Fiverr vs. Freelancer: best freelancing websitesFiverr vs. Freelancer: best freelancing websites

Fiverr vs. Freelancer: What is the best option?

Updated: 02/08/2023


Since the start of the covid 19 pandemic, freelancing has become more and more popular due to working remotely. In particular, many companies tend to outsource tasks to freelancers, which helps to save the cost of operation and employment.

For this reason, sites like TaskRabbit, Fiverr, and Freelancer are expanding their business operation almost all over the world. Those freelancing sites have attracted a large number of freelancers, gig workers, and small and med firms coming together and making a deal on the platform.

In this post today, we are going to compare the three freelancing websites, which are Fiverr, Upwork, and Hopefully, you will find the best platform based on this comparison.

Key Points

    • Sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and have become more and more popular for freelancers to make money online as a side hustle.
    • These freelancing websites have different functionalities and purposes. Do your research and figure out the best freelancing websites for making money online.
    • Fiverr freelance is an ideal solution for a short-term gig project.

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 What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace that has more than 140 job categories, which makes it easy for freelancers to make money online. Over the year, the Fiverr app has attracted millions of users worldwide, including freelancers and business owners.

In addition, it is among popular freelancing websites, which enable gig workers to offer their skills and services to companies on the platform. In exchange, they will get paid upon completing the project.

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How does it work?

As mentioned, Fiverr is an online marketplace, which enables both freelancers and business owners to come together and drive for a business deal. In particular, freelancers like a copywriter are eligible to use the Fiverr app to offer services in exchange for getting paid.

While buyers like business owners and companies normally use the platform to hire freelancers for working on a project temporarily. First, they need to highlight the potential candidate and give an offer. Buyers will need to pay once the work is completed.

Overall, the platform acts as a third party to connect both buyers and sellers together, where they get their service fee as a part of the commission and ensure minimizing the conflict between both parties.


How to find work on the Fiverr app?

You first need to create a free account and complete all the registration on the official website, payment detail and have your profile set up ready. Then you are good to go for offering services to buyers.

In the profile setting, try to clarify your education, work experience, skills, and talents, which helps your profile look more professional. Here is the list of key aspects to increase the chance of success as a freelancer.

  • The first and foremost important is to read the “guide for success” on the firm’s website, in which you will learn great techniques and tips from the experts and enhance your chance of success.
  • Your knowledge is important: determine what you are good at in terms of skills and knowledge that you have learned. And, offer the service to others.
  • Ensure to provide quality service that can satisfy customer requirements.

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How to make money online on Fiverr?

The platform is pretty much considered a middleman to connect freelancers and companies together for making a deal. The platform will ensure the involved parties are all happy with the business deals.

The following are some important points that you should consider to increase the chance of landing your first freelance job and being able to make money online.

  1. Only search within your job category on the platform, which ensures you do not go all over the place.
  2. Even though it’s hard to find the first freelance job. But, if you can prove to them that you can deliver quality work, then the chance to receive a better rating and the coming order is higher.
  3. Prepare a list of answer questions professionally that you can use to answer all the inquiries from buyers. They may impress with your professional attitude.


Service fees and charges

Fiverr takes 20% as a commission charge for every successful project that a seller delivered to the client. This is the fee that users have to pay for using the platform.

In particular, the platform uses part of the commission fee to invest in other promotional methods such as marketing and promoting the platform to the general public. Thus, there are no hidden fees that may concern you as it is quite a transparent company.


Fiverr pros and cons


  • It has millions of gig workers and buyers from all over the world.
  • The platform is easy to use and navigate around.
  • The platform is one of the great freelancing websites for students to make money online.
  • Fiverr offers a free sign up and they only charge a commission once you successfully deliver the work.


  • Fiverr charges 20% as a commission rate.
  • There is intense competition among freelancers on the platform, especially for those who just started out.

Freelancer: What is is one of the best freelancing websites, which has more than 1800 job categories on the platform. At the time of writing, the platform reached a milestone by attracting more than 56 million registered users.

Some major companies such as Facebook ( Meta), Deloitte, IBM, and Airbus use the Freelancer platform to recruit freelance workers, which helps them to save the cost of operation and add value to their companies.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, as long as you have the skills and talent to contribute to other values, then the Freelancer platform is one of the freelancing websites for you to find job opportunities.


