How To Be Successful On Fiverr As Freelance WritersHow To Be Successful On Fiverr As Freelance Writers

How To Be Successful On Fiverr As Freelance Writer

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Fiverr is an ideal freelancing marketplace for beginners to search for freelance writing jobs and other work-from-home jobs to make money as a side hustle.

Especially, students and stay-at-home parents can take advantage of the platform’s huge resources to slowly build their work portfolios and learn new skills and knowledge.

We have extensively discussed topics, such as side hustles and freelance work, especially with Fiverr and FlexJobs. You may benefit from those articles to increase the chance of building a successful online business.

In this post, we will continue to dive deeper into the research about how to be successful as Freelance writers on Fiverr, which we believe will help you to create a successful freelance writing career over the long run.


Key Takeaways

  • Fiverr is considered an ideal starting point for beginners to start their freelance writing career due to the fact that they will get more opportunities to land a project, mostly around $5.
  • The following are several writing gig ideas- the most demanded skills on Fiverr including copywriting, article writing, proofreading, editing, etc. As a beginner, you may choose one of those niches to start a freelancing career and learn new skills.
  • It’s essential for freelance writers to also join the Fiverr community so that you would be able to update with new freelancing trends and learn from other successful freelancers.
  • You might consider offering a higher service fee in accordance with your experiences and advanced technical skills in the field. This could be done by offering gig packages to clients and providing high-quality service and products to meet their needs.


Is Fiverr good for beginning Freelance writers?

The answer is yes, Fiverr is considered an ideal starting point for beginners to start their freelance writing career due to the fact that they will get more opportunities to get a regular work project, mostly around $5. Hence, this freelancing site is a great marketplace for beginners to learn a new skill and collect extensive work experience over time.

By learning how to interact and build great relationships with clients on Fiverr, you will develop entrepreneurship skills and get more experience in terms of running a business.

For example, if there is a complaint regarding your service and product satisfaction, then there is a chance for you to learn how to improve your problem-solving and customer relationship management skills.

Remember, working as a freelancer on Fiverr means you are actually running your own online business.

Over time, freelancers and students will have advanced skills associated with their freelance writing niche, which will pave the way to making more money in the future.

In this case, if you believe you are an expert in your field by having competent skills and advanced knowledge. You may consider using Toptal, a high-end freelancing site that provides high-quality freelance jobs with top companies.

Several Fiverr writing gig ideas to earn money:

The following are freelance gigs on Fiverr that you might consider taking and earning extra cash in your spare time. Especially, those freelance work on Fiverr would be the ideal online job for students to earn money at home, which is suitable for their studies and other commitments.

  • Offer writing a blog post as a freelance writer: it is one of the excellent ways to make money from writing as you can practice improving your creative writing skills every week and also can build a great work experience from time to time.
  • Proofreading and editing: to make money on Fiverr as a proofreader, you must have high attention to detail skills, which allow you to identify grammatical mistakes such as punctuation and sentence structures.
  • Copywriting: it is one of the most in-demand skills on Fiverr because freelance writers might have more earning opportunities if they have the advanced writing skills to “write a killer headline” and attract the attention of readers.
  • Create book covers: your main priority in this freelance work is to design and custom ebook covers based on the requirement of clients. In particular, use your creative writing skill to create exceptional ebook covers which look more attractive before it is officially published.

It’s recommended to use resources and tools like Visme, which allows you to use the template and design a great ebook cover for clients.

  • Virtual Assistant: students and stay-at-home parents want to learn new skills and gain freelance work experiences such as attention to detail, problem-solving, and the ability to work independently, it is one of the online jobs for students to earn money at home.

To increase the chance of success with Fiverr, the following are several proven tips to help you slowly build a great client base and be able to receive regular freelance writing jobs on the platform.

1. Install the Fiverr app

Fiverr app


The first and foremost important to find popular freelance jobs on Fiverr is to install the platform’s app due to the fact that you will have the ability to quickly communicate and connect with new clients about their inquiries and questions associated with new projects and your expertise.

In addition, the flexibility of using the Fiverr app from your mobile device would give you the upper hand in competing with other freelance writers because you can use the device anytime to search for popular remote jobs and be able to win more projects based on clients’ expectations.

Keep in mind that the app is a great communication channel between you and your clients, which ensures you can answer their questions in order to deliver exceptional work.


2. Participate in the Fiverr community

Besides joining the freelance community on Facebook such as content writers and freelancers, it’s essential for freelance writers to also join the Fiverr community so that they would be able to update with new freelancing trends and learn from other successful freelancers.

For example, other members may share with the community the most demanded skills on Fiverr such as web development, and WordPress web designing, just to name a few, which you can take advantage of to take one step ahead of others by learning those new skills and increase your earning opportunities.

Moreover, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your freelance jobs on Fiverr such as handling customer complaints and when to get paid, you may just post a question on the forum and other members will answer your inquiries based on their expertise and knowledge.


3. Practice improving your freelance writing skills

Perhaps, it is the most important point to mention in this article because practicing will not only advance your knowledge further and become competent in what you do, but it also helps you to build a sustainable business.

In particular, you will have the competitive advantage to capture more high-quality clients by getting a lot of positive ratings and feedback. It’s because you have the technical skills and advanced knowledge to meet the project’s requirements and be able to answer any inquiries from customers.

Start earning with Fiverr

As we live in a knowledge-based society, the more advanced information knowledge and technical skills you have equal the ability to earn more income in the future. Thus, it’s vital to keep updated with the trend and learn new skills as a freelance writer so that you can stand out in the market.


4. Reputation is everything

If you want to make money from home as a side hustle by using Fiverr freelance to search for online writing jobs, then pay attention to building your business reputation in the market.

It’s because having a good business reputation will be based on several factors such as customer satisfaction, delivering high-quality products and service as well as your technical skills.

In this case, if you constantly receive great customer ratings and reviews, over time, your business will become one of the lighthouses in the Fiverr freelance writing jobs market.

For this reason, high-quality clients will get to know your personal brand or business through the great reputation that you have built over the years. And, they will have more trust in your business than the less established freelance writers.

Importantly, one of the influential factors impacting your reputation is the delivery of service on time, which means you must ensure to hand over the completed work to clients on the due date.


5. Slowly Increase your Rate and Fee

As a beginner, you would most likely receive $5 earning for getting freelance jobs on Fiverr. It’s because you don’t have advanced skills and great work experience to offer a higher fee.

However, if you are serious to make money on this freelancing site, then your end goal must be building a great freelance work portfolio based on the number of projects and customer reviews. 

From this pinpoint, make sure to include the detail of the product description to let the clients understand what can you do to create value for their companies. Also, you might include the product description video as it makes it much easier to understand.

For a while, you might consider offering a higher service fee in accordance with your experiences and advanced technical skills in the field. Hence, it will help you to increase Fiverr sales and business revenue from time to time.


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Final thought of freelance writing jobs on Fiverr

Getting remote jobs would be hard at the beginning of your freelancing career, especially for high-quality clients. The alternative way is to search for freelance jobs on Fiverr because it is considered a starting point for those, who want to learn new skills and learn how to interact with clients.

You will most likely end up receiving the project bid of around $5, but I believe it would be useful for your future career in terms of getting work experience and advancing your technical skills.

When you become an expert within your freelance writing niche, you can increase your business revenue by receiving regular freelance writing jobs from clients.


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