Proven Ways to Make Money From HomeProven Ways to Make Money From Home

20 Proven Ways to Make Money From Home

Updated: 03/08/2023


Freelancing has become more and more popular with individuals and freelancers because they have the choice to work remotely and have flexible working schedules.

In particular, there are around 50 million freelancers across the United States. Those individuals currently take freelance work, full-time and part-time remote jobs.

It reflects the industry is considered profitable for all types of side gigs and freelancing, especially for stay-at-home parents, individuals, students, or even entrepreneurs. Choosing the right remote work gives you the autonomy to work on your own, the freedom to decide where to perform your work, and most importantly the flexible schedule to design to complete the work.

It doesn’t matter if you have a full-time job position, you can still have the option to make money online by taking a side hustle of work- mainly working on the weekend or a part-time role. The income earned from remote work can be used to cover your living expenses, pay off your mortgage, or even invest in your kids’ education.

In this article, I am sharing the list of top online jobs that can earn you a real income for your consideration. You should be able to choose the best online job if you decide to go ahead with the journey of making money online.

  1. Online Teaching Jobs
  2. Start a Blog
  3. Become a Content Writer
  4. Become a Web Designer
  5. Start to Make Money Via Youtube
  6. Write An Ebook
  7. Become a Freelancer
  8. Make Money Online Via Online Surveys
  9. Proofreader
  10. Digital Marketing: Manage Social Media and Websites
  11. Become an SEO specialist.
  12. Graphic Designer
  13. Virtual Assistant
  14. Vitual Personal Trainer
  15. Do Translation service
  16. Online Data Entry Jobs
  17. Online Recruiter
  18. Make Money Online by Using The Cashback Program
  19. Affiliate Marketing
  20. Make Money From Home by Selling An Online Course

Key Takeaways

  • Freelancing is an ideal option to make money on the side as a side hustle.
  • Stay-at-home parents, students, and travelers can select one of the remote jobs to make money at home.


20 Real ways to make money from home

The following are 20 proven ways to make money from home, depending on the industry you are in, you may select the best alternative to suit your schedule and personal expectation.

1. Online Teaching Jobs-Online Jobs

One of the best remote jobs is English Teacher- this type of job is particularly great for those, who would like to earn extra cash while helping others all around the world to become better with their English ability in terms of writing and speaking skills.

Students at Universities should consider remote work opportunities to make money online, which can help to cover the cost of living and pay part of their tuition fees. This is because English teaching is one of the best online jobs for students as it gives them the option to schedule the timetable between work and study.


Where Do I Find remote work as an English Teacher?

The answer is Yes definitely, you can easily find an online job as an English Teacher on the following popular platforms:

Flexjobs, Fiverr,  Udemy, and Search on Indeed jobs, just to name a few.


The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platformimp


2. Start a Blog and Earn Money Online.

The second best remote work that allows you to make money from home is to “ Start a Blog” because it is a lucrative and profitable business.

With a little investment upfront for the running costs such as Web hosting and maintaining a domain name- the cheapest, most qualified, and reliable hosting providers in the market are Cloudways and Hostinger. These two qualities of web hosting offer an affordable plan with 24 customer support that can help to accelerate your blogging business.

It gives you the choice to live the life you desire in terms of financial aspects and the freedom to pick your working hours and the location you choose to work.

Specifically, running a blog can open the door to multiple income streams, and it is just a matter of time to decide what sources of revenue you would like to implement on your blog. 

For Example, there are plenty of proven ways to make money online blogging.

  • Open an e-commerce store:
  • Monetize your blog’s content: Google AdSense, Propellerads, Ezoic, Infolinks, Amazon Associate Program
  • Affiliate marketing program: CJ affiliate, and ClickBank.
  • Sell Sponsored Blog Posts.
  • Run an online course. 
  • Sell online courses.
  • Sell Digital Products on your Blog.
  • Coaching one on one.
  • Consulting your expertise with other businesses and individuals
  • Sell your own product.

