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PopAds Review: Is This the Best Ad Network for Small Publishers?

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Content monetization is one of the ways you would consider implementing and having multiple sources of revenue for your business. Especially, if you are just starting your business, the priority is to publish new blog posts or articles regularly, to best suit your audience’s interests.

As you grow your blog in terms of regular organic traffic, and subscribers, then choosing the right ad network to display ads across your site is essential to earn money online and use it to fund your business development.

In this article, you will learn about PopAds, the exceptional pop-under ads that offer great features and is particularly suitable for small publishers and new bloggers.


What is PopAds?

PopAds review


PopAds is a pop-under ad network that provides a quick solution for newbie bloggers and small publishers, to monetize their content. For those, who don’t know pop-under ads, it is a type of ad that is behind the current browser window and appears in the new tab.

According to PopAds, the platform provides safe, efficient, and secure service to publishers when it comes to payment and high-quality traffic. In particular, they claim to be one of the best-paying popunder ad networks out there in the market.

In addition, new bloggers can apply and get quick approval from this ad network so they can monetize their content right away.


How does PopAds work?

PopAds is a great solution for those who want to monetize their blogs or websites due to the fact that it offers a quick and easy approval process for site owners to display ads on their sites. In particular, bloggers need to generate code and paste it on their websites for ads to appear and earn money when there are visitors.

As mentioned earlier, popunder ads are underneath the current browser window, and when you click on the new window, the ad will appear to capture the attention of the audience. For this, it is considered one of the best approaches to promote products and services as well as help publishers reach their target clients.

The followings are the process of applying and how to monetize content with PopAds:

  • On the PopAds website, click sign up by entering your email and password.
  • On the dashboard, click on the code generator and paste the code on websites or blogs. It could be done after your site gets approved.
  • You will earn ad revenue when visitors click on one of the ads on your site.

One of the biggest advantages of joining PopAds is that users have full control over the types of ads that you on your site. For example, besides popunder ads, you can select other advertisements, including popups, tabunder, and bloating banners, to name a few.

PopAds features

Keep in mind that there is no traffic requirement to join this ad network for bloggers, as long as your site is a good layout, plus have great content. There is a higher chance PopAds will welcome you to the network.

PopAds receive a few complaints on Trustpilot, and the firm needs to take a serious approach to address those issues in order to provide better service and product features for both publishers and advertisers.

Key features

Let’s dive deeper into several key features that we believe may benefit you

  • Real-time traffic report: you can access the traffic statistic report to understand where your site traffic comes from.
  • Quick Payment policy: unlike other ad networks that pay on Net 30 or Net60 basic. With PopAds, users can request payment anytime when their money reaches the minimum $5 payment threshold.
  • Offer multiple types of ads: besides popunder ads, users also have options to add other types of ads on their websites: banner, push notifications, popup, and tabup ads, to name a few.
  • Reliable customer support: the firm claims that it offers quick customer support via email or messenger chat, so if you have any issues or inquiries, contact the team to help you out.
  • Take control of the type or how many ads that are shown to visitors.

Keep in mind that PopAds have advertisers in more than 40 countries, including Australia, Western Europe, North America, etc, which means there are more earning opportunities for publishers.


How does PopAds pay?

PopAds offers a competitive CPM rate, which means it is one of the major players providing pop-under ads and helping publishers to increase their ad revenue. Indeed, the amount of money you earn from ad revenue depends on traffic locations and the type of ads.

Based on my experience, your blogs or websites’ earning are based on the cost per view (CPV) and cost per click (CPC), which means the platform will pay site owners based on the number of views and the number of clicks on the ad.

PopAds payment methods


In terms of payment methods, publishers have many options to select and withdraw the commission when their earnings reach the minimum payment threshold.

  • PayPal- minimum withdrawal amount is $5.
  • Swift bank transfer- minimum is $2000.

You can request to withdraw money via PayPal at any time so the platform will instantly pay to your account ( meet the minimum payment threshold)


Other alternatives

The followings are other alternatives that provide different types of ads, and some do not offer pop-under ads. It depends on how you want the types of ads that appear on your site:


Is PopAds legit?

The answer is yes, PopAds is a legitimate ad network that has been in the industry for more than 10 years. PopAds is a good option for small publishers and new bloggers to monetize their content and earn money online with their sites. It specializes in providing pop-under ads, which would be great for both publishers and advertisers who want to reach their targeted audience.

When your site has grown credibility and reputation in a niche industry, which means there is more stable traffic and a larger list number of subscribers. You will have opportunities to work with other premium ad networks, including Adsense.

Indeed, do your research to find out what you can benefit the most from another ad network ( types of ads, and rates).


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