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How To Use Different Social Media Platforms For Digital Marketing

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When building brand awareness, social media marketing plays an important role in reaching the targeted audience and establishing loyal fans of your brand over time.

This goal cannot be achieved unless you possess in-depth knowledge about different social media platforms in terms of audience behavior and the audience’s psychographics.

To optimize content for each platform, you need to understand your audience’s needs and interests and tailor your content writing to satisfy your readers.

Your job is to post consistently post LinkedIn and recycle content on other social media sites. It’s not easy but using a platform like SocialBee and Sprout Social will help to save your time and resources.

You can schedule and publish your social media posts in advance including text, video images, etc, which means you will have more time for other tasks and increase productivity.

In this article, you’ll discover the unique marketing strengths of each social media platform and tap into the power of how to optimize your content on each one effectively.


5 mistakes every social media content creator needs to avoid 

During my 4 years as a website copywriter, I’ve found some common mistakes that most social media content creators make, perhaps unknowingly.

Without taking any action to correct those mistakes, it would be hard for you to see further progress with your social media marketing campaign even if you have put a lot of hard work in.

Following are the top common 5 mistakes you should avoid for building creative content and engaging with your audience:

  • Inconsistent posting: don’t neglect the power of posting regularly as it keeps you updated and stays engaged with your audience
  • Ignoring audience interests: understand their pain points and provide the solutions to address their current problems
  • Misusing platform potential: to build brand awareness, it’s essential to understand each social media site’s unique marketing
  • Writing a weak headline: create a hooking headline to grab the audience’s attention
  • Overusing hashtags: don’t use too many hashtags, only use those that are relevant and a maximum of 5 hashtags

Take a look at those common mistakes, and keep those in mind, so next time you can create better content that delivers value and build a long-term relationship with customers.

If you want short cut or ( a hack) to improve your content quality and drive engagement, read the book- 500 Social Media Marketing Book by Andrew Macarthy, to help you understand different social platforms and design content effectively to build your brand awareness.


Top 5 social media platforms for digital marketing

Let’s delve into the details of the top 5 social media platforms for your business marketing campaign, mastering the unique marketing opportunities on each platform will boost your business’s online visibility and increase sales revenues.



When it comes to professional networking sites, LinkedIn is the top platform for expanding your network, searching for employment opportunities, and providing B2B services.

LinkedIn is a goldmine for individuals and businesses to build brand awareness, which means the potential to attract partners and clients on the platform.

In particular, leveraging LinkedIn’s features like profile optimization, content creation, and engagement will help to optimize your brand visibility, which means other clients may find and contact you.

According to recent research by Hootsuite, businesses ( over 75%) will likely engage with brands that provide educational and valuable content on LinkedIn ( Hootsuite- social trends, 2023).

In terms of LinkedIn content strategy, it’s essential to stick with your niche and provide high-quality content to address your audience’s specific problems.

This approach will help to establish you as an industry authority, which means you will gain the trust of clients and attract more potential quality leads.

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Like other social media marketing platforms, Instagram has its own unique marketing potential as it is more focused on visual content, short and long-form content, and video.

Specifically, this social media platform is all about catchy images, short videos, and text, as well as stories to share about your brand’s products and services.

Here are several important factors to consider before creating content for Instagram:

  • High-quality visual: The audience on Instagram loves high-quality and beautiful images, so it’s essential to create professional photos or videos to catch their attention
  • Write a strong headline: use attractive and strong captions to provide information to the audience, and make sure it concise
  • Use hashtags: when you use relevant hashtags, it’s a great way for potential audiences to discover your content. Make sure to use hashtags your targeted audience is using

There is no magic button to build your brand awareness within a few days, it requires an understanding of your audience’s interests on the platform and consistently posting educational content that delivers value to them.

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Similar to Instagram, Pinterest also has a strong focus on visual image and discovery. Specifically, the platform stands out with its concentration on curated inspirational boards and storytelling.

This makes its marketing unique for every social media content creator and business to create captivating content and increase their brand awareness.

People come to Pinterest with a few purposes, including searching for inspiration, fresh ideas, and solutions for their questions.

Based on my experience, you can recycle your blog post or article to Pinterest but need to design beautiful and eye-catching images that grab customers’ attention.

Don’t forget to create different Pinterest pin boards as sub-niche, where you can recycle your content in the most relevant pin boards. The audience would be easy to find your pin.

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Twitter is another powerful social media marketing platform that every digital writer needs to get familiar with before launching an effective marketing campaign.

There are several ways for brands to connect with their audience through real-time conversation, hashtags, and storytelling tweets. Specifically, leverage Twitter’s features to build engagement like polls, threads, Twitter spaces, etc.

According to the research found that over 79% of Twitter users feel the social platform is like an online community, where they can participate in discussion and follow new trends ( Pew Research Center, 2021).

This is one of the unique marketing potentials businesses need to understand to build brand loyalty.

Twitter allows anyone to write within 250 characters on every tweet, which means you must choose a compelling tweet topic and master concise writing skills for maximum impact.



Facebook is the largest social media platform with billions of users worldwide.

Don’t underestimate the power of this giant social media site, developing an effective content strategy plan will transform your audience becoming your loyal customers and fans.

In fact, Facebook has diverse groups of users, and most are cold traffic, so your approach is to address those cold traffic and your content focuses on people’s problems.

So cold traffic means the audience never knows about your business, and products and services. They are not on your email list and never engaged with your brand before.

If you want to reach a wider audience on Facebook, create original content that addresses your audience’s problems and engage with them on a human level. It will open more opportunities for organic reach and increase in sales.


Key Takeaways

  • The top 5 mistakes I’ve found people launching social media marketing campaigns across various social media sites, often go unnoticed. You should learn from these common pitfalls to craft engaging content
  • Every social media platform has its own marketing secret, in this post, you will learn to master and leverage the marketing potential of the top 5 social media platforms
  • If you want to save your business time, money, and resources for optimizing content across social media platforms, use social media tools like HubSpot or Sprout Social to schedule and publish content on multiple platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, to name a few


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