Ways to Earn Free Amazon Gift CardsWays to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

Top 10 Best Ways to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

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Updated: 10/12/2022


Do you want to find ways to receive free Amazon gift cards?  then you are at the right spot to learn different tactics, which allow you to claim your free Amazon gift cards.

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world when it comes to shopping for various popular products such as electronic products, books, Prime delivery, and much more. The company even becomes more popular by delivering products right in front of your door within a day.

In this post today, the list of 10 best ways to receive free Amazon gift cards, which shows you how to earn a bonus by just signing up for the first time.


1. Swagbucks

2. InboxDollars

3. Survey Junkie

4. MyPoints

5. Toluna

6. LifePoints

7. Opinion Outpost

8. Topcashback

9. Microsoft Rewards

10. Amazon Trade-In


1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the highest-paying survey sites, which allows you to earn point rewards by taking online surveys and playing online games in your free time.

Swagbucks have several online activities to participate in, which include you take online surveys for cash rewards, browsing on Swagbuck web to earn points, and receiving free gift cards ( a free Doordash gift card).

Users can start taking surveys after completing the sign-up. Get your 5$ worth of a free Amazon gift card.

Interestingly, Swagbucks surveys will give members the entitle to redeem their points for the following free gift cards: Amazon gift cards, steam cards, and much more.

In case, you don’t prefer to redeem your points for free Amazon gift cards, Swagbucks has the option to cash out your money via a PayPal account.

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2. InboxDollars

Similar to other survey sites such as Mypoints, and Swagbucks, users will earn points as a reward by participating in different online activities, including taking paid surveys.

InboxDollars has a cross-range of tasks to ensure users can maximize their earnings and won’t get bored when playing those fun games. For example, one of the things that make InboxDollars stand out is that users will get paid to read email, in this case, they just open the email that is sent by InboxDollars, and then they will earn points as rewards.

Indeed, it is one of the fun ways to earn money online and receive free gift cards. The platform will allow you to redeem your free either Amazon gift cards, or an Amazon e-gift card once you have enough points.

InboxDollars also has a welcome bonus program, which offers users free Amazon gift cards when they sign up with them.

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3. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the most reputable and legitimate sites for earning extra cash. Based on my experience, the best time to take online surveys with Survey Junkie is on the weekend or having your free time for doing nothing, then consider earning money while having fun taking online surveys.

Some of the activities include you will get paid to read emails, answer questions, and play games. You can redeem your points as a reward by cashing out to your PayPal account, and of course, receiving free Amazon gift card codes.

Overall, Survey Junkkie is one of the great surveys for money online because they have a cross range of online tasks for users to maximize their earnings.


4. MyPoints

Mypoints is one of the very first cashback reward websites (surveys for money online) that was established back in 1996. The platform has different great ways to collect points based on taking surveys for money online, shopping online, watching videos, and buying groceries, just to name a few.

Making purchases using the MyPoint platform is one of the things I love about MyPoints as users can shop for their favorite brands and products while earning extra points with MyPoints.

MyPoints also offer a welcome bonus for new user. You will receive $5 worth of free Amazon gift cards after you complete 5 surveys with them.

Users can redeem their rewards through different methods: free Amazon gift cards, cash back via PayPal, free gift cards, and coupon codes to shop at the most popular stores.

Mypoints states users can earn up to $50 per survey. Based on this fact, you can earn around 300 to 500 points per survey with Mypoints which equals $1 to $5. 

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5. Toluna

Toluna has several ways to earn money, including playing games on its website, online surveys, and taking polls on its website. Those are considered as different legitimate ways to earn extra cash. However, online surveys seem to provide better pay than others based on my experience ( online earning).

With the redemption program, users can redeem their points for the following options:

  • Cash rewards via a PayPal account
  • Free gift cards, including an Amazon gift card, and a Steam card.
  • And Voucher.

With Toluna, the process of signing up is quite easy and straightforward, you just need to fill down your full name and PayPal payment detail. After completing all these steps, then you are ready to take surveys online for money.

