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Shape Your Online Presence: Top 6 Content Marketing Trends for Small Businesses & Niche Blogs in 2024

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Content marketing is one of the influential tools to help your business remain competitive and reach a wider audience. Check out the top 6 content marketing trends for small businesses to stay on top of their games and achieve a successful campaign.

As the future of content marketing keeps evolving in different directions, it’s important to use different types of content marketing based on your business needs and customer segmentation.

This allows content marketers at your firm to create engaging and high-quality content to deliver value and constantly build better relationships with targeted customers.

The rise of AI writing generators helps businesses of all sizes create top-notch quality content faster, save business operation costs, and optimize firm results. This is one of the essential trends you need to implement to see the optimal result.




Key Takeaways

  • In this article, you explore the 6 content marketing trends that are currently used by brands and companies all over the world. 
  • Choosing the right type of content is important to the success of your business, based on targeted customers, industry, and business marketing goals. For example, short-form video content is more suitable for Generation Z.
  • We will see the explosion of content marketing on mobile and the web, and delivering top-notch and helpful content is the only way to stand out and win the customer’s hearts.


What is the content marketing

Content marketing plays an important role in creating and distributing, engaging, relevant content to serve the audience’s needs and interests. It could be done by consistent content creation to keep the audience updated and stay engaged with them.

According to Backlinko, businesses with blogs often generate 55% more traffic to their sites, this indicates the important role of content goldmine in terms of building the bridge of the company brand awareness with their targeted customers.

By understanding your business goals and targeted customers, you will be able to implement the content marketing best practices to give them what they want and indeed, it will encourage them to take action and build a long-term relationship with them.

When you commit to delivering informative and valuable content over time, eventually, you will establish an authoritative site and build trust with a potential audience.


Content marketing statistics

In today’s digital marketing landscape, big data and numbers are the key factors in shaping any business strategy as they help top leadership members see a clearer picture of the competitive market industry and help them make informed decisions.

In a recent research study by Statista, the global content marketing industry was valued at around $60 billion, and the growing trend is predicted to reach $107 billion in 2026.

Content marketing statistics include numerical information, research-based statistics, and quantitative data to provide educational and informative content for your targeted clients and help them implement impactful marketing strategies to drive more leads.

For example, if your business is in logistics and manufacturing, you could create marketing content statistics about the industry growth and future trends as well as highlight the overall market value.

Understanding and catching up with the latest industry trends will help your business gain a competitive advantage and make better decisions to reach the overall marketing objective.

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AI content marketing

The rise of artificial intelligence is a cutting-edge method for businesses and blogs to create content at a fast pace. Using AI writing tools like Frase and Scalenut will help you create different types of content SEO marketing to optimize search engines and deliver value for audiences.

Leveraging AI tools is important to the success of your business’s digital marketing strategy, in particular, content marketers only use them to brainstorm ideas and use their expertise to expand those ideas to publish comprehensive content.

However, AI technology also sparks some skepticism because of its lack of creativity and industry knowledge to deliver quality content. For this, it needs human attention to edit and write better content to meet specific quality standards and satisfy audience interests.

If we can leverage AI-powered content personalization trends, then our business will be at the forefront in terms of innovative and productivity solutions.


Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a powerful way to build brand awareness and generate more leads for business. Leveraging the influence of influencers who also focus on the related or same industry, can help to grow your company.

According to Influencer MarketingHub, the global influencer market size has increased by 19% to $21.1 billion in 2023, up from  $16.4 billion in 2022.

Source: Influencer MarketingHub

Based on the statistics, it represents a huge opportunity for brands and businesses to collaborate and establish relationships with influencers to tap into a wider audience and build a business online presence.

Keep in mind that not all influencers are a great fit for your business and content for marketing strategy. In this case, only partnering with those who have the same target audience, industry, and value as your firm.



The podcast is one of the content marketing trends for small businesses in the coming years, it helps to generate a ton of visitors and build many loyal customers to your business if you implement the right content marketing best practices to keep the audience engaged.

By consistently creating informative content, you will establish your brand credibility and the authority within your niche, to build customers’ trust and brand recognition.

Once you establish your podcast with thousands of followers, you have the opportunity to invite them to your business platform, and social media sites and build a loyal customer base from your engaged podcast listeners.


Short-form video content

Short-form video marketing content is typically a length of up to 60 seconds or maybe 3 minutes, depending on the types of content marketing and marketing strategy your business implements. 

Some of the popular social media sites that are great fit for short-form video content creation, like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, to name a few.

Story video content marketing is more suitable for Generation Z because they seem to enjoy quick video content rather than longer-form content, according to Hubspot.

This gives your business a clearer targeted customer segmentation to tailor the effective content marketing strategy to meet their expectations and interests.

For instance, TikTok and Instagram would be the two best platforms for creating quick and short-form content if you have a fashion business and the target audience is Generation Z.


Interactive & engaging content

Interactive content is the type of marketing that delivers a message to keep the audience engaged and encourage them to participate. In particular, the content delivers a hook message to stimulate your audience and encourage them to take action.

Several interactivities you can use in your content for marketing, including infographics, games, polls, quizzes, animations, sound, etc. When you add some stimulus sense and emotions, it fosters real-time user engagement and interaction.

This interactive content trend should be included in your business digital marketing strategy as a way to build a long-term relationship with customers and help them enhance their learning and absorption of information better than passive form of content.

So if you want to build brand loyalty, implement this future of content marketing- participating in content to build a two-way communication with customers and foster a better connection.



We highlighted several top trending content marketing tactics that your business should implement to build its online presence and stay engaged with the targeted audience.

Depending on the industry your business is in, choosing the right type of content marketing is important to reach your target audience and deliver content to their needs and preferences.

Don’t forget to focus on creating high-quality content that delivers informative, and educational information on the internet, which can differentiate and stand out in the competitive industry landscape.


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