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Guide to Increase Website Traffic Using Google Keyword Planner Tool

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Updated: 01/01/2023


When it comes to increasing website traffic, a keyword finder is considered one of the most important steps to identifying common keywords search volume and boosting site rank higher.

There are many free keyword research tools for SEO, but not all of them are consistent enough to help you find the easy-ranking keywords and appear on the top page of the Google search engine.

For this reason, We are going to show you how to drive traffic to your website by using the Google keyword planner tool to target the low and medium keywords. In addition, Semrush is also recommended to find keyword difficulty scores that help your site rank well on search engines and avoid competing sites with higher authority scores.

Key Takeaways

  • Google Adwords keyword planner is a free keyword research tool to increase website traffic.
  • Three main effective SEO practices to help you find common keywords by using the Google keyword tool.
  • Users must have a Google Adwords account in order that they can use Google Keyword Planner.


Following the step by step on how to drive traffic to your website by using an effective keyword finder- the Google keyword planner tool.

Google search engine looks for numerous SEO optimization factors to rank websites or blogs on the first page including high-traffic keywords, on-page SEO, quality of the site, number of quality backlinks, etc.

And, keyword research is one of the basic SEO knowledge you should get familiar with because it is essential to brainstorm commonsense keywords before writing a blog post. Hence, we will dive deeper into how to use the Google Keyword planner tool in an effective way and help drive traffic to your site.


1. Use the Google Keyword Planner Tool to find keyword ideas

It’s super important to use a keyword tool like Google Keyword tool effectively due to the fact that it not only helps to boost your site rank better on the search engine but also drives more traffic, which equals higher profitability for your business.

Before you plan to write content and post on your website, keyword hunting is a step that must include identifying the targeted keywords. In this case, customers may find your site’s products and services by typing them on Google.

Google keyword planner tool free


Preparing a list of keywords that you think customers or people may type on search engines. In order to brainstorm high-traffic keywords and the search volume that you will include on one of your posts, use the great keyword platform, KWFinder or Semrush

For example, if your business is serving Japanese Food cuisine to local customers, you may brainstorm some related and common keywords that customers may search on Google in order to find your business online.

Now is the time to use Google keyword planner- previously called Keyword tool ( keyword research) to find both longtail and short tail keywords, which can help to generate traffic to your site.

As the picture above shows, bloggers or website owners should click on ” Discover new keywords“. Paste keyword ideas that you found on other SEO tools. Note, that you are free to use both short and long-tail keywords on the Google keyword planner tool.


Google Adwords keyword planner


From the Google Adwords keyword planner ( the screenshot above), you have the option to change the language and targeted geographical locations. So make sure all the settings are correct and keyword ideas are already pasted. Then we will move to step 2.


2. Find the common keywords

Google keyword finder


After you type keyword ideas on the Google Adwords keyword platform, it will automatically appear both original keywords and suggested keywords by Google, you should highlight and include them on your page or post for boosting SEO optimizations.

In this case, I provided the keywords ” robot, make a robot, and buy robot” and the keyword tool suggested a range of short and long-tail keywords as shown in the screenshot above.

The main purpose of using the Google keyword planner tool is to highlight keywords in monthly searches, cost per click ( CPC), and Highlight keyword competition scores ( low-medium-high).

The only difference between the Google Adwords keyword planner tool and other SEO tools like KWFinder is that it doesn’t show keyword difficulty scores. Thus, I suggest you should do two SEO tools to maximize the benefits of SEO optimizations for your website.


3. Select low-competition keywords

By using the Google keyword research tool, you will be able to find the targeted keywords as it helps to drive more traffic to your website as well as boost the conversion rate from sales.

In particular, there are a few important keyword-hunting factors when it comes to using this free keyword research tool:

  • The first and foremost important is to check the average number of keyword searches monthly. It will tell us how often web browsers search for each keyword each month. Therefore, you may include those highly searches keywords to maximize the SEO optimizations.
  • Next is to highlight keyword ideas that have low competition rates because they may easily reach your potential customers and drive traffic to your site. In addition, you should only select common keywords that are related to your blog niche or business operation, which will be worth to use them on your sites



Google Adwords keyword planner tool is one of the subsidiaries of the Google family that allows you to find the potential keywords to increase the effectiveness of the advertising campaign with Google Adwords.

Bloggers and website owners, should use this keyword tool to also search for related keywords that are associated with the business services and blog niche.

Importantly, you must have a Google Adwords account ready in order that you can you this free keyword research tool to either start an advertising campaign or use it to search for targeted traffic for your website.

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