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RevContent Review 2023: Key Features & How It Works?

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In order to make money from blogging for beginners, monetizing their website content with ad networks such as Adsense, would be an ideal starting point to generate regular income to help cover part of the start-up fees.

One of the fastest-growing ad networks you may pay attention to monetize for your online business is RevContent- the native advertising network, which works quite differently compared with other traditional premium ad networks.

In this RevContent review, we will dive deeper into this native advertising platform to give you a clear explanation of how it works, Revcontent requirements, and key product features. Thus, you may consider using RevContent to earn money online for your business.


Key Points

  • RevContent is a leading native ad platform based on content recommendation. It has thousands of high-quality publishers and advertisers.
  • RevContent is one of the top ad networks that allow members to customize their sponsored content such as fronts and color after they receive account approval with this native ad network.
  • Revcontent requirements: It’s not easy to join and get an account approved because this ad network has a strict policy in place to work with high-quality sites and minimum traffic requirements.
  • Site owners have several options to withdraw the ad earnings, and the minimum payment threshold is $100.


What is RevContent?

RevContent native ad network


RevContent is a native advertising network that operates by getting together publishers and advertisers. It is a content recommendation network with thousands of high-quality advertisers and publishers.

The firm was established in 2013 by John Lemp and has drastically expanded to become one of the most innovative and leading native ad networks in the industry. 

In particular, the ad network serves around 250 billion content recommendations per month. Also, it has a cross-range of ad widgets, which allow publishers to earn extra income by showing ads on their blogs and driving more regular traffic.


How does RevContent work?

RevContent is the alternative to Google Adsense, and you may consider using this native ad platform to make money from blogging. In addition, if you can get account approval from Adsense and RevContent, then it is a good chance you may use both Revcontent and Adsense ads on your site.

Keep in mind that bloggers and site owners must ensure to keep a good balance of ads on their sites, which not only can create a user’s friendly experience and also has a positive impact on SEO-friendly search ranking factors.

Sites with high-quality and original content as well as regular traffic may have a chance to accept to the network, but not 100% guaranteed. It’s because the platform wants to build a professional ecosystem where advertisers can find high-quality publishers and advertise their products.

As mentioned before, it is one of the innovative and top ad networks for blogging for beginners because the platform has different types of lightweight widgets, which are considered SEO friendly for your sites to drive traffic and boost for more revenue growth.

In particular, RevContent allows members to customize their sponsored content such as fronts and color after they receive the account approval with this native ad network. In addition, don’t forget to select the brand as an option if you are using websites or blogs.


What are RevContent requirements?

In terms of RevContent requirements, sites with high-quality and original content may encourage you to apply but it’s not 100% guaranteed to get an account approval. 

It’s because the platform also has a minimum traffic requirement of at least 50,000 monthly views, which makes it almost impossible for new sites to join the network.

For this reason, it is considered one of the premium ad networks that require publishers to have unique and high-quality content to add value for their users and clients. Some of the reputable and top media sites like Forbes, NBC News, and CBS- work with RevContent.

Another thing you need to pay attention to before applying is the platform has a strict policy in place to not work with a site that has objectionable content such as malware, porn, and hacking.

How to sign up?

In order to make money blogging, you need to complete the registration process with RevContent and if successful, then you would be able to monetize your blog.

  • Navigate to the firm official website.
  • Click publishers to sign up. 
  • Fill out general information associated with your site and personal information.

Now, you need to wait and see whether your application is successful or not. Note you may need to wait for up to 7 days to get a response from one of the firm team members to review your site.

If your site got approved, you can go to your account dashboard and choose the suitable widgets and display the codes on your WordPress blog.


Minimum payout?

RevContent minimum payment threshold is $100, which means your account earnings must exceed $100 in order to receive a payment to your account.

Keep in mind that the payment cycle is Net-50.


Payment options?

Members will have several options to withdraw their earnings when reaching $100. The following are several payment options you may consider in the future:

  • PayPal: site owners can use PayPal to withdraw funds back to their accounts maximum of $2500. Indeed, the payment threshold is $100.
  • Wire Transfer: this payment option is also considered a great option for international bloggers and website owners.


RevContent Pros and Cons

The followings are the pros and cons of RevContent, which you should consider before making a final decision on whether to join the network or not.


  • Offers a cross-range of lightweight widgets.
  • The platform has thousands of high-quality publishers and advertisers.
  • Several payment options.
  • One of the high-paying ad networks in the market.
  • Site owners and bloggers can customizable the widgets, which can adapt to any screen size.


  • New site owners may not qualify due to the higher requirements.
  • The site must have a high traffic volume and may be able to get approval.


A final thought on the RevContent review

RevContent is not an ideal solution for blogging for beginners to earn money online due to the fact that the platform often requires sites with high traffic volume and high-quality content before they consider applying.

Once you get the account approval from this ad network by fulfilling its requirements, then it would open different ways to make money from blogging and monetize your content using widgets.


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