6 Realistic Ways to Make Money Fast6 Realistic Ways to Make Money Fast

The 8 Realistic Ways to Make First $1000 

Updated: 03/08/2023


Do you want to find different creative ways to make money, which enable you to earn quick money within a short period of time?

There are many side income ideas or passive income ideas that guide you on how to make money online such as running a blog and starting a micro business idea, just to name a few. However, those making money ideas require to have a long-term commitment and hard work to move the project forward.

As a student, you may conduct research to find out the fast cash now ideas, which help to cover your living expenses, or at least to fund your student activities such as buying Steam gift cards, and Amazon gift cards.

In the quest for quick ways to earn extra money, we’ll look at 6 realistic ways to make money without the large initial investment upfront. However, these side income ideas can only earn you little money to cover part of your living fees.


The 6 best ways to make money fast

The easy way is to figure out what you can do to earn extra money within 24 hours and then find a way to work on it, which allows you to make money fast.

1. Test Websites and Apps

The first and most fun way how to make money online is to find a quick job testing websites or apps. In particular, it does take you too long to complete the job as it may take you around 30 minutes to 1 hour to notice down the pros and cons of the tested website.

As a result, you will get paid for giving your own opinions and feedback about the website. Most website owners hire website testers to provide independent opinions, which can make a big contribution to the improvement of their website in terms of features and content.

If you are tech-savvy, you may consider taking the job as a website tester. It is because the pay rate for testing a website is quite well. 

 How to make money online as a website tester?

Consider the following popular sites, where you may find different job opportunities as a website tester.

Overall, these platforms are considered the alternative way to make money from home, as long as you are familiar with technical skills and knowledge in the website such as speed performance, network, Wordpress, and so on. Then you would be able to sign up and start making money right away.

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2. Become a Translator

Becoming a translator is another realistic option to earn money online without investment for students. The only thing you need to do is to figure out the legit paying apps or websites that allow to you offer your service and make money online by delivering a complete translatable document to your clients.

Your daily duties will stick around translating business documents, letters, and emails, just to name a few into another preferred language, then you must ensure the meaning is similar to the original document.

The following are top freelance websites you should consider to spot for an opportunity as a translator.

3. Become a delivery driver

One of the quick ways to make money is to become a delivery driver because you will get paid for each trip complete by delivering food to your customer’s door.

The great thing about food delivery is you have the choice to pick your work schedule and working hours, which means you have the highest autonomy to work on your own and you don’t have to deal with what the boss tells you to do.

As long as you have your own car or at least a bike, then you are entitled to sign up with Food delivery companies. Once they get approved your application, then you are ready to earn extra money on your own.

You may consider following reputable delivery companies to sign up ( extra income ideas).


4. Consider selling your unused items

Instead of leaving your unused items at home for nothing, you may consider this quick money idea to get rid of your unused items for quick cash.

you can use unwanted items such as households or applicants to sell on the local online marketplace, Amazon or eBay, which allows you to earn extra money.

If you are a regular buyer from Amazon, then you may consider Amazon Trading Program to receive free Amazon gift cards. use any unwanted items such as books, tablets, smartphones, and video games, to trade in with the Amazon Trade-In program, and the company will cover the cost of the delivery fee.

5. Participate in Online Surveys

Participating in online surveys is one of the easy ways to make money from home and probably a really quick way for earning money online. In particular, you could involve in different forms of real money-earning games, including online surveys, getting paid to read emails, and shopping online, just to name a few.

It is regarded as one of the legitimate and quick ways to earn extra money because it only requires you to spend a few minutes to participate and you will get paid by collecting points for each survey completed.

There are some legitimate online earning sites ( legit paying apps) that allow users to make money online by taking quick online surveys. What you need to do is to sign up and set up a PayPal account ready for receiving the payment.

  • Swagbucks: there are several forms of online activities that allow members to make money from home such as you will get paid to read emails, give your opinions, play games, and answer survey questions. Users are allowed to redeem gift cards or get paid cash instantly.
  • Mypoints: similar to other online survey sites, Mypoints will reward members for the following options: cash rewards, gift cards, and coupon codes.
  • Opinion Inn:  rewards members for completing online surveys and referring new members to their site

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6. Sell gums or newspapers door to door

Last but certainly not least, this is one of the oldest ways to make money quickly is to sell gums and newspapers door to door. With a small initial investment upfront, you could start to earn extra money by selling gums and newspapers in your neighborhood area.

In fact, Warren Buffett the most successful and legendary investor of all time had done a similar side hustle job by offering gums and newspaper door-to-door when he was a teenager. This quick money idea has been used decades ago, but it’s still applicable to those who want to earn extra money within a short time.

7. Pet sitting

Another option to make extra money is to do pet walks and setting while their owner is away. Students and side hustlers can participate in the pet sitting programs from Rover Pet Sitters and make extra cash for looking after someone else pet either at the sitter’s home or pet daycare.

In particular, there are several ways to make money by taking care of someone else pets, including dog walking, coming to clients’ houses to take care of their pets, dog training, working at a pet center, and taking care of pets at your own home.

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8. Join TaskRabbit to help out the local community

If you are interested in making extra cash by helping out the local community, TaskRabbit is an ideal solution for side hustlers to find local clients and help them out with everyday tasks like assembling furniture, moving house, cleaning, etc.

In addition, taskers have options to set their own price and work hours, which are based on their experience. When the local customers get in touch, taskers can either communicate with them via an app or website to form a deal.

Keep in mind that the more quality of service you provide, the better service ratings you will receive, which means taskers will have more earning opportunities to receive more orders from local clients.


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How to make money online for earning first $100?

The following ways to make money online, which you could earn more than $100. 1. Earn money online by participating in testing websites. 2. Become a Translator 3. Sell your unused items online 4. Participate in Online Surveys

how to earn money online without investment?

You could consider different easy ways to make money from home such as taking online surveys, and becoming a translater in your own language.

How to make money quick?

The 6 Realistic Ways to Make Money Fast. 1. Test Websites and Apps 2. Become a Translator 3. Become a delivery driver 4. Consider selling your unused items 5. Participate in Online Surveys 6. Sell gums or newspapers door to door


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