ezoic review- blogging for moneyezoic review- blogging for money

Ezoic Review: How to Increase revenue using Adsense Alternative 2023

Updated: 03/08/2023


Ezoic is an official partner of Google Adsense since 2014. The goal of the program is to ensure Adsense’s publishers that Ezoic is a reputable brand with high credibility in the market in terms of quality standards and compliance with Google policies.

Adsense is considered among the most trusted online money-making sites when it comes to content monetization, along with Monetag, and other online earning sites.

Yes, there are many online earning sites ( different ads networks) to monetize your blog content or website. And, if you want to increase revenue, then Ezoic would be an ideal solution to increase ad revenue by up to 50%, claims Ezoic.

In this session, we will take a look at the following aspects associated with earnings, sign-up requirements, pros, and cons, hopefully, the review provides sufficient information to make an informed decision over the best Adsense alternative for your site.

Key Takeaways

  • It’s easy to apply for the Google Ad exchange program using the Ezoic dashboard.
  • Ezoic is among the best Adsense alternatives to make money online.
  • Running a blog is also one of the part-time work-from-home jobs for beginners.
  • Many bloggers and website owners have reportedly increased ad revenue by up to 60%.


Readers continue to read the article to find out how to make money blogging for beginners

It’s important to figure out the right advertising network, which enables them to make extra money and learn how to monetize a blog in the correct procedure.


1. About Ezoic: Adsense Certified Partner

Ezoic was established back in 2010 in America, which is considered an ideal solution for content publishers, and website owners to increase revenue. Over the past 10 years, Ezoic has reached the milestone of becoming a global powerhouse in technology solutions for content publishers worldwide.

Ezoic review- Adsense alternatives
Ezoic review- Adsense alternatives

Due to the ongoing expansion,  Ezoic is awarded to become Google certified publishing partner for partnering with Google Adsense and Google ad manager. They are also established as a reliable partner with Cloudflare ( another pioneer in the cloud, and CDN sector).

In particular, Ezoic claims that most publishers see their revenue increase by using Ezoic optimization. Those customers also note that their website traffic also increases by around 90% after using it for a while.

At the time of writing, the company has three global offices to support content publishers from all over the world. In fact, they have partnered with more than 10,000 publishers and helped them to generate the highest-earning ads possible.

In particular, those websites have reported earning increases by around 50 to 115% in revenue, which indicates Ezoic is one of the reputable online earning sites in the ad network industry.

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2. How to make money blogging for beginners with Ezoic

Ezoic offers two different ad network solutions ( Ezoic ads) for all types of sites, including low, medium, and high-traffic websites. 

  • Less than 10,000 visitors are considered low-traffic websites. The platform provides additional resources such as optimization tools and other features to support them drive more traffic.
  • Over 10,000 visitors are medium and high-traffic sites. Ezoic offers as highest revenue possible and provides in-person support for any inquiries from those sites.

Similar to the Google Adsense account, users need to run ad experiments such as article ads, before choosing the best alternative for their site. For this reason, it’s an important solution to optimize the amount of revenue your website or blog generates.

After running the testing site for a while, you would be able to experience the highest-earning ads for your websites. Based on my experience, I prefer the pay-per-click ad and in-text article ad for displacing. It’s because I receive much of my optimizing money from those ads to increase revenue for my site.

It pretty much depends on each individual choice and experience with the ad selection, but I think it’s essential to run the ad experiment for at least a month to see the real revenue before making a final decision.

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3. How to set up an Ezoic account for increasing ad revenue

The following are four main steps to help you integrate Ezoic into your websites, and help to increase ad revenue.

  1. First and foremost is to create an Ezoic free account and connect to your Cloudflare if you are using
  2. Place the Ezoic Script to your blog header, and wait until the customer service team approved your site for running monetization.
  3. The next step is to apply for Google’s ad exchange program on your Ezoic dashboard. At this stage, you only need to fill down your Google email, and then verify your email. The Ezoic team will notify you later whether you are successful or not
  4. You are free you run the ad experiment as your preference.

If you are using Wordpress hosting, then the setup procedures are pretty not much different. Otherwise, you can always go back to check each step in more detail to ensure your site are ready to show ads.


Ezoic Requirements

Depending on your blog and website content quality, The Ezoic team will run through the following key aspects such as web traffic, content quality, and privacy policy update to determine whether your site gets approved or not.

However, you can always reapply again if you failed on the first or second attempt. Remember to fix all the issues before considering applying.


4. Do I need to create A Google Adsense account for using Ezoic?

ezoic ads- how to monetize a blog

You don’t need to create an Adsense account to sign up for Ezoic because the firm allows users to directly open an account with them as long as blog owners follow all the ad policies and regulations.

In case, you already have an Adsense account, then Ezoic will also run through the procedure to ensure your site is being approved for monetization. In addition, you should use the Ezoic dashboard to connect to your existing Google Adsense account, which enables Ezoic to incorporate your existing Adsense account for monetizing content.


5. Is Ezoic Ads safe to use?

It’s almost impossible to receive approval for monetization from Ezoic if your blogs violate the terms and conditions of Google Adsense. It’s because Ezoic has a stricter policy and regulations in place, which ensures all publishers abide by the rules.

As mentioned earlier, Ezoic is a trusted partner of Google and Cloudflare, which indicates the firm has high credibility and a reputation for helping publishers and other partners to increase revenue.

According to Trustpilot, Ezoic has a high level of customer satisfaction, which is around 4 out of 5. This is based on the overall 214 customers who voted 67% for excellent and 7% for great service.

To answer the question, ” YES” Ezoic is among the trusted online money-making sites for content monetization. Thus, the platform is one of the ideal part-time work-from-home jobs for business owners and bloggers.


6. Ezoic Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of using Ezoic.


  • Most bloggers and websites owners noticed an increase in their ad revenue
  • Google certified publishing partners, and also A trusted partner of Cloudflare.
  • Easy to set up and run the ad experiment.
  • The customer service team has done a fantastic job to answer all the related inquiries from users.


  • You will need to set up the new DNS on the Ezoic dashboard, which is sometimes confusing and time-consuming.


Display ads by using the Ezoic platform is one of the best ways that show you how to earn from blogging. Ezoic claimed that the average site increase in ads revenue is between 50%- and 250%.


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Ezoic FAQ

How to make money online using Adsense alternative- Ezoic

I prefer the pay-per-click ad and in-text article ad for displacing. It's because I receive much of optimizing money from those ads to increase revenue for my site.

How to set up an Ezoic account for increasing ad revenue

The following are four main steps to help you integrate Ezoic into your websites, and help you to increase ad revenue ( create a free Ezoic account, fill down information, set your DNS…)

Do I need to create an Adsense account for using Ezoic

You don't need to create an Adsense account to sign up for Ezoic because the firm allows users to directly open an account with them as long as blog owners follow all the ad policies and regulations.

Is Ezoic Ads safe to use?

YES. Ezoic is among trusted online money making sites for content monetization.

What are Ezoic requirements?

Once you got approved by Google Adsense, then most likely you will also get instant approval from Ezoic. But, they also run through your web content, traffic, and other factors to determine whether your site is eligible for monetization.

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