However, you can’t expect to make money right away with your blogging because it’s required commitment and hard work to put all the puzzles coming together. 

In other words, the requirement to post regularly+ plus the tactics to generate more traffics are your main two priorities to expand the blog’s reputation and size. Therefore, you will need at least 6 months or one year to start earning a lucrative income with a blogging business.

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3. Become a Content Writer

Becoming a freelance writer is one of the best ways to make money from home. This job particularly suits those who have a passion for writing and reading because it gives you a decent income while continuing to pursue your passion and hobby as an online writer.

Professional white-collar workers and students also should consider this remote work as part-time. It is because you will have the option to choose your own working hour to match your weekly, and monthly schedule.

For those who lack confidence in writing, you should refer to books or articles associated with writing skills and techniques for improvement.

Recommended Book: 100 Ways to Improve Your Writing (Updated): Proven Professional Techniques for Writing with Style and Power

Popular Media for reading articles: Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, and CNN.

Importantly, improving your copywriting equals investing in yourself in terms of skill and knowledge. And this is considered the greatest asset and decision you made because most highly-paid jobs are required to have excellent communication skills.

Where Do I Find remote work as a Freelance Writer?

Toptal, Fiverr, ( remote and flexible schedule jobs), and Udemy are popular sites for Freelancers.

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4. Become a Web Designer

This remote work is relevant to technical skills and knowledge in web design because the job requires you to have at least basic knowledge of how to code, which enables you to make a perfect website Hence, it is one of the best side hustle ideas that allow you to make money from home.

In other words, you are one step ahead of others as you know how to build a blog in the correct way. Then you should consider offering the job as a web designer, where you help to build websites for small businesses or start-ups.

Where Do I Find remote Work as a Web Designer?

FlexJobs and Fiverr are the two most popular sites for getting remote jobs as web designers. Alternatively, you can offer your skill directly to the local community, where small businesses and start-ups are searching for a person like you to create a website for them

In terms of earnings per hour: it depends on the size of the project. The smaller website may charge around $200-$300, but with a bigger project for a business website- it should be even more expensive.

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5. Start to Make Money Online as a Youtuber

Become a Youtuber is one of the great passive income ideas to make money online, it gives you the option to decide the life you desire, once your youtube channel started to generate regular income. This is because popular Youtubers make thousands of dollars every month. And the secret is you have to keep up with the work and constantly post at least two videos a week.

Google will look at this and it will rank your site higher in the Google Search Engine because the content you create contributes overall value to the global community.

Depending on the niche, you can concentrate on posting regular videos on certain topics such as food, travel,  car, finance, lifestyle, and so on.

Once your site meets Google’s minimum requirements: 4000 hours of watch and 1000 subscribers– then you are entitled to monetize traffic with Youtube. In other words, Google Adsense will pay monthly salaries based on the number of views and clicked-on ads.

Warning: you are going to face stiff competition with other YouTubers because almost everyone has their own youtube channel and it makes it even harder to make money from home.

For this reason, there is no secret to success with the Youtube journey:

  • It requires constant posts.
  • Genuine Content.
  • Create value for the audience in terms of entertaining or solving problems.
  • Share posts on social media
  • Share video posts on another youtube channel.
  • SEO: keyword search.


6. Write an Ebook

It’s one of the great passive income ideas, which can generate a regular income for at least the next 10 years. With one condition, your book must get a constant buyer in order to generate a decent income in the future.

If you commit to putting in all your hard work and diligently writing up a quality book, then you can publish an ebook on Amazon or Wallmark to generate a passive income and make money online.

Importantly, sell an ebook directly on your website, which is considered the perfect way to create different sources of income from your blog business.


7. Become a Freelancer

The Online Gigg economy generates more than 1.2 billion USD in the past years according to the statistic. This reflects it becomes more and more popular among individuals, who seek to escape from 9-5 working hours and receive the highest autonomy possible.

