Crazy Domains Review- Is It A Reliable Domain and Web Hosting ProviderCrazy Domains Review- Is It A Reliable Domain and Web Hosting Provider

Crazy Domains Review 2023: Is It A Reliable Domain and Web Hosting Provider?

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Are you searching for affordable domain names to start a business?

There are many reliable and best domain registrars that enable new site owners and bloggers to build an online presence for their brands and companies on the internet.

In particular, some of the popular domain providers, including NameCheap and Google Domains, Crazy Domains, etc, offer thousands of domain extensions so that business owners can select professional domains to build their business in the long run.

In addition, the alternative way to save the cost of a startup is to go for a web hosting plan that offers a free domain name for at least a year. In this case, you only end up paying for a hosting service.

In this post today, we will take a deep analysis of the Crazy Domains review that covers how it works, key features, domain name registration, and web hosting plans. For this, you make a better decision to determine whether it is a reliable selection for your business.


Key Takeaways

  • The platform is considered a reliable domain and hosting provider for small businesses and new blogs to build online visibility.
  • Other services, such as email marketing, SEO, and business directory, are recently added to help business owners increase search ranking performance and drive more traffic.
  • Unlike other hosting providers like Hostinger, which offer free SSL certificates and domain names. Crazy Domains doesn’t include a free SSL certificate for choosing one of WordPress hosting plans.


About Crazy Domains

Crazy domains


Crazy Domains is the leading Australian domain registrar and web hosting service that offers affordable domain extensions and WordPress hosting plans for new websites and businesses to build an online presence and boost their site’s visibility on the internet.

The platform was established in 2000 and has grown in terms of users and data centers across the globe. Specifically, the firm currently provides domain and cloud web hosting services to more than 1.5 million websites and data centers in Australia, India, Singapore, Europe, The UK, and The US.

With the recent services added, including traffic analytics, business directory, SEO optimization, and email marketing, new site owners will have all the tools they need to drive organic traffic and improve their search ranking on Google.

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How does it work?

Besides providing cheap domain name registration and WordPress hosting, the platform also offers cloud hosting, Linux servers, custom servers, website builders, web designs, logo designs, and online marketing for your startup.

Let’s move to the domain section to see what we can get from it in terms of product offerings and other features.

Crazy Domains is an ideal startup solution for individuals and bloggers to start a side business blogging because the platform provides an essential resource to grow their sites and make money online.

For this, it has a cross-range of domain names and extensions available on the platform at affordable prices. Website owners can search for domain names to see if it offers a competitive price.

domain registrar CrazyDomains

As shown in the screenshot above, we type ” Websitename” on the search bar, and the system prefers us to different domain extensions, such as Net, .online, .Org, .tech, etc.

With different extensions, the price will be varied based on the popularity and credibility of the domain name. Other service includes:

  • Order domain in advance- backorder: if your ideal domain name is already taken already, the system will continue to monitor and track the domain until it is available for purchase.
  • Domain name registration: members can search for available domain names or extensions and can register if it offers a competitive price compared with other competitors.
  • Domain renewal: several ways you can renew domains with them, including email- click on the domain renewal link and renew a domain, account manager ( manually renew your domain), enter your domain at the renew box on the platform and renew. 

The most effective way to avoid losing your domain is to turn on the auto-renew so the system will automatically renew before a domain is expired. 

  • Transfer domain: in fact, users can transfer the domain to the Crazy Domains platform when they plan to switch using the hosting and domain with them. 

In addition, with the website protection, including SSL certificate and security coverage for websites, members will need to pay additional fees if they choose one of the WordPress hosting plans.

For this, you take time searching for other quality hosting companies like Hostinger, which offers free SSL certificates and domain names for a year when selecting the WordPress hosting services, except Single WordPress.


Crazy Domains web hosting plans

Moving to the hosting service, we can see that the firm provides numerous web hosting plans, which are particularly best for small businesses and new blogs, including WordPress hosting and web hosting.

Let’s take a look at different WordPress hosting plans so that you can get familiar with each product before making an informed decision about whether it is the right choice.

Crazy Domains web hosting plans

  • Economy hosting plan: allow 1 WordPress website, a maximum storage capacity of 10GB, maximum traffic of 100,000 visitors, unlimited data transfer, etc.
  • Premium hosting plan: allow up to 2 WordPress websites, a maximum storage capacity of 25 GB, maximum traffic of 400,000 visitors, unlimited data transfer, etc.
  • Ultimate hosting plan: allow up to 5 WordPress websites, a maximum storage capacity of 50 GB, maximum traffic of 1,000,000 visitors, unlimited data transfer, etc.

There are also other advantages and features that are available for any of the WordPress hosting plans above: 

  • DDOS protection.
  • One-click to install WordPress.
  • Customer support 24/7: mail, live chat, phone call.
  • Guarantee %99.9 uptime.
  • Up to 60 days money-back guarantee.

As you are aware, the longer the hosting plan you choose, the cheaper you will receive. And, Crazy Domains offers 10 years of hosting plans in order that you can qualify for a cheaper deal. However, 10 years may be too long, considering the technology is rapidly changing.

CrazyDomains pricing

Indeed, the hosting fee will be more expensive when you select 3 months or 1-year plan. As shown in the screenshot above.

If you believe Crazy Domains WordPress hosting is the right choice to start an online business, use the promotional code ” CD20NM” to receive 20% off.

Screen Shot 2023 01 10 at 17.21.43


Customer service support

There is a 24/7 customer support service, where members can get in touch with the Crazy Domains team via Live chat, phone call, and email.

In particular, the team can assist you with general and technical support related to using their domain and hosting services.

After reading a few reviews on Trustpilot, some customers think the customer service team is not up to standard, so the firm needs to address this issue to deliver better customer support for their long-term users.


What are other services?

With domain and hosting services as core products, Crazy Domains provides an online marketing solution for small businesses to increase their online presence and drive more traffic.

For this, the platform is considered an all-in-one solution for new bloggers to boost their site SEO performance and grow the number of email lists. Some of the SEO and marketing service are as follows:

  • Traffic Booster: enter your domain on the platform, and it will help to boost your site traffic by constantly submitting your site to search engines and directories. Also, get a keyword generator, link checker, site ranking checker, etc.
  • Business directory: they help submit your site to different business directories, both local and international.
  • SEO service: members can access SEO simple service, which designs for beginners to increase their website ranking. Alternatively, business owners can use the managed SEO service, which means the expert team will help with all SEO work.
  • Email marketing service: provide an email marketing tool so members can use the template to customize their email form and grow their business email lists.


Pros and cons of Crazy Domains


  • Global reputation with 1.5 million customers with data centers across the globe.
  • Provide different web hosting solutions for bloggers and small business owners.
  • Offer competitive domain name registration.
  • Additional online marketing services were added, including SEO, business directory, and email marketing.


  • WordPress hosting plans do not come with free SSL.
  • The hosting fee is higher if you select 3 months or 1 year.
  • Don’t include a free domain name for selecting one of the WP hosting plans.


Final thoughts 

Crazy Domains is an ideal startup solution for individuals and bloggers who plan to start a side business and make money from home.

It’s because the platform offers some essential tools and features that are more than enough for businesses to build online visibility and increase their search ranking.

Bonus tip: another factor you should pay attention to is the on-page SEO, which means your site needs to pass the core web vitals by increasing site speed and performance. It is one of the key metrics to improve the search ranking optimization on Google. Some of the tools to consider are as follows:

  • CDN:  StackPath, Amazon CloudFront, Cloudflare.
  • Cache plugin: WP Rocket, FlyingPress ,WP Fastest Cache.


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