not the other way around win-lose or lose-win. For this, you can create an email marketing campaign to send promotional codes to your audience, which they may consider purchasing cheaper than the outside market price.

Here are the email marketing tools that you can use:

  • Mailchimp (offers a free membership plan for an online business to grow their email list and can send a maximum of 2500 emails each month).
  • GetResponse ( allow members to create an automated responder email and increase customer satisfaction by engaging with them).

If you are serious about implementing an email marketing campaign as part of your SEO effort to bring more visitors to your site, then the priority is to learn how to create the email sign-up form and pop-up form.

For this, your business can scale up the number of email lists, and you can take advantage of keeping updated with them via email if there are any things new related to promotion, new content, and industry updates.

One of the biggest mistakes with email marketing is many bloggers, and business owners tend to bombard their audience with too many spam emails and annoying messages, which can damage their business reputation and their site’s loss of traffic from this strategy.

Thus, only send it to them if you believe it can be a win-win situation.


Conclusion: How to drive traffic to your blog for free

Starting a blog may seem much easier than driving traffic to your blog, especially if you are new to the industry. You learn everything from zero, including search engine optimizations, social media marketing, and email marketing.

It’s an ongoing game plan because you must keep learning and competing with other competitors within the industry in order to stay on top of the game.

From this pinpoint, discipline and hard work are the two main aspects to help you build your business’s online visibility across social media channels and increase brand awareness. In particular, you need to work on quality content and implementing the SEO technique to increase organic traffic over time.

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