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Udemy Review: Is It Worth Paying for Udemy?

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If you want to learn new skills or upgrade your existing ones, Udemy could be one of the online learning platform options you could consider.

Udemy is one of the leading educational online platforms that offers a variety of learning topics to choose from. In particular, it has more than 210,000 online courses, plus over 75,000 expert instructors in different fields like business, marketing, IT, etc.

Whether you want to expand your knowledge or upgrade your skills to keep up with global competition trends, increase your earning potential. This global learning and instruction platform would be an ideal solution for individuals, and businesses to access thousands of online courses.

There are other e-learning platforms out there. The thing is you need to research and actually experience each one to find out the right one for you and your business.

In this Udemy review, you will learn about this online education platform in terms of how it works, available online courses, pricing, and pros and cons. This helps you to make an informed decision whether or not it is a suitable online learning website for you.


Key Takeaways

  • Udemy is a leading online learning platform that offers over 210,000 online courses, plus free courses. It’s a great choice for those who want to learn new skills, improve their current ones, or learn new hobbies like baking, cooking, etc.
  • Businesses can sign up with one of the subscription plans to help their employees empower their knowledge and improve their skills.
  • After purchasing the course, students have lifetime access whenever or wherever they want, either using a laptop or smartphone access the course.
  • It’s important to research and read a number of reviews by students, so it helps to select the high-quality course to your advantage.


How does Udemy work?

With over 210,000 online courses available on the platform, individuals and businesses can select a wide range of topics from business, marketing, IT development, human resources, personal improvement, and much more. 

Those who have expertise and knowledge in their fields, are encouraged to create and publish online courses on the Udemy platform. They can earn extra income when learners purchase a one-time course or pay a long-term subscription.

In addition, Udemy is an ideal e-learning platform for individuals and businesses to learn new skills or improve the existing skills of their employees. After creating an account and paying for the one-time course, you can access more than 8000+ courses and learn at your space and access the course any time you want ( this is one of the biggest advantages of using Udemy online courses).

Keep in mind that you can also access Udemy free courses to develop new skills and grow as a professional, courses range from personal development, meditation, WordPress, Excel, HTML, etc.

Once successfully completed all e-learning modules, learners will receive a certificate and have lifetime access to the course they purchased whenever they want to refresh or learn the skill again.

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What courses are available on Udemy?

Let’s find out some popular online courses that are available on Udemy and determine whether or not it is the right online educational platform for you.

Udemy has over 75K+ professional instructors who provide thousands of courses to millions of students and professionals. Many independent instructors have advanced knowledge and skills in their fields to share and teach students to improve their skills.

Students can access Udemy courses whenever and wherever they want. As long as they have a stable internet connection, and can use the Udemy app or website to learn in their own space.

As mentioned earlier, students and businesses can access over 210k online courses that range from different industry categories and subcategories:

  • Digital marketing.
  • Digital advertising.
  • Web design.
  • Human resource.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Food & beverage.
  • Engineering.
  • Mental health.
  • Yoga.
  • And much more…

For further information about Udemy online courses, I select marketing as the main industry category to highlight the most common courses. 

Udemy courses buying a course Udemy online courses

As shown in the screenshots above, it appears most common courses that are enrolled by thousands of students, include marketing research, digital marketing, and social media for business strategy.

Unlike FutureLearn and PluralSight, Udemy has a vast array of online courses from the beginning to advanced level. For this, it is always a great learning destination for you to achieve your goals and skills in the future.

Udemy is an excellent e-learning platform for those who want to advance their skills, learn new hobbies, or even change their career by learning new skills like website development. It offers thousands of courses that suit your needs and expectations.

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How much does Udemy cost?

Udemy offers affordable prices for individuals and students to access online courses, ranging from $9 to $199. Based on my experience, the price of the course will depend on two main factors: the instructor and the topic on demand.

In addition, Udemy business is a subscription-based plan model that allows businesses to access thousands of online courses. In particular, they can send their employees to learn and power their skills with Udemy courses.

Udemy for Business has three main plans:

Team plan: 

  • 5 to 20 people access online courses.
  • $30 per month.
  • Gain access to up to 10,500 popular courses.
  • Provide practice tests.

Enterprise plan

  • 21+ users can access online courses.
  • Gain access to up to 24,000 popular courses.
  • Provide course management.
  • Priority customer support.
  • Assessments, workspaces, and other learning materials to help your employees power their skills.

Leadership academy

  • 25+ users can access online courses.
  • Provide leadership training.
  • Provide tool kits and coaching.
  • Access to live virtual events.

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Is it worth paying for Udemy?

Depending on individual goals, they can access the vast amount of online courses, and free courses available on Udemy. Students have lifetime access to an online course they purchased, so they can revisit the course to review the materials or knowledge.

Other factors to consider in whether it is the right one for you are the quality of the instructor and the number of reviews on the course.

It’s important to research and select the quality course that can help you reach your end goals and power up your skill sets.


Which is better Udemy or Coursera?

Even though, Udemy and Coursera are among the two leading online educational platforms that offer a wide range of courses from different industry categories. But, if you compare Udemy to Coursera, it is like comparing an apple to an orange. 

In particular, the Udemy courses are created by independent instructors while Universities or other accredited institutions create and publish courses on Coursera.

Based on my opinion, Udemy is an ideal platform for those who want to learn new skills and improve their knowledge. Coursera is a good option for people to obtain formal certifications ( most courses offer formal certifications).


Is the Udemy course legit?

With over 210,000 online courses and 75,000 independent instructors, Udemy is a legitimate online learning platform and is a good choice for people to learn new skills.

Before enrolling in any course, the priority is to research and read a number of reviews by students. For this, you will more likely find a reliable instructor and quality course they provide.


Final thoughts on the Udemy review

Buying a course on Udemy is a way to learn new skills, upskill your existing ones, and develop your knowledge. With thousands of online courses available on the platform, take your time to research and purchase the quality course to help you reach your goals.

The advantage of studying with Udemy is that you have lifetime access to the course whenever or wherever you want to refresh your knowledge or review learning materials. 

Please share with us by commenting below if you have any questions or experience with Udemy. It helps others understand what’s working and what’s not studying at Udemy.


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