Ipsos isay reviewIpsos isay review

Ipsos iSay Review 2023: Features & Pros, Cons.

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Ipsos iSay is a market research platform that allows members from almost all over the world to join in and earn money online by taking paid surveys and giving their opinions.

In particular, members can participate in a cross-range of online activities in exchange for receiving rewards, such as participating in polls, testing new products, and indeed taking online surveys.

If you are exploring ways to make extra cash in your free time, then this online paid survey platform is one of the options you can consider:

In this Ipsos iSay review, we will explore several ways to earn points with the platform and learn how you can redeem your reward.


What is Ipsos iSay?

Ipsos iSay is an online survey website and rewarding community that pays members to participate in a variety of online activities, including online paid surveys, taking polls, testing new products, and sharing their opinions.

When they have enough reward points, there are several options to redeem their reward like gift cards.  We will provide more detail about this in the next section.

Ipsos iSay is a part of Ipsos, a leading and reputable market research company in the world due to the fact that the firm has conducted more than 70 million interviews with around 5,000 clients worldwide.

Since its establishment in 1975, Ipsos is one of the largest market research platforms in terms of global market presence, number of clients, and employees.


How does Ipsos iSay work?

In order to participate in online surveys for money, members need to sign up with Ipsos iSay and take part in different online activities in exchange for receiving point rewards.

The process of joining the platform is easy and straightforward, where you need to enter an email address, password, and age. After confirming your email, then you can start taking online surveys right away.

  • After registration, you can complete surveys.
  • The platform will rewards members points every time they complete surveys.
  • Redeem your rewards when you have enough points.

Keep in mind that depending on your demographics and topic of interest, the platform will send the invitation surveys to your email. For this reason, you can keep an eye on the platform’s dashboard or email for new surveys.


Ways to earn money online

If you want to earn a few extra bucks by taking surveys for money in your free time, then Ipsos i-say is a great option to participate in. Especially, you can earn money by learning about new products and services as well as by giving your honest opinions to the developers and helping them build or improve better products in the future.

 Here are several ways to earn money with the platform you could consider:

Taking online surveys

By participating in different online paid surveys, you will earn rewards and the amount of money you receive will be depending on the length of surveys and demographics.

Testing new products

This is a great experience to test a new product and give your opinion about the product you used. I believe it is a great way to make extra cash while enjoying sample products.

Refer friends

Perhaps, this is the easy way to earn points with Ipsos as you can invite any friends who want to join and earn extra cash. By sharing your referral link, you will receive points rewards once they complete registration and finish their first survey.

ipsos isay gift cards

How does Ipsos pay?

When you have enough reward points, the platform provides several options to redeem your rewards. In particular, on the dashboard, you can click on ” redeem points”, and select the type of reward you want. Here are several ways to claim your rewards.

Ipsos i-say cash to paypal

  • Gift cards: This is the most popular method to redeem points because users can redeem gift cards at some of the most favorite brands like Amazon, Apple, Target, etc.
  • Cash payment: Members have the option to transfer cash to their PayPal account. As long as they have at least 510 points, then they can get $5 to their account. Notes, it may take up to a few weeks to receive money.
  • Donation to charity: Taking online paid surveys is a great way to help brands and companies make better products and services for global customers, especially, it will be more meaningful if you donate earned points to charities, such as Redcrosss.

join ipsos isay


Is Ipsos I-say legitimate?

Ipsos is a legit company that has been in the market research business for over 45 years, since 1975. The platform has millions of users worldwide. They conduct more than 70 million interviews each year. At the time of writing, the firm is one of the largest research companies in the world.

The followings are the pros and cons of Ipsos i-Say to consider:


  • The process of signing up is easy as it takes a few minutes to set up the account.
  • Provide different ways to redeem points.
  • One of the leading research companies, with millions of users worldwide.


  • Cash withdrawal may take several weeks to receive.
  • Doesn’t offer many online activities like playing games or watching videos.
  • You may not be eligible to qualify for all surveys.


What are other Ipsos iSay alternatives?

There are other alternatives to Ipsos-iSay that allow you to make money surveys from home. Here are some popular online survey sites to consider:

  • ySense: this online surveys for money site provides a variety of activities, including taking paid surveys, testing new products, watching videos, downloading apps, and signing up to websites, in exchange for a reward. Members from all over the world can join the platform and start taking surveys in their free time.
  • LifePoints: is a great online surveys platform that is open the opportunity for members worldwide, almost in 40 countries.
  • Swagbucks: members from eligible countries can join Swagbucks and participate in a cross range of online activities ( paid online surveys, taking polls, playing games, testing new products, etc.)
  • SurveyJunkie: with over 20 million members worldwide, you can join this leading market research company and participate in multiple surveys in order to earn rewards.


Final thoughts on Ipsos iSay review

Ipsos iSay is a great site for those who want to earn extra cash from home by participating in online surveys. If you want to make an impact, then provide honest and valuable feedback to help companies and brands improve their products and services.

Keep in mind that taking online surveys is not a way to get rich because it is only done when you want to earn extra few bucks in your free time.


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FAQ Section

How much money can you make from Ipsos?

The number of point rewards you earn will depend on the length of each survey, and how many surveys you participate in. The more you take, the higher you will earn.

How long does Ipsos take to pay?

A few users on Trustpilot mention, it is fairly quick to redeem points for a gift card. While transferring money to PayPal will take longer time.

Is taking surveys for money worth it?

It depends on individual interests and choices. For example, it would be a great option If you want to make extra cash by sharing your opinions and taking surveys in your free time.

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