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6. LifePoints

LifePoints is one of the most reputable survey websites worldwide due to the fact that it enables people to take paid online surveys from different parts of the world ( available in more than 40 countries). It’s a market research company, which pays users for sharing their opinions on a cross range of products and services.

Interestingly, the company offers 10 points as a reward for a new user, who successfully signs up with them.

Importantly, users must be 16 or older to sign up with LifePoints, and the process of creating a new account with MyPoints is very straightforward, you will need your email address, PayPal account, and other personal information to get ready for taking online surveys.

PayPal account must be set up ready to withdraw the cashback to your account. Other than that they offer rewards for free gift cards such as a free Amazon gift card, steam gift card, and other gift cards that they have affiliated with.

Sign up with LifePoints here


7. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost provides different online tasks for members to earn rewards. In particular, members will need to complete every online survey and online game in exchange for points as a reward.

The platform has several redeeming options, which are available for members to redeem their rewards such as free Amazon gift card codes, receive payment to a PayPal account, and coupon codes.

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8. Topcashback

Topcashback mainly operates by giving cashback to members, where the platform helps them to save up to hundred dollars per year spending for vacations, shopping, and other forms of activities.

In other words, the platform allows members to join for free and use the Topcashback app to find cashback deals, and coupon codes. It’s the best alternative to earning money surveys as you can just get on with your shopping while saving money along the way.

Topcashback review- free amazon gift cards


The interesting thing about Topcashback is that members will have entitled to redeem their discount by using the Topcashback app to shop with Amazon. You will receive up to an 8% discount on your purchase when you buy products and services from Amazon.

In particular, you will receive a $15 free Amazon gift card after completing purchasing Amazon price service for $119. It’s an ideal solution for those who constantly shop with Amazon as it can save you a heap of money for your saving.

Members are able to redeem their cashback for A free amazon gift card and other discounts from other retailers.


9. Microsoft Rewards

Another great option for not to buy an Amazon gift card is through the Microsoft Rewards program. In particular, users can redeem Amazon gift card codes by just answering questions and doing other activities.

How do you redeem your points earned with Microsoft Rewards?

It’s an easy and straightforward process as you need to sign in to your Microsoft account, and from the dashboard, you have the option to redeem free gift cards.

The online activities designed for members to play are quite interesting due to the fact that they won’t make them bored while playing the game they like. For example, you can earn points by searching on the Bing search engine. Remember, the higher level you have on the Microsoft account, the better you will earn points.

The following is the list of online games that allow you to redeem a free amazon gift card.

  • Use the Bing search engine to browse the web and earn points.
  • Earn points for shopping online
  • Earn points by playing games.

10. Amazon Trade-In

Last but not least, with Amazon Trade-In programs, you can use your unwanted items such as households or applicants to trade in, which allows you to earn free Amazon cards. In particular, users can use gift cards to exchange for the steam card, kindle gift cards, and audible gift cards, just to name a few.

What you need to do is just use any unwanted items such as books, tablets, smartphones, and video games, to trade in with the Amazon Trade-In program and the company will cover the cost of the delivery fee.


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Top 10 Best Ways to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

The list of 10 best ways to receive free Amazon gift cards, which shows you how to earn a bonus by just signing up for the first time. 1. Swagbucks 2. InboxDollars 3. Survey Junkie 4. MyPoints 5. Toluna 6. LifePoints 7. Opinion Outpost 8. Topcashback 9. Microsoft Rewards 10. Amazon Trade-In

What are the best ways to score a free Steam card on Amazon?

There are two main ways to earn a free Amazon e-gift car- Steam card. First, you would go through the survey sites to earn money online. And second, you would purchase products through Cashback apps.

What are best surveys sites for earning free Amazon gift card?

Here is the list of online earning sites to score free Amazon gift card. 1. Swagbucks 2. InboxDollars 3. Survey Junkie 4. MyPoints 5. Toluna 6. LifePoints

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