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The 9 Best Pinterest Tips For Achieving Marketing Objectives


Launching an effective social media optimization strategy is one of the crucial aspects of building your blog or website’s online visibility and driving more organic traffic.

Pinterest is considered the goldmine for bloggers and site owners to tap into the millions of potential customers worldwide.

In particular, this social media site has more than 465 million visitors each month, which represents many opportunities for businesses of all sizes to reach their target audiences and achieve marketing objectives.

For this, you need to implement an effective social media strategy to optimize your business profile on Pinterest.

In this article, you will learn numerous Pinterest marketing tips that show you how to create Pinterest profile optimization and create effective content marketing to scale your list of followers and increase engagement rates.



What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual marketing platform that allows bloggers and businesses to create visual pins and share them on their pinboards. Users can create multiple pinboards from any industry category that is relevant to their niche.

You can either create a pin by uploading it from your laptop or mobile device or click the share button to share the blog posts or articles on your Pinterest account.

Based on my experience, the best approach is to manually create a pin and fill out a description, hashtags, and titles so that it will boost the pin optimization and may attract the attention of the targeted audience.

Importantly, this social media site has its own Algorithm ( Pinterest Algorithm) system, which means if you consistently create fresh and quality content within your niche on Pinterest, it will be more likely to show your content to the related audience.

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The 10 Pinterest marketing tips

Without Pinterest, your business’s social media campaigns are not complete and you may not reach your business digital marketing objectives. 

This is because Pinterest is considered the second most visited social media platform, only after Facebook. For this reason, many businesses and individuals use Pinterest as a way to reach targeted customers and promote their products and services.

Here are several important Pinterest Tips you should implement to increase your site’s online visibility.


Create a Pinterest Business account

If you already have a Pinterest personal account, then I suggest converting it to a business account due to the fact that this social site lets users who already have a few pins from their personal account change to a business one.

Indeed, you can sign up for a business account with Pinterest if you are new to the site.

Pinterest business account

Using the Pinterest business account will allow you to access some premium features and tools, including Pinterest analytic tools, business hub, and business manager, to name a few. 

In addition, you can take advantage of the Pinterest business account to build your brand awareness and link to your business website or blog. It could be done by placing a Pinterest widget on your site for greater integration.

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Add your blog or website to verify on Pinterest

Another Pinterest marketing tip is to add your blog on Pinterest and verify it to show your audience that your site is legitimate and trustworthy. This not only helps to build your business brand awareness but also helps establish a great relationship with customers, this is because people will be more likely to click on the site they trust.

By placing the interest code on the head tag of your WordPress site, then click verify from your Pinterest Business account.

After verifying, you will see a little globe icon that appears on the top right-hand side of your account.


Don’t forget to include a cover image

As mentioned earlier, Pinterest focuses more on image visualizations and videos, for this, creating clear images is one of the important steps to drive engagement rates and attract the attention of the audience.

After creating your profile, it’s important to include your business logo and design a professional cover image so that it lets customers be aware of your brand and your business presence on Pinterest.


Design a Pinterest pin image

At this stage, you should be familiar with the steps to create a business profile for future optimization. The next step is to start creating a Pinterest Pin that focuses on your niche and ensures to are a valuable resource provider to your visitors.

This is because people go to Pinterest to explore great ideas and motivation from those who can deliver valuable and informational content that helps them solve their problems and improve their existing skills.

With this in mind, the main objective is to create an engaging pin, where you need to design a taller image to encourage engagement and share more on the site. 

Some of the graphic design tools you can use to create taller images, infographics or transform images from square to tall, including Visme and Adobe Spark.


Fill out the pin description

Perhaps, this is the most important social media optimization approach you should always follow before publishing a Pinterest Pin. In particular, writing an effective pin description will play a crucial role in driving traffic and increasing engagement as your pin will be discovered when people search for related topics or keywords.

how to create a pin on Pinterest

Based on my experience, always include a clear and concise Pin description when creating a new pin. Don’t forget to use short and long-tail keywords to optimize your pin and increase the chance people find your content.

In addition, put yourself in the customer’s perspective when it comes to writing an effective pin description, which means you write the description that they are most curious about.

For example: if they want to learn more about social media strategy, then the best approach is to do research and write a compelling pin description like the list of 10 social media marketing techniques that help your business to increase brand awareness and generate leads…


Create multiple Pinterest pin boards

If you have been on Pinterest for a while, then you may notice that many bloggers and businesses have a variety of pinboards that are related to their niche market.

It’s because creating a specific pinboard will give your site a higher chance of being found by customers. In other words, it creates a logical order and puts all the related pins under the main category.

For example, if you create blogging tips as one of your pinboards, then you only include the pins that are related to blogging, not put freelance or other topics in the same pinboard.

Without pinboards, you may publish different types of pins from many industry topics, it may create a counter-intuitive and your pin may not be found by customers.


Hashtags are important for generating traffic

When you create an ideal pin, I suggest including hashtags on each Pinterest pin to boost search engine optimization. In particular, the hashtag will let people find the related pin 📌 if they search for a certain topic or keyword.

Importantly, only include hashtags that are relevant to your pin, and use a maximum of up to 5 hashtags because too many hashtags may cause confusion for Pinterest Algorithm.

Warning: don’t use spammy hashtags on your Pinterest pin as it may have a negative impact on your site or pin optimization performance.


Publish consistent content

Without high-quality content, all efforts and hard work to boost your Pinterest online visibility are in doubt. For this, the only way to optimize your site’s SEO performance is to regularly publish content, where you must create original and engaging content.

In particular, creating at least a few pins per week is a good start, and aim for publishing content consistently over time. This allows Pinterest’s algorithm to index your pins regularly as the system prefers new pin that provides fresh ideas to the audience.

After you create new content for your blog or website, I suggest sharing or publishing it on Pinterest as well. It helps to drive more organic traffic to your site and boost your business’s Pinterest marketing optimization.


Create a ” Pin it” button on your blog

Last but certainly not least, install a ” Pin it” button and place the code on your WordPress blog or website, it will encourage readers to share your content on their Pinterest account if they find it valuable.

Keep in mind that after you click the ” Pin it” button, and share on your Pinterest account, don’t forget to write a description, and include targeted keywords at the beginning. 

I learned this Pinterest marketing strategy from one of the digital marketing experts, who suggested creating a ” Pin it” button on an image, which makes it easier for readers to share your content.

The more exposure your content on different social media sites, the higher opportunities your site will receive an influx of organic traffic.

Final thoughts on Pinterest marketing tips

No doubt, Pinterest is one of the top social media sites that has millions of visitors each month, just right after Facebook. For this, bloggers and online business owners should not ignore the huge potential of social media optimization in terms of building brand awareness and generating leads.

In addition, driving traffic from social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter is an alternative option to the Google Search Engine.

In particular, if Google updates a new content policy and your site gets hurt by its new policy, all your organic traffic will drop.

For this, don’t rely only on organic search, implement several effective traffic options, which will ensure your online business generates a healthy good number of traffic over time.


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