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6+ Sites That Offers Website Testing Jobs for Side Hustlers

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Test websites can be one of the top side hustle ideas that allow freelancers and students to earn money online by providing honest feedback about clients’ websites, apps, and software. Hence, they can use some suggestions to develop better products and services for global customers.

Companies always search for reliable website testers, who would be able to communicate clearly and concisely based on verbal or written communication.

In particular, to get paid to test websites, members must list their niches of expertise and available devices like laptops, mobile phones, and desktops. For this, the system will match them to the related study/project based on their skillsets and experience.

In this article, you will learn about several top popular websites ( based on my experience with them) that will provide website testing jobs for freelancers, business owners, and full-time employees to make extra income in their free time. 


Key Takeaways

  • The list of popular companies that will pay you to test websites by giving your honest opinions and feedback about their platforms, apps, and software.
  • In order to become a website tester and get paid to test websites, you must have exceptional communication skills for providing verbal or written communication.
  • In addition, users must have basic knowledge of technology and get familiar with user testing tools to answer questions accurately.
  • To make money testing websites, participants must possess several important skills, including basic knowledge of technology, communication skills, and, problem-solving skills, to name a few.


What skills are needed to become a website tester?

become a website tester

Becoming a website tester often requires the participant to possess some of the essential skills needed to perform the test better, such as finding bugs, website loading, and performance, which means your honest and valuable feedback will play a significant role in helping companies in research and development.

The followings are several strategic skills that we believe, are important to be successful with website testing jobs and earn money online:

  • Competence in communication: perhaps this is the most important skill set for users testing because they would be able to communicate effectively in the form of written suggestions and verbal feedback.
  • Ability to work independently: this means they need to learn and work on their own, with limited support from others. Don’t accept or apply for the project if you don’t have knowledge about it.
  • Honesty and integrity: companies hire freelancers or individuals to help them develop or improve their products, for this, they must prove to be great participants by providing honest and valuable feedback. 
  • Basic knowledge of technology: must learn and have foundation knowledge of web technologies and social media platforms, which can increase the chance to get invited to the test.

If you sign up for multiple testing tools, then my suggestion is to learn and get familiar with their systems, such as microphone connection, and practice different types of tests. For this reason, you will highly likely become a successful website tester.



Respondent is the leading marketing research platform that allows website testers to find potential testing projects that match their skills and work experience.

In particular, participants can search for available recruitment studies, such as technology, finance, shopping behavior, web technology, and other market research, etc. By filling out the research study, the company will select the right user testing to participate in and reward them with money when they complete the test.

To open the account with Respondent, you need to complete the personal information, employment status, skills, and demography and upload a brief introduction video about you, which will increase the chance of getting the invitation to the project study.



PingPong is a user-testing website that connects companies and website testers to a wide range of project studies, including website and app tests, speed performance, SEO and usability website test, etc. 

Depending on your work experience, PingPong will match you to the closest project, and you will get paid to test websites via video call interview and provide your honest feedback about the partners’ platform.

Don’t forget to connect to one of your social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook to verify your profile, which means you will increase the chance to get an invitation to the available research project.



TestingTime is another paid test website that allows side hustlers and students to join in and earn money online by participating in video calls or one on one interviews about products, websites, apps, etc.

In terms of payment methods, users can request payment that transfers to their PayPal or other wallets within 10 days.

Keep in mind that don’t forget to check on the TestingTime dashboard to see if there are any available tests.



uTest is one of the largest communities for online testers to make money testing websites, new products, software tests, etc. In order to start taking on new projects, users must complete their profile by filling out their skills, employment status, and brief introduction about themselves.

Importantly, participants should learn and get familiar with ” The uTest testing academy”, which provides tips and tricks to becoming successful testers on the platform.



UserTesting is my favorite research platform that pays website testers every time they complete and shares their experience with apps, platforms, and products. Importantly, ensure to double-check check your microphone and connection are all working well before taking the test.

Members should learn and understand the platform policy guideline in terms of what you can do and can’t do during and after the test, to avoid any negative impact on your account.

In addition, to get paid to test websites with UserTesting, you have to complete the online registration ( personal profile, employment status, and other skills), and must pass the recorded assessment test before being admitted to the platform.


Other freelancing sites that pay you to test websites

Besides those paid to test websites, there are other popular gig platforms you should consider joining and finding different ways to make extra cash online.


FlexJobs is a premium freelancing platform that provides legitimate and quality remote work-from-home jobs, including online website testing jobs. In addition, with the membership fee, the team will hand screen all the jobs available on the platform to ensure there are no scams or are ad-free. 

If you are searching for casual, part-time, or full-time positions, then FlexJobs is an ideal solution to spot opportunities and land your remote work with reputable employers.

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Fiverr is one of the largest freelance websites that would be an ideal starting point for freelancers and students to create different selling gigs, including testing websites, to earn extra cash online.

In particular, you can earn an average of $5 for short-term projects and I believe it’s a great way to build your freelance work portfolio as well as hone your skills and expertise over time.

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Final thoughts on making money testing websites

Those paid test websites and other popular freelancing platforms would provide great opportunities for website testers, and freelancers to make extra income in their free time.

To become a website tester, you should get familiar with the testing tool and other types of tests to ensure that you can provide valuable feedback for companies to launch their product successfully.

Don’t forget to practice tests and learn tips and tricks on the testing platform, which means you will increase your chance to be successful and receive more tests in the future.


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FAQ Section

How do you get paid for testing websites?

To get paid testing websites, you must apply and get accepted by the platform. Depend on the length of the tests and each testing platform policy guideline, your earning will be varied on those factors.

Is user testing a side hustle?

Test websites can be one of the side hustles you can join and earn money online in your free time by providing feedback about products, website usability, and speed performance, etc.

How do I become an online tester?

To become an online tester, you must possess some of the skills that are required to perform the job better, including good communication skills, basic knowledge of technology and ability to work independently, etc.

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