Common Email Marketing Mistakes to avoidCommon Email Marketing Mistakes to avoid

The 6 Common Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid in 2023


The rapid growth in AI ( artificial intelligence) has had an influential impact on almost every industry, including digital marketing and content marketing.

In particular, Chat GPT helps marketers and site owners to generate more content ideas such as blog posts, and email marketing, which helps them to save time and resources for their businesses.

According to Statista 2023, the number of people using email as a way to communicate continues to rise globally, predicted to reach 4.6 billion users from 2017-2025. This means that email marketing is still considered a powerful marketing tool to help bloggers and business owners reach their large potential customers.

However, I have seen many email marketing mistakes that directly have a significant impact on businesses’ credibility and reputation. For this reason, the following are a number of email marketing mistakes you should avoid in order to build better relationships with the audience and increase the open rates.


Key Takeaways

  • It’s important to get familiar with different types of marketing emails so that you can tailor the message that best fits targeted customers’ interests and needs.
  • Don’t forget to segment your email list before sending the right content to their needs. Some of the email marketing tools that allow you to do email segmentation are Mailchimp, and GetResponse.
  • Avoid some common email mistakes to build better relationships with customers and increase the open rates.


What are the 4 types of marketing emails?

When you grow your business and build the number of email subscribers, your site traffic does not rely on search engines like Google Search due to the fact that you can drive traffic to your blog or website by sending informative email newsletters to stay engaged with customers and the audience.

In particular, sending the information email will not only help them to solve their problem and improve their general knowledge but also can develop the trustworthiness and reputation of your business. For this reason, customers and readers are more likely to stay with your business and even purchase products or services.

Before sending any marketing email campaign, it’s important to configure the right email marketing tool on your website. The next step is to create a sign-up form and over time, the system will automatically collect a number of your subscribers’ emails when they agree to sign up for newsletters.

Here are several types of emails that business owners and bloggers should get familiar with before they plan to build their email lists.

  • Transactional emails: when your customers or subscribers take action to confirm a transaction, including registration, confirmation, or purchase emails. It’s the most efficient way to stay engaged with customers and make them feel satisfied with your business.
  • Marketing emails: this type of email marketing usually sends the message to the entire list or segment part of the list based on customers’ interests and needs.
  • Promotional email campaigns: this type of email would be best fit for businesses or blogs, where they can send out to introduce new products, services, discount codes, and new product features. It’s a win-win solution as it helps the audience to save money and drive more sales.
  • Re-engagement marketing emails: you can use this email marketing campaign when customers or audiences have not engaged with your business for a few months. It’s important to take action to win them back by providing them with more information emails based on their interests.

When you plan for your next marketing email, don’t forget to select the right type of email to help your business reach the targeted audience and build a long-term relationship with them.

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Several email marketing tips to launch an effective email campaign

In order to build better relationships with customers and readers, there are several common email marketing mistakes you should avoid at all costs to get them to open your emails and drive more conversion rates.

Email Marketing Tips for Creating A Successful Campaign

Ignore email list segmentation

One of the key marketing tips to your business success is to personalize your email campaigns. It could be done by segmenting your email list and creating an email campaign to best fit their need and interests.

Thus, customers would be more likely highly to open your messages because you deliver informative messages to their needs and help them solve their problems.

If you want to deliver the right email marketing campaigns to your targeted audience, email personalization is essential to stay engaged and increase the chance they open your email message.


Send irrelevant emails

Another big email mistake many newbies and bloggers make over time is sending irrelevant emails, which directly leads to customers unsubscribing or even being marked as spam.

When an error by sending irrelevant content to their audience emails, it has a significant negative impact on the trustworthiness and brand perception of a business. 

In addition, customers and readers are less likely to open the messages because they believe emails aren’t irrelevant to their interests.

For this, the best way to minimize and protect your business brand is to segment your email list so that you can send the right message to the right group of people. Indeed, don’t forget to proofread before sending any email marketing campaign.

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Don’t spam

Sending spam emails not only wastes your time, and resources but also has many negative consequences for your business. Especially, customers will turn away from your business and unsubscribe to your email list if you keep sending spam messages to their email, just to drive more sales.

For this reason, I suggest newbie bloggers always follow the best email marketing practices. By understanding what customers and followers need and interest. Then, you can tailor your marketing campaign to deliver value to them.

Don’t always think of profit first. Instead, put yourself in the customer’s perspective, and think of how you can help them solve their problems.


Be a resource provider

Before sending any email marketing, the priority is to segment your email list and understand what your customer wants. The next step is to do further research to find some credible information and send them a highly engaging email based on synthesis from multiple quality sources.

It’s essential to keep customers engaged with your business, they may purchase products or services when they think your business is trustworthy.

On the other hand, many new bloggers tend to put their business profit first and they always send emails just to press customers for more sales. It has the opposite effect as customers may feel annoyed and even can subscribe from their email lists.

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Avoid sending too many emails

Sending too many emails can be considered a bad practice due to the fact that customers and followers are not likely to open the message, which leads to lower click and open rates.

Based on my experience, I have received too many emails from different businesses in a week, and it makes me feel annoyed and overwhelmed. I sometimes mark their emails as spam or even unsubscribe from their email lists.


Be honest and transparent

Last but certainly not least, implement the best email marketing practice such as ” tell the truth” to your audience, which means they will definitely gain more trust in your business and may purchase products and services they believe are genuine and based.

For example, tell honestly about your product and its features, which customers could get if they decided to purchase. Don’t make a mistake by hiding or telling a lie about your product because it has so many negative impacts such as business reputation.


Final thoughts on common email marketing mistakes

Unfortunately, many newbies tend to make some common email marketing mistakes that we mentioned, which have a significant impact on their blogs or businesses in terms of reputation, low open rate, lower trust with customers, and even lead to customers unsubscribing from their email lists.

If you want to stay in the game and compete with other competitors, the only way is to win the customers and followers back by focusing on delivering value to them. Indeed, avoid some common email mistakes to build the gain reputation.


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