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Best Blogging Tips for Beginners: What Makes a Successful Blogger?

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When it comes to building a brand for your business, blogging is one of the most effective methods in the market that helps promote new products and services and create better relationships with customers.

In order to become a successful blogger, there is no magic button to build a 6-7 figures business, instead, bloggers and entrepreneurs must build from the ground up and be consistent with their daily tasks.

By applying the content marketing strategy and other blogging tips, you will definitely notice some improvement in boosting your blogging business in terms of the number of viewers, followers, and revenue.

Let’s dive deeper into several blogging tips for beginners so that they can apply those tips and tricks on their entrepreneur journey.


What skills should a blogger have?

To make money online from your blog, the priority is to get familiar with blogging platforms like WordPress and understand the basic principle of finding the targeted keywords for search engine optimization. 

Indeed, I strongly suggest newbie bloggers should learn from other successful bloggers so that they can minimize the impact of blogging mistakes and build their authority within the industry.

According to Ahrefs, there are more than 600 million blogs out of 1.4 billion websites worldwide, which indicates almost every business has at least a blog and a platform to promote their brand awareness and product information.

However, not all bloggers are successful in their journey, especially new bloggers, because they tend to give up after a couple of months. For this, consistency is the key to every business journey. When you understand the skill needed to build a profitable blog, then there is the chance to build different revenue streams.

Research skills

One of the essential skills that pro bloggers need to build a successful business is research and analytical skills. As a part of a content marketing strategy, they need to conduct research based on qualitative and quantitative data so they can write blog posts with up-to-date information.

With this in mind, you will build a better relationship with targeted customers and readers because most of your posts are synthesized based on credible sources and statistics. Over time your business will grow in terms of the number of viewers and subscribers.

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Great writing skills

Perhaps this is the most important skill for all types of blogging niches due to the fact that you need to write well to deliver unique and quality content, which means it must provide value for customers and readers.

This is a learnable skill and you must practice writing almost every day to upgrade and polish your writing skills. In particular, regularly updating fresh content may yield a huge return on investment in terms of increasing your site visibility on Google.

In addition, pay more attention to grammatical mistakes because it creates a negative impact on users’ experience. Thus, the immediate action is to use grammar checker software to help detect some common grammar issues while you can learn along the way to be a better writer.

On-page and off-page SEO skills

Once you start a blogging journey for the first couple of months, the next step is to learn how to implement the on-page SEO on your site. In particular, you must have a foundation knowledge of how search engines work, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines.

For this, you can find the right keywords with low competition rates to optimize your site’s search performance on search engines. The following are several on-page SEO you should learn from now:

  • Write attractive topic headlines
  • choose profitable keyword
  • Fill out the meta description and meta tags
  • Structure your site and blog posts in a well-organized manner so that it allows search engines to crawl your pages and posts.

After getting the work done with on-page SEO, you may also learn the basic knowledge of off-page SEO, which means building relationships with other site owners within your niche.

I hope you understand what I am talking about, but it is a crucial factor to boost your site authority and rank higher on search engine when other reputable blogs links to your site for quality blog posts or infographics, etc.

Social media marketing

It doesn’t matter whether you have a lifestyle blog or a travel blog, without implementing social media marketing means your site doesn’t have enough traffic, and the chance to boost more sales is low.

Besides optimizing on search engines, don’t underestimate the power of social media marketing, which means you need to market your writing on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, and Pinterest by posting content on a regular basis.

With this in mind, you can either hire a freelancer on Fiverr to manage social media websites or learn techniques on how to build your brand awareness and grow your list of followers ( interesting media posts and keep engaging with customers).

Excellent at time management

Newbie bloggers must possess great time management skills in order to consistently create great content and help the audience improve their general knowledge. It could be done by setting a deadline and scheduling their work for the whole week.

For example, as the owner of Jns-millennial, I always schedule my daily work during the week, like setting a deadline to publish new content, reading, and getting myself space to relax, etc.