How does work?

Similar to other online marketplaces, gig workers and buyers come to the platform and drive for a business deal, which ensures it satisfies the requirements of both parties.

After creating a free membership with Freelancer, users have entitled to bid for the project up to 25 bids as the maximum number. For this reason, you need to select the right project which is best for your skill and work experience.

Once you used all 25 bids for a free membership, you may need to wait for next month to receive a fresh 25 bids from the platform. Otherwise, you have to pay the platform a small amount of money to make a new bid for a project in that month.

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How to find work on

As a freelance writer, you can easily use the basic membership to bid for the projects that are available on the platform. However, you will need to compete with other freelancers to receive the project awarded to you.

Based on my experience, the more positive the customer rating you receive, the better you will increase the chance of getting more project work on the Freelancer platform. Buyers like business owners and companies tend to hire freelancers who have great technical knowledge, plus work experience. Thus those capability freelancers normally have a high customer service satisfaction overall.

However, there are a lot of scammers on the site, and they tend to target new users who don’t know the correct procedures and rules to make a deal. Hence, always follow the community guideline on how to make a bid for the available project and ensure all the communication must be on the platform.

How to make money online with

As mentioned before, the basic membership allows users to have a maximum of 25 bids for projects per month. For this reason, you should always search for a project that is relevant to your skill and work experience as it won’t waste your time and effort.

In addition, you can always purchase more bids on the platform, which allows you to make an offer on the project. In other words, will charge you additional money for doing so.

Based on my experience, Freelancer has an upgrade skill program, which allows you to take the test to make your profile stand out from the buyers’ point of view. For example, you can take an English proficiency certificate to ensure that you are capable of delivering a better quality of work.

The following are key aspects you may take into consideration, which may help you to increase the chance of landing your first online job.

  1. Highlight your skill and work experience that you should tick your area of expertise in terms of offering service to buyers on the freelancer platform.
  2. Always read the job description, which helps you determine whether you are a good fit for the project. Hence, you don’t waste your time making a useless offer and effort for achieving nothing.
  3. Prepare a brief introduction that mentions your education, work experience, and overall achievement on both academic and personal levels. It’s because you are going to use this introduction to bid for a project that you want to work on.


Service fees and charges

With the basic membership, it’s completely free to sign up and you have a maximum of 25 project bids in a month. They will charge you extra money if you run out of project bids and want to purchase more project bids within that month.

In terms of the service fee, the platform will charge 10% or $5 for a fix price project. While the plat fee for an hourly project would be around 10%. Pros and cons


  • Among great freelancing websites, which have more than 1800 job categories on the platform.
  • It’s completely free to sign up for a basic membership
  • Has a program, where you can upgrade your skill and knowledge by taking the test.
  • Great customer support


  • There are scammers on the site who tend to target new users. Thus, always follow the platform community guideline to ensure you won’t get scammed.
  • Charge an additional fee, if you run out of project bids, and want to purchase project bids within that month.

What is the best option for Freelancers?

Overall, Fiverr and are among the best freelancing websites in the market that attract millions of users from all over the world. Both platforms have a great customer support team, which offers instant help to solve your current issues in terms of payments, disputes, and other work.

Fiverr offers members great autonomy, where you create terms and conditions to let the buyers come to you and make an offer. While with, you need to use your available project bids to make an offer.

There is another alternative option to find a remote work-from-home job for freelancers and stay-at-home parents, which FlexJobs.

In particular, this premium online job marketplace has a cross range of high-quality and professional freelance and remote jobs. The expert team always does a double-check to ensure there are no scam jobs listed on the platform


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FAQ Section

Best freelance websites for beginners

Both Fiverr and Freelancer are considered among the best freelancing websites for beginners to make money online.

What is the best freelancing website for beginners?

Fiverr gives freelancers the autonomy to set the terms and conditions, where buyers will come to them and make an offer. With, you need to use the available project bids to make an offer.

Make money from home

Consider signing up with Fiverr and Freelancer, which allows you to make money online as a side hustle.

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