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Scalenut Review 2023: Is This the Best AI SEO Tool for CopyWriters & Bloggers?


With the rise of AI writing tools, copywriters and bloggers can no longer take a lot of time to write and publish copies or articles because those AI tools help them generate quality content faster and assist with SEO optimization for ranking.

And, one of the leading AI SEO & writing software we are going to explore today is Scalenut AI generator. This is a powerful AI content optimization and SEO tool that helps bloggers research, find targeted keywords, and generate content that ranks for search engines.

In this Scalenut review, you will explore all the key features this AI SEO tool offers and test the platform to share our experience of its pros and cons. For this, you can consider whether Scale is the right tool for your business or not.


What is Scalenut?

Scalenut review


Scalenut is an AI-powered SEO and content marketing tool that helps bloggers and content writers plan, research, and generate high-quality content faster, which can optimize for search engines.

In particular, with some useful features, including plan, research, and AI writing assistant to generate content faster and easier, your online platform will have a higher opportunity to rank higher on Google search and drive more organic traffic.

At the time of writing, Scalenut has more than 1 million users, which include some marketers from leading brands like WeWork, Amazon, Microsoft, Nvidia, Zoho, etc.

This indicates the AI platform is widely trusted by many in the market.

Importantly, Scalenut uses AI AI technology from the OpenAI’s GPT-3 to generate natural language responses that help copywriters and content creators write different kinds of engaging content faster and provides AI SEO tool to optimize their content marketing strategy.

Let’s explore some top-notch features:

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How does it work?

Scalenut works by helping you to plan, research, optimize, and use an AI writing tool to write engaging and informative content that delivers value for the targeted audience and ranks higher for search engines.

In particular, the AI platform uses a variety of AI technologies, including Scalenut AI products and OpenAI’s GPT-3 to help digital marketers generate content faster and easier.


key features

The following are several key features that make Scalenut stand out as an AI SEO writing generator tool.

By using this AI content marketing and SEO tool, you can definitely free up your time for other important tasks and generate engaging content that delivers value for your audience.

  • Cruise mode ( blogs, articles, email writing)
  • Content optimizer
  • AI writing tools
  • Keyword planner
  • Traffic analytics
  • AI writing templates
  • Integrations

Let’s dive deeper into each feature to give you more information on how to use each one effectively.


Cruise mode

scalenut cruise mode feature


This key feature is an ideal solution for bloggers, digital marketers, and freelance writers to generate long-form content including email newsletters, articles, ebooks, and blog posts. 

This is the core product of Scalenut, and it makes the AI tool differentiate in the market. In particular, this will have the ability to generate long-form articles within 5 minutes that can optimize for search engines.

After choosing the article writer- cruise mode feature, the next step is to input keywords and other relevant cluster keywords, then select location and click create:

Scalenut keyword research


In order for Scalenut AI to understand your content idea and requirements, you need to write a brief description of your blog or article topic. Please refer to the screenshot below for more understanding:

Scalenut article writing feature

When you process the next step by clicking on ” Create Title”, then it will give you two options:

scalenut AI writing

  1. Several AI-generating titles
  2. The top-ranking titles that you may use to rank higher on the internet.

Keep in mind that the Scalenut AI generator also provides the rephrase feature, which can you use to rephrase the title if you want to.

You can click the proceed to next step after choosing the right topic title.

Scalenut AI generator content outline

It takes a few minutes for Scalenut AI to analyze the top-ranking content and then the system will give some solid content outline suggestions that you can follow and publish the comprehensive information content that is optimized for Google search.

Scalenut writing points suggestions

This is the most exciting part, where the Scalenut AI generator proves a worthwhile tool to give users key writing points on each heading.

Based on my experience, this content outlines that AI-generating suggestions are considered a valuable tool that helps users to write quality content faster and easier and can free up their time for other more important tasks.

In addition, you can use the “SERP statistics” feature to find some valuable statistic facts from multiple sources and add more quality to your content that can outrank the competitors.

Scalenut AI generator content, blog posts

When you click generate the content, the AI tool will analyze it for a few minutes and provide you with full draft articles, starting from the introduction until the end conclusion. 

As mentioned earlier, it has never been easy to generate long-form content with Scalenut AI generator- Cruise mode, as it only takes a few minutes to plan, search, outline content, and generate a draft content that you can use to expand the idea further to provide more informative content for readers.

The most important thing is to use Scalenut AI as a companion to assist and give you content outlines, and ideas so that you can use your industry expertise and knowledge to further develop and explain those ideas to help your audience solve their problems.

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Content Optimizer

With the content optimizer feature, you can take advantage of this tool to run the analysis and optimize one of your current blog posts or articles for ranking on search engines and boosting organic traffic growth.

In particular, this tool will give you around 200 ranking factors that you could use to improve your current content outline, keywords, keyword density, and meta tags, to name a few.

To use this feature, you need to enter the article URL, type keywords you would like to optimize on search engines and location, and then click ” optimize to process.

Scalenut content optimizer feature

In this case, I use the current Scalenut blog post as an example of a content optimizer feature, which you can see in the screenshot above. 

The first impression you can see is that this editor platform is similar to Google Docs or Microsoft Office Word, where you can adjust headings and add pictures. In addition, you can see the content meta description, meta title, and URLs, to name a few.

If you want to change the meta descriptions or meta titles on your current content, then you can employ the Scalenut AI generator to generate similar text.

By checking the overall SEO score, which appears on the right-hand side of the platform, you will understand whether your current content is ranking high on search engines or not, based on the analysis of several factors compared with other competitors’ top ranking posts, content structures, keywords, meta tags, descriptions, to name a few.