People with a lack of time management will lead to many issues, including lack of focus, and feeling overwhelmed ( causes of stress, depression, and anxiety). For this, the best way is to stay calm and relaxed while doing your work. 

If you are on a tight deadline, I suggest finding a trustworthy SEO content writer and hiring them on a regular basis to help you publish high-quality research articles or blog posts.

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What makes a successful blogger?

After identifying several strategic skills that are required for new bloggers to start a blog and can promote their business products and services to customers via content marketing and social media marketing strategies.

The followings are our top-picked factors that you should implement in your business to increase the chance of building a successful blog.

Note, For blog ideas for beginners, select the niche that is relevant to your expertise and skills so that you can write and publish highly rated blog posts and rank higher on search engines. 

Create unique and high-quality content

One of the crucial factors in improving SEO performance is content marketing. We all know that content is king and if you don’t update unique blog posts or articles on a weekly basis, then it’s a high chance that your site ranks lower on search engines.

Indeed, high-quality blog posts will attract more organic traffic and grow the list of subscribers, which means there are opportunities to increase sales revenue and increase the credibility of your business.

With that in mind, put yourself in the customer’s and readers’ shoes so you will have some ideas on how to create a better piece of content and help them solve their problems.

Network with other highly-rated bloggers

As mentioned earlier, one way to legitimately build a great quality of backlinks is to network with other pro bloggers within the industry. I suggest joining blogging communities or forums on sites like Facebook, Reddit, and Quora, where you can learn and interact with them on some interesting topics.

In particular, contribute to the blogging for beginners communities by sharing your experience, and ideas as well as commenting on people’s posts, it encourages other top bloggers to get engaged and build a trustworthy relationship with them.

Alternatively, reach out to other top bloggers and offer them a guest post, so it is a win-win situation, which means you would receive backlinks from those high authority sites.

Be consistent

One of the biggest blogging mistakes is not regularly publishing new content on a weekly basis. Newbie bloggers tend to give up on their journey when things don’t work out according to their plan after a couple of months. 

And this is the reason for differentiating between successful bloggers and others, pro bloggers always write high-quality blog posts, at least one or two pieces of content a week. They even hire a freelancer and content writers to help with new content and manage across their business social media platforms.

Another benefit of consistently writing great content is to improve SEO for your site, which means Google and other search engines love sites that regularly publish freshly new blog posts. In this case, your site may improve search engine performance based on quality backlinks, quality content, and the number of viewers.

Engage with readers

Last but certainly not least is to stay engaged with audiences by relying on their comments, it will help your business to increase traffic and build the number of loyal readers to your site.

In particular, aim for two ways conversation, which means the answer to their general inquiries or question related to a blog post or topic, and ask them if they would suggest any ideas for your next content.

Final thoughts on blogging tips for beginner bloggers

In this article, we discussed several blogging tips that will help newbie bloggers start the journey of building a successful blog and be able to make money online. One of the factors to growing your business is regularly publishing great content, aim for at least one blog post per week, more is better.

Importantly, try to avoid common blogging mistakes, such as lack of focus and consistency. By networking and following the successful path of top site owners, you will notice a huge improvement after a certain of time.


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FAQ Section

What seven tips would you give to a beginner blogger?

To make money from a blog, beginner bloggers must possess several strategic skills, including, writing, social media marketing, SEO, WordPress, time management analytical, and research skills

How to get 1000 views on the blog?

There are many factors that help bring more traffic to your blog such as selecting the right keywords, improving on-page SEO, and sharing your post on social media, etc.

Is blogging really profitable?

Yes, blogging is still relevant and profitable if you know how to establish a great relationship with readers by giving them what they want. You can implement several popular ways to make money with your blog.

Can you make $1000 a month blogging?

To make $1000 a month from a blog, it will take time and effort to see the tangible result, which means building your blog's loyal readership, then thinking of ways to make money with your blog, like monetization, affiliate marketing, sponsorship, ebooks, etc.


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