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Mailgun Review 2023: Is This a Reliable Email Marketing Tool?

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Mailgun is an email marketing tool that allows site owners and bloggers to create and send effective marketing email campaigns to their targeted audience. The platform provides some top-notch features, which you can use to grow email list assets for your business.

If you want to diversify your blog or website traffic sources besides Google search, email marketing is one of the effective digital marketing strategies that help to build brand awareness and establish a trusting relationship with your audience.

In this Mailgun review, we will discover some key features of this email marketing service provider and provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a marketing campaign & contact form.


What is Mailgun?

Mailgun is a robust email service provider that provides many benefits for businesses of all sizes and bloggers to send and receive emails as well as remove any fake email signups. Thus you can have peace of mind to grow your business by building a list of genuine email subscribers.

In addition, Users can explore other features of Mailgun such as tracking email performance. This helps your business to understand the open, click, and delivered rates. 

With over more than 10 years of experience in the email marketing industry, this email marketing tool has thousands of users from all over the world. Indeed, they have a network of global cloud-based data centers in the EU and the US, which allow members to send and track the performance of their marketing effectively.


How does Mailgun work?

According to Statista, the email marketing revenue worldwide is predicted to reach around $10.89 billion in 2023, where there is only a few marketing channels that can be compared with email marketing in terms of return on investment. 

Based on the statistic, it indicates this type of digital marketing has a lot of room to grow and can help businesses to reach their marketing objective if they know how to use the right email marketing strategy effectively.

There are many popular email marketing software you can choose to launch an effective email campaign in order to build brand awareness and increase sales revenue by offering value for the target audience.

And, Mailgun is one of the ideal solutions for you to scale up your business and send and track your message effectively. Here is how it works:

  • First, create a new account- go to the official website
  • Launch your email campaign by either using email API or SMTP.
  • Your email will send through to the Mailgun server which will authenticate your email.
  • If everything is fine, then it will send an email directly to your followers.

Before sending any marketing message, you need to segment your email list in order to tailor the right campaign that can address audience interests and increase the open rates.

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What are the key features of Mailgun?

The following are several top-notch features you should get familiar with, in order to maximize the benefit of this email provider to your business:

Mailgun features

  • Email SMTP: Mailgun is a cloud-based email provider, and users can use use the email SMTP to send the campaign to their target email subscribers without their own email servers.
  • Email API: this powerful API feature allows members to integrate with their applications by adding on the DNS record. After verifying it, you can start sending email campaigns quickly.
  • Email tracking performance: you can use this analytic feature to track the performance of the email that you sent, including opened, clicked, and delivered rates.
  • Email verification: site owners should use this tool to validate if there is any fake email, and
  • Available email templates: offers drag-and-drop features that make it easy to use and help site owners quickly create an email marketing campaign and send it to their followers.

mailgun chatbot

  • Virtual chatbot: email marketers can seek assistance from the Mailgun virtual chatbot that will answer almost all of the general inquiries, from creating email lists to launching email marketing campaigns, etc.

If you need more support, you can connect to the customer support team, and they will answer your questions as soon as available.

Site owners and bloggers can launch an effective email campaign to reach their marketing goal and grow their email list assets by sending up to 5000 emails with a free trial for the first month.

Start a free trial with Mailgun.


Guides to create a marketing campaign with Mailgun?

Before sending an email marketing campaign, it’s important to import or create an email list of your subscribers. For this, you can tailor your message and send it to your targeted customer based on email segmentation.

mailgun email list

  • On your email dashboard, select Mailing List and click Create mailing list ( refer to the screenshot above).
  • Input the information to create the email list.
  • Then, you can upload the file of your subscriber to the list.

The following are step-by-step guides to create an email marketing template that help you to send newsletter or content to your audience:

mailgun email marketing templates

  • On the dashboard, select the email template, and click create message template. Based on my experience, I prefer to use the drag-and-drop email template because it is easy to copy and paste images and text on the template. This helps you save time and send emails quickly.
  • After selecting the right template, in this case, I selected an alternate template, and fill in the essential information like name, description, subject detail, etc.

mailgun drag and drop template

  • The next step is to drag and drop quality images, infographics, and text on the template. Make sure you double-check if everything is correct, you then can start to launch a marketing campaign to the target customers

Start a free trial with Mailgun.


Is Mailgun safe?

Mailgun is a reliable email marketing service provider that offers many great features to help users send and receive emails effectively and safely. In particular, some of the great safety features include:

  • Email encryption
  • A dedicated IP address to protect your business reputation,
  • Email validation to remove any fake emails.


What are other alternatives to Mailgun?

If you want to run the experiment with other popular email marketing tools besides Mailgun. Here are the other email options to consider:

  • Intuit Mailchimp: is a great email marketing tool that offers many great features for businesses of all sizes to launch and send effective marketing campaigns. It has a free plan that would be an ideal starting point for bloggers and small sites.
  • GetResponse: is a premium email software that helps businesses and e-commerce sites to send and receive emails as well as track email performance. It also offers many top-notch features like email automation and marketing automation.


Final thoughts on the Mailgun review

Mailgun is a reliable email marketing platform that helps users to send and track their marketing campaigns effectively. The drag-and-drop email template, it makes so much easy to create and send the email message quickly and effectively.

Based on my experience, if you want to access more features like integrations with other popular tools and software, then GetResponse would be an ideal solution for your business.


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