This type of remote work is particularly suitable for students, stay-at-home parents, travelers, and professional white-collar employees who want to make extra money.

Fiverr and are among the best freelancing websites in the market that attract millions of users from all over the world. Both platforms have a great customer support team, which offers instant help to solve your current issues in terms of payments, disputes, and other work.

⇒ Sign up with Fiverr

Get Started with Freelancer

Sign up with Toptal

These freelancing websites have a bunch of jobs available such as IT, Web design, translators, human resources, and management consulting, just to name a few. You can narrow down your expertise by sticking to the area that you are good at and can create value for the community.

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8. Make Money Online Via Online surveys 

Making money online via online surveys is one of the easy jobs that can earn you an extra income. It is a realistic way to earn money online without investment for students who need to make extra cash to cover their living expenses.

Personally, I don’t think this is a long-term job to stick around because you will learn nothing besides doing the same task day by day.

On the other hand, it could be great if you need short-term cash, or maybe you have spare time to take surveys for earning a small portion of your income for shopping.

There are some legitimate online earning sites ( legit paying apps) that allow users to make money online by taking quick online surveys. What you need to do is to sign up and set up a PayPal account ready for receiving the payment.

  • Swagbucks: there are several forms of online activities that allow members to make money from home such as you will get paid to read emails, give your opinions, play games, and answer survey questions. Users are allowed to redeem gift cards or get paid cash instantly.
  • Mypoints: similar to other online survey sites, Mypoints will reward members for the following options: cash rewards, gift cards, and coupon codes.
  • Opinion Inn:  rewards members for completing online surveys and referring new members to their site

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9. Proofreader

The proofreader is the next remote work that allows you to make money from home. If you have good attention to detail in finding errors and fixing the sentence structure in terms of grammatical mistakes. Then the role of a proofreader might be the right one for you.

As a proofreader, you have to read and proof through types of articles, newspapers, books, blog posts, business documents, or even marketing flyers, just to name a few. Technically, your role will check a second time in order to ensure there are completely free errors, and sentence issues that can help your publishers to post or publish professional content.

Where Do I Find remote work as a proofreader?

Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork are the most popular to get the most hired job as a proofreader.


10. Digital Marketing: Manage Social Media and Websites

To become a digital marketer by managing business social media content and platform, you will be able to earn a decent amount of money over time. In particular, you will directly manage other people’s blogs or websites by constantly updating the information and answering all the queries from the customers.

you can either work for a marketing agency or even help to manage a government website in terms of answering general questions and updating the news to the general public and consumers.


11. Become an SEO Specialist

Many businesses and companies are actively searching for individuals who can help to improve their site search engine ranking. In order to get expertise in the field of SEO, you must have good skills in building keywords, getting backlinks, and improving the ranking of the existing website on Google Search.

Hence, I believe the experience will be the key because it shows the ability to complete the job well above expectation based on the number of years and successful projects in the industry.

Where Do I find remote work as an SEO expert?

Fiverr, Freelancer, PeopleperHour are the most popular sites.


12. Graphic Designer

The next best remote work is graphic design as you can go ahead to develop a career in this field in the long run. This is because it is vital for every industry in terms of designing and creating an elegant and professional piece of work.

In terms of skills required, you would need to have good computer skills in order to use the design apps, which allow you to design in a basic way.

Notes: For further career advancement, you will acquire the skill in Adobe Photoshop in order to handle bigger and more complex projects. However, you will earn a decent income if you have that skill already.

Where Do I Find remote work as a Graphic Designer?

Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and Dribbble are popular sites.


13. Virtual Assistant Jobs

The virtual assistant is one of the most popular remote jobs that requires a basic foundation of knowledge and experience to perform the job excellently. If you are determined to work remotely and make money from home, then this is the job for you.

By managing the basic duties and tasks such as making phone calls and answering emails, you can make a regular income by just putting extra few hours a week. For this reason, this type of job as a virtual assistant will suit those who already have full-time jobs and want to earn an additional income.

Where Do I Find a Job as a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant Jobs, Toptal, and Fiverr.


14. Vitual Personal Trainer

If you have a passion for gym and fitness, and you have experience and proven strategies to improve others’ physical outlook, then you should consider getting into this field as an online job.

With advanced technology, you can just train people online by using Zoom/skype in both groups or one on one training. This could make a decent income if you continue to pursue this career in the long run.

Where Do I  Find remote work as Personal Trainer?

Fiverr, Freelancer and Glassdoor.


15. Translator

Translation is a type of job that you should consider sticking to in the long run if you have the passion to translate into another language. Especially, if you are influenced by another language besides English, then the job must be the right one for you.

Your daily duties will stick around translating business documents, letters, and emails, just to name a few into another preferred language, then you must ensure the meaning is similar to the original document.

Where Do I Find an online job as a Translator?

Fiverr, Freelancer, Glassdoor, and indeed jobs.

16. Online Data Entry Jobs

In order to get into this role, you must know how to input numeric, alphabetic, and symbolic into a large data system. It is not a job for everyone since it requires higher technical skills and knowledge in data analysis.

However, if you decide this online data entry job is the job for you in the future, then in the long run you will get paid well over time.

Another great thing about this online job is you can decide your own schedule to perform the work either at home or wherever you prefer. So it means you get the highest autonomy possible.

Where DO I Find an Online Job? (Onlinedataentryjob)

Upwork, Working Solutions, Fiverr, Freelancer, and Glassdoor.

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17. Online Recruiter

Traditionally, working in a recruitment industry requires the employee to work mostly in a professional office, but with the pandemic still going on, we still don’t know exactly when it will end. For this reason, many corporate firms in the recruitment sector decide to hire employees working remotely. Therefore, this online recruiting role becomes one of the best online jobs for professionals and students, who would like to make money online as a part-time online job.

In order to confidently get into the role as an online recruiter, you will have good communication skills in both writing and speaking because your daily duties will be based on posting a job vacancy and engaging with both clients and job applicants.

Where Do I Find an Online Recruiter role?

Flexjobs, Fiverr, Freelancer, Glassdoor, and indeed jobs.


18. Make Money Online by Using the Cashback Program

Using a cashback program is an easy way to make money online as you just need to sign up with reputable top cashback sites, and every dollar you spend online will be rewarded as the point collection for your future shopping.

Topcashback mainly operates by giving cashback to members, where the platform helps them to save up to hundred dollars per year spending on vacations, shopping, and other forms of activities.

Honey is well known as the best-earning app in terms of helping you to find saving codes and coupon codes, which ensure you don’t overpay at your favorite local shopping stores.

It’s a Google Chrome extension, which means you need to install the Honey app on your browser extension, and the app will do the job by finding the best saving codes or coupon codes for you.

Even though you don’t make money directly using the Honey app, it will help you to save money by finding the best saving codes that you can use directly in your online shopping cart. Thus, Honey is among the best money-making apps that enable you to discover discount deals for your shopping.

In other words, the platform allows members to join for free and use the Topcashback app to find cashback deals, and coupon codes. It’s the best alternative to earning money surveys as you can just get on with your shopping while saving money along the way.

19. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is a sharing scheme program, where you help your users, friends, or relatives to find the good product or service that they are looking for. In return, you will receive a referral commission from your partners.

Depending on your blog niche, you can always find the product and services that match your content, and you have the option to join them if you want to.

Importantly, always search for reputable brands and companies that can create value for your readers. And, find out if those companies have an affiliate program to sign up for.

For your reference, the following list of affiliate programs can help you to add to your content.

  • ClickBank
  • Rakuten Affiliate Program

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20. Make Money From Home by Selling An Online Course

With the advancement of technology, it’s not difficult to find an online course for learning something new in your free time. There are many ways to search for the most qualified online course.

You could either receive a recommendation from a friend, or relative, or at least