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How to Monetize a Blog With BidVertiser?

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When it comes to make money blogging, there are many ways bloggers and online business owners consider diversifying their income sources, including monetizing content with the highest paying ad networks like AdMaven and Adsense, and selling their products and services, to name a few.

In case, your site does not qualify to monetize content with some of the best ad networks, then you may seek alternative options by working with other advertising platforms. And one of them you may consider is BidVertiser.

In this post, you will learn everything about the BidVertiser advertising network in terms of key features and several tips to make money with the platform.

Let’s dive deeper into this ad network for your consideration.


Key Takeaways

  • BidVertiser is a PPC and CPA advertising network that connects publishers and advertisers on the platform. It’s considered an Adsense alternative to monetize a blog.
  • The platform is an ideal solution for new blogs and websites to monetize their traffic. By using different ad formats, it helps to generate ad revenue from your site. 
  • Ensure your site meets all the requirements before submitting the application, including average daily traffic, content, etc.
  • There are several proven methods that help you to maximize revenue earning with this PPC, and CPM ad network.


What is BidVertiser?

Is BidVertiser legit


BidVertiser is a PPC ad network that provides different advertising solutions for both publishers and advertisers to monetize their traffic and launch effective campaigns to boost sales. In particular, the platform has a cross range of ad types, including pop-under, push notifications, native ads, etc…

Since its establishment, the platform has worked with more than 78,000 publishers and advertisers across the world, in around 196 countries. In addition, it serves more than 400 million ads daily on the platform.

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A step-by-step guide to applying for the BidVertiser advertising network

In order to make money from your blog, the priority is to apply for the BidVertiser network after satisfying its requirements. The process of signing up with this advertising platform is simple and straightforward forward as it shouldn’t take you too long:

The following are step-by-step tutorials to submit your application and get an instant approval for this digital advertising network:

apply for BidVertiser

  • The first step is to navigate to the website and click the sign-up button.
  • Enter your email address, and name, and copy the activation code from your email to activate the account.
  • The next step is to enter your blog or website and select the relevant content/niche.
  • Verify your website ownership by copying and pasting the code on your site.

After you click submit the application, it will take a few days for the team to review your site and they will let you know whether your site is approved to monetize.


What are BidVertiser ads to consider?

As mentioned before, it is a pay-per-click ad network where bloggers and site owners can use different forms of ads to make money online with their blogs like text links, images, video ads, etc…

With this in mind, you can earn money right away after displaying ads on your website. Here are several types of ads to consider:

  • Display banner“: compatible with both desktop and mobile ads, especially, you need to choose the proper ad size that can fit well on your content. For example, I prefer a 300×250 ad size.
  • Pop-under“: it is the new ad format that will appear after you close the current window.
  • Push notification“: it will send directly to the user’s desktop or mobile with a caption message to attract their attention.
  • Native advertising“: this ad format would be best to display on your site because it will match the content or niche of your website, which means it receives better engagement with readers and customers.

There are many ad formats to monetize on your blog, but I suggest choosing the right ad size ( 300×250), and it must be relevant to your niche and content. For this, it will keep your site engaging with customers and boost revenue.


Several proven tips to monetize a blog with BidVertiser?

After getting the account approval, you simply display ads on your blog and can start earning money. Furthermore, if you want to increase ad revenue with this ad network, here are several proven techniques you should implement on your site.

  • The first and foremost important is to create unique and high-quality content on a weekly basis, where it delivers value for customers and readers. It’s important to drive more traffic to your platform, which means more revenue.
  • Use keyword research tools to find profitable keywords ( short and long-tail keywords) so that users may find your site on search engines.
  • Use different ad formats on your site to maximize the return on investment, including banners and text links, etc. Importantly, keep the balance between content and the number of ads so that it can create a friendly user experience.
  • Social media marketing is one of the essential strategies to monetize your content besides the Google search engine. In particular, share your article or blog post on different social platforms like Quora, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to maximize benefits and boost your site’s online visibility.

Those are several best ways to make money with this PPC ad network, I believe there are other methods, and if you can implement one of them on your site, then there is a higher possibility to earn high ad revenue.


What is the minimum withdrawal from BidVertiser?

The platform offers several payment methods publishers can withdraw money back to their bank account as soon as their earnings reach the minimum payment threshold is $10 for PayPal, $100 for Bitcoin, and $500 for bank transfer.


Is BidVertiser legit?

The answer is yes, BidVertiser is a legit PPC ad network that has provided the service for more than 78,000 publishers and advertisers since its establishment. With different types of ad formats like native advertising, banners, and texts, you can use some of those ads (which must be relevant to your content) to generate ad revenue from your blog.

In addition, this advertising network is a good solution for new blogs or businesses to monetize their content, even with low-traffic sites. 


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