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The Real Secrets For How to Have Fun Doing Content Marketing

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For every business and blogger that wants to build the brand’s online visibility, content creation plays a pivotal role in bridging your company’s products & services to the targeted audience.

So often, you may think that creating content is dry and boring because it requires a lot of endless work, like keyword research, planning for content strategy, and especially the pain point is conveying your idea in writing.

I know it is not easy to focus on your digital writing every day, but,  use tools like Frase to help you stay on the path.

It helps you with your content creation, and keyword research as well as structure your content, so that it saves you a lot of time for other important tasks.

In the beginning, I also had the same feeling as you do, but after a certain of time, I’ve discovered some fun facts about content writing plans, and this is all about I’m going to share with you my experience in this article.


Team up with other content creators

I know it would be hard sometimes to create content on your own, at your home, or in any remote place because of the feeling of loneliness and emotional rollercoaster you have in your daily life, like career and other relationship matters.

What if I told you there is an interesting and secret way to transform your content marketing from boring to carnival?

The direct approach I use to turn boring digital writing into a fun activity is to collaborate with other professional content writers.

Specifically, I team up with one of the team members at our content creation agency to come up with a comprehensive content strategy plan. By taking charge of different tasks, like research, conducting keywords, brainstorming, and collaborating in content writing.

Alternatively, you can team up with other experts in the field by writing blog posts, and articles and even brainstorming ideas. 

Another way you can use to make sure you are not alone is to use a content marketing platform like HubSpot.

It definitely helps you to save your company time and resources using features like AI content assistant, content planning tool, SEO tool, etc.

Based on recent research found that over 73% of copywriters and content marketers who team up on content-writing projects, see a better improvement and result ( Social Media Examiner, 2023)


Storytelling method

As a website content writer, I sometimes have a bad day and it could significantly hinder my content writing creativity.

What I normally do to tackle the boring website copywriting routine ( especially having emotional feelings) is to focus on what I do for the day, it’s the principle I have used for over many years and it helps me to overcome some emotional challenges.

Another important point you should use in your content writing is to be a storyteller. Specifically, use interesting real-life experiences or your own learning journey to share some interesting points that benefit your audiences.

This is how you can get paid to write articles for clients on Fiverr or other freelancing websites.


Break down into smaller tasks

When it comes to website copywriting, email newsletters, or content writing, you may think that it takes a long time and effort for you to conduct research, find keywords, and spend time writing a few thousand words of content.

It may not always be true if you follow the trick I always use in my content creation, which is to break down into smaller manageable tasks.

In particular, aim for a maximum of 1 or 2 hours focusing on your digital writing, then take a break to relax. It will definitely boost your productivity and excitement in continuing to complete the writing.


Celebrate small achievement

Another important factor to convince you is that writing content is so much fun if you take the time to acknowledge your achievements, even small or big ones.

For example, I often acknowledge my hard work when someone leaves a positive comment and finishes publishing an article on our platform.

It doesn’t matter the type of content marketing you just completed, as long as you celebrate with your team of editors, then it paves the way for a more positive environment and boosts the morale of your team.

It could be a quick group cheer or a small fun activity together that could ignite the team collaboration and willingness to create more content success.


Quality over quantity

Last but certainly not least, the direct approach to getting your digital copy viral is to focus on “quality over quantity”, it will not make any sense if you publish low-quality content every day. 

By putting yourself in the audience’s perspective, you gain a clear understanding of their problems and questions, motivating you to dive deep into your research topic and provide insightful solutions.

As an SEO content writer, the only way to stand out in the competitive market is to provide top-notch service to your clients and ensure your content helps them create value and build online brand awareness.

I believe content writing is an art and science, it requires digital writers to adopt certain skills, like research, creativity, and problem-solving skills, to provide exceptional content for the targeted audience.

The fun fact is that writing skills can be learned and developed over time if you commit to your everyday practice.

You feel much more enjoyable when notice the significant improvement in your writing by receiving positive comments and traffic to your online platform.


Final thoughts on content creation strategy

Remember, those factors are just based on my experience as a website copywriter. The most important point you should do is to experiment and have fun with your content marketing.

I know you may sometimes have a negative feeling about your work or other relationship matters. Those can impact your creativity in terms of writing good content.

Take some time off to recharge and relax your mind for creativity, or collaborate with other content creators.

You can hire a freelance content writer on Upwork to help out with your blog posts, articles, and projects for clients. 

I found some website copywriters on this freelancing platform are reliable and provide satisfactory service. You can hire talented content writers too if you don’t have enough time or want to get the work done on time.


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