List Of Freelance Writing Jobs To ConsiderList Of Freelance Writing Jobs To Consider

List Of Freelance Writing Jobs To Consider In 2023

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One of the real ways to make money from home as a side hustle for beginners and students is to find available freelance work relevant to their skills and passion so that they work on short-term contracts and gain extensive experience in their field.

By winning more short-term remote jobs, freelancers and individuals will have an opportunity to develop new skills and become an expert in their field, which would be beneficial to their future careers.

For this reason, freelancing websites like Fiverr and SolidGigs would be considered as a starting point to build a great work portfolio and learn how to interact with clients at different levels. The more freelance writing jobs you complete, the better experience you will be and the more clients you will get in the end.

In this article, you will learn the completed list of freelance writing jobs, which are the most demanded skills on Fiverr and other top freelancing sites. Consider selecting one of them to develop your niche and be able to create another side hustle for you and your family.


Key Takeaways

  • In this post, you will learn the several freelance writing jobs, which are the top demanding skills on Fiverr and other freelance platforms. Remember, it could be done only if you have highlighted your skill, passion, and determination to stick with the career in the long run.
  • How long does it take to become a freelance writer? it would depend on each individual and their learning ability, motivation, and determination to make it happen.
  • One of the critical factors determining your freelance writing success is your skill set because, without the right skill, you wouldn’t deliver satisfactory services and products for clients.
  • If you believe you are an expert in your field, then consider technical writing and SEO copywriting on top job sites. Thus, you have more opportunities to work with high-quality clients and earn more income.

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How to become a freelance writer and get paid?

Becoming a competent freelance writer would depend on the learning ability and commitment of individuals to prove to their clients the following key aspects:

  • The faster they have set up their profile and create a freelance gig on Flexjobs, which provides the essential information such as title, freelance niche, and skillsets. It’s important because clients only contact freelancers if they learn everything about their profile and skill sets.
  • As a junior freelance writer, your main priority is to build a relationship and gain work experience so that you can build a successful freelance work portfolio based on the number of positive reviews. Thus, it’s a good sign to capture more and more regular clients for your online businesses.
  • Alternatively, you should create a blog and regularly post up some content or guest post as well as share them on Quora and LinkedIn, which will attract the attention of potential clients.

Based on my experience, it normally takes around 1 year to become a competent freelance writer and make money out of it as a side hustle. However, it’s not always the case because it also depends on individual learning ability and commitment to fast track to achieving their end goal.


1. Content Writing

SEO content writing


One of the first lucrative freelance writing jobs is content writing. Your main duty is to write competent content to demonstrate the clients’ brand identity, product, or service description. In particular, you will write a post to explain how to use the new product and features.

In addition, other companies hire content writers to fill up their business websites or blogs. For this reason, writers must demonstrate to have competent skills in creative writing and be free of grammatical mistakes to perform the job excellently.

Alternatively, some medium and large blogs often search for freelancers in content writing on Fiverr and help them write attractive written posts and headlines to increase blog traffic.

Thus, it represents one of the golden opportunities to make money from home and gain extensive experience in writing skills.


2. SEO Copywriting 

SEO Copywriting 


Another great freelance work-from-home job is SEO copywriting, this is considered an advanced freelance writing job due to the fact that you also need to have a good knowledge of using keyword-optimized content, which helps to boost your clients’ website visibility on the search engines.

In fact, a good combination of writing skills and targeted SEO keywords for a particular topic will highly likely help your site rank higher on Google search results and deliver more value for clients.

For this reason, many medium and large firms hire SEO copywriting personnel to help their sites drive more traffic and increase the number of subscribers to their email lists.

Some of the essential keyword tools you should consider are SemRush and KWFinder, (both offer a free trial) which help to find targeted keywords and increase customer click rates.


3. Article writing

Article writing is peace of well-written information that clearly explains based on the fact, new ideas, and suggestions for improvement, which can attract the curiosity of a large number of audiences.

In particular, freelance writers must have excellent skills to write an article for large media firms, newspapers, or even press releases. Thus, some of the key skills that one must have such as paying attention to detail, punctuation, creative writing, and research skills.

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4. Blogging

Properly, writing for a blog is one of the most high-demand freelance jobs online from home for beginners to get started in their careers. In fact, it’s a good starting point to build a successful freelance portfolio and gain extensive experience in improving your writing skills.

In particular, many business blogs hire a creative writer to help with regularly updated content weekly so that it will represent an opportunity to earn extra income by writing a regular post for them.

One of the most effective ways to provide work evidence is to have your blog, in which you have a few sample posts. Thus, they can see how your writing skill and may hire you on a regular basis if you meet all the recruitment standards.

Alternatively, you could consider joining the local community networking and social media forum associated with blog writing. It will increase the chance of getting hired if you know how to expand your social circle and build a solid relationship.

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5.  Email marketing writing

According to Hubspot, email marketing is one of the key factors contributing to the success of bringing more traffic to the website and blog due to the high percentage of customers checking their email daily.

For this reason, it would be impossible to ignore the power of one of these freelance jobs because of the high demand for writers in the market. 

In particular, businesses of all sizes are constantly thriving to innovate products and services and they need capable freelance writers to convey the message to customers in terms of explaining new features and how to use them.

For this reason, here are some of the great marketing software that you must get familiar with such as Mailchimp, and GetResponse 


6. Social media content writing

One of the beginning freelance writing jobs for students and beginners is social media content writing. You will write a short and powerful social media platforms Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

Keep in mind that your main duty is to create a peace of attractive content for social media, which can help to increase the traffic and conversion rates for clients’ businesses.

In addition, you must have good research and analytical skills to gather essential information based on the market trend and create content based on the customers’ needs and wants to attract the curiosity of a large number of audiences.


7. Technical writing

Unlike other freelance jobs, technical writing is required to have more advanced knowledge in a particular field such as engineering, medicine, and finance, just to name a few.

It’s because technical writers must have a solid background in their field that allows them to write complex processes and systems to clearly explain step-by-step to audiences.

If you believe you are an expert in your niche and have the confidence to write a substantial piece of information that helps users understand the processes in simple terms. Then, you may consider working as a technical writer.

Indeed, the salary would be higher compared with other freelance writing jobs. Some of the sites like Toptal, Glassdoor, or FlexJobs, help you search for high-quality remote jobs.


8. Ghostwriting

If you want to work remotely as a side hustle, then ghostwriting is one of the freelance writing jobs online you should consider. However, all your writing credit will go to someone else’s or your clients.

In particular, let’s say pro bloggers or companies hires you to write an article for their firm, and your work will be placed under someone else name rather than you.

In return, they will pay freelance ghostwriters remuneration for delivering satisfactory work.

The fee and rate will depend on your competency level and the high-quality clients you choose to work with.

For example, you have more earning opportunities if working with an established and reputable firm and vice versa.


A final thought on the list of freelance writing jobs

We had discussed several freelance writing jobs online for beginners and advanced writers, which you could consider selecting based on your skills and work experience.

If you are a beginner and want to earn extra income as a writer, then concentrate on setting up your freelance work profile as soon as possible.

After this, you can focus on getting short-term writing projects on Fiverr, which allows you to build a reputation, improve your writing skills, and learn how to interact with clients.


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