Contena Review- Best Place to search for Freelance Writing JobsContena Review- Best Place to search for Freelance Writing Jobs

Contena Review: Best Place to search for Freelance Writing Jobs?

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Freelance writing is one of the great ways to make extra money from home as a side hustle. In particular, students and stay-at-home parents can consider searching for a short-term project to build their online work portfolio.

In addition, others may have the intention to search for freelance writing jobs because they want higher autonomy, and flexible remote work to balance the time for their family and work.

However, the challenging thing is to figure out the best freelance writing sites based on the quality of clients and the payment.

For this reason, one of the professional writing platforms we will dive deeper into today is Contena, which will provide essential information on how it works and other features. Thus, I hope this helps you to make a better decision if it is the right one or not.


What is Contena?

Contena review


Contena is an online freelance platform that helps freelancers and individuals to search for quality freelance writing jobs at reputable firms.

Members can take advantage of the platform’s features by accessing tools and educational resources to build their careers as freelance writers.

Unlike other freelancing sites, the Contena business model operates differently as it will charge a membership fee for those, who wish to use the premium service by accessing training tools and finding remote work opportunities on the platform.

Business and website owners can also use this professional writing website to search for talented freelance writers to fill in the needed position of their firms such as blog or article writing jobs.


How does Contena work?

According to Emerald research, there is an increase in the number of freelancers working in different sectors of the economy. One of the main factors is that freelancers have an opportunity to learn by moving from one temporary project to another.

You may have never heard of Contena, but this platform has been around for several years, and its main purpose is to provide the most genuine professional writing jobs for members to increase their chances of success.

In addition, one of the exciting parts of joining the platform is that members have opportunities to contact their writing mentors, which can ask questions associated with their writing experience.

As mentioned earlier, unlike other freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, with Contena- members need to sign up for a membership and pay a fee so that the platform will provide all necessary training tools and offer the best remote writing jobs available, which you may not find from other platforms.

With a membership fee, there are premium features for members to take advantage of and increase their chances of getting remote writing jobs at top companies.

  • Gain access to premium tools and materials, which help members to build a successful freelance writing career. Some training modules include video tutorials and case studies, which they can consider joining and increasing their chance of landing their first online writing job.
  • As mentioned, one of the greatest benefits of having a membership is to get in touch with your writing coach, and you can ask them any question related to your freelance work.

For example, a beginner freelance copywriter can contact the mentor on the Contena platform and seek advice on what to do to win the first project or give an honest opinion about her writing skills.

  • The most important of all benefits is members can gain access to the job board database, where they can do a search to highlight writing opportunities before applying.

According to Contena’s claim, members can apply for many remote work positions if they believe those writing jobs would be a good match for them.

How much for a membership fee?

To access the “job board finder”, which offers quality remote writing such as blogging writing and content writing jobs. There is a membership fee, which costs around $40 per month for paying the whole year.

Alternatively, the platform also offers a month-to-month membership fee, which you may run for a trial by paying for one month to see if the platform is worth your money.

The platform also offers a 30 days refund policy, if you are not satisfied, then you must prove to them that have run through all training modules and work, which demonstrates you “put in the work“. Thus, the platform will review whether you are approved for a refund or not.


How to sign up?

Contena sign up processes

It’s essential to complete the sign-up process by answering numerous questionnaires associated with your personal information, work experience, and freelance writing niche.

It would take you around 5 minutes to complete the registration with Contena. After completing it, you will need to wait for the firm to send you a notification via email.


Is Contena legit?

Yes, Contena is a legitimate freelance platform that provides training tools and material for members to increase their chances of landing their first freelance writing jobs online. Indeed, members can contact the Contena coach to get advice and honest opinions on how to build a successful work portfolio.


What are other alternatives?

If you want to consider trying other freelancing websites that offer thousands of content-writing jobs for short-term projects or even a full-time career. 

  • Fiverr online marketplace: the platform is considered an ideal starting point for those who wish to build their career as a freelancer. This is because the platform has thousand of temporary projects, which you can take advantage of to build an online portfolio and earn extra income.
  • FlexJobs: is one of my favorite platforms due to the fact that the firm will hand-screen all the job posts to ensure there are no scams and low-quality jobs on the platform. In addition. you will get an opportunity to apply for high-quality remote work-from-home jobs at top companies.


Final thought of Contena review

If you are looking for online writing jobs to make money on the side, then consider using several freelance writing platforms to experience. Thus, you can make a final decision to select the best one for you.

With Contena, yes, you have the option to access all the training tools, and learning modules as well as the “job board finder” to increase the success in your freelance writing career.

However, it requires members to pay a membership fee before they can access all the benefits, which I think depends on each individual. For example, if you are an active learner and willing to conduct research to find out how to start a writing career, then you may not need to pay a membership fee.

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