For this, you can follow suggestions to edit your content and increase your content SEO score to optimize higher on search engines.

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AI writing tools

Scalenut AI writing tools

Whether you write marketing copy, articles, blog posts, or product descriptions, this powerful AI writing feature will assist you in generating the content within a short period of time. 

As mentioned before, you can use this AI writing tool to generate blog ideas, meta descriptions, and titles, or even write a solid product description to sell online. 

Indeed, it can also be used to rely on customer comments or reviews, which can increase your business efficiency and save the cost of operation.

Alternatively, this AI copywriter feature also helps you to generate or rephrase the text and meta description of your current content.


Keyword planner

To create a successful content marketing strategy that boosts the business’s online visibility and increases brand awareness. Gathering targeted keywords is considered one of the important factors to improve SEO performance.

Scalenut keyword planner tool

For this reason, Scalebut also provides a keyword research feature that provides the most outstanding statistical figures on keyword search volumes and keyword clusters.

To use this tool, simply enter the keyword you want to optimize your content, then the system will provide some relevant keywords and search volume statistics on each keyword.

With the keyword cluster feature, it saves bloggers and content writers a lot of time to do the manual search for related keywords. Instead, you just enter the keyword, and Scalenut will do the heavy lifting to find a bunch of keyword clusters that you can include in your blog posts or articles.

However, this keyword tool doesn’t give statistics about keyword difficulties, which can make it hard for new site owner to rank their content if they pick up keywords with high difficulty scores.


Traffic analytics

This feature was recently added to the Scalenut AI platform that provides real-time traffic, website ranking, and other off-page and on-page SEO.

Scalenut traffic analytics feature

For this, you can make a necessary change to your current content or website in order to increase traffic performance and reach your business marketing objective.

To use this traffic analyzer, you need to connect the AI platform with your Google Search Console account, which will provide the traffic trends, impressions, average position, keywords, etc.


AI writing templates

With more than 40 AI writing templates, copywriters and bloggers can use the available AI templates to generate high-quality content and reach their business marketing objectives.

Here are several AI templates:

  • Product descriptions
  • Article copywriting
  • blogs & article outline generator
  • Conclusion 
  • Video description
  • Business name generator
  • Google my business description
  • Quora question answer
  • Provide AI writing in bullet points
  • and much more.



Scalenut also provides integration with popular apps and software, including Semrush, WordPress, and Copyscape- the plagiarism content checker tool.

Scalenut integrations

By integrating with the Semrush tool, you would be able to find the targeted short and long-tail keywords that provide the keyword metrics and keyword clusters, which you can use on your content to outrank your competitor. 

With the integration feature, you can manually connect to another software on your Scalenut account. In particular, simply choose the tool you want to integrate and click connect.

Keep in mind that Scalenut is also available to download on your Google Chrome extension.


Scalenut pricing

Unfortunately, the Scalenut SEO tool does not provide any free subscription plan to experiment with its products. 

Instead, this AI copywriter & content optimization platform offers four main paid plans, which are as follows:

  • Essential: This plan is a great fit for individual content creators and consultants, who want to access some useful tools like AI writing tools, 40+ AI templates, and customer support, to name a few.
  • Growth: This plan is a great solution for startups and businesses to scale up their business with more features like unlimited words generated from AI writing tools, integrations, a keyword planner, and keyword clusters, to name a few.
  • Pro: This plan is a perfect match for larger teams and agencies who want to access more advanced features, including creating 75 SEO articles a month, keyword clusters, adding additional users, etc.
  • The last one is for Enterprize: This option is a customizable plan, which is more suitable for enterprises and large companies who want to customer their business needs and requirements.

Try Scalenut free here


Scalenut pros & cons

Scalenut is a revolutionary content marketing and AI SEO tool that helps individuals and digital marketers create quality content faster that can optimize for search engines.

Similar to any other tool, it also has both pros and cons based on our testing experience:


  • My first impression about Scalenut is- that it is easy to use, especially the Cruise mode- article, and blog writing feature that allows users to generate the draft content with minutes.
  • Offers a variety of features, including cruise mode, a keyword planner, content optimizer, to name a few.
  • Can integrate with popular apps & software like Semrush, WordPress, and CopyScape, etc.
  • Provides 40+ AI templates that allow digital marketers and bloggers to generate quality content using AI writing tools.
  • The keyword planner feature is somewhat useful in terms of providing keyword search volume and keyword clusters.


  • The AI content generation output is still under development and is similar to all other AI writing tools, which means you need a writer who has industry knowledge to edit and use their experience to expand ideas and publish quality and engaging content.
  • The keyword research planner feature doesn’t give information about keyword difficulty scores.
  • Does not provide any free subscription plan.


Is Scalenut worth it?

Scalenut is a leading content optimization and AI SEO tool that helps bloggers and copywriters generate high-quality content faster and easier. With some great features, it would be an ideal solution for those who want to plan, search, generate content, and optimize content for ranking higher and building brand awareness.

Another factor to determine whether or not this AI copywriter tool is worthwhile is to assess your business needs and expectations based on the following points such as features, easy to use, affordable price, and great customer support, etc.


A final thought on the Scalenut review

After exploring some top-notch features the AI SEO tool provides, it is worth considering Scalenut if you want to improve your business content marketing strategy by planning and creating engaging and informative content faster.

Based on my experience, the direct approach is to experiment with this tool before committing to a paid subscription. For this, take advantage of the free trial to see if it is the right content marketing and AI SEO tool for your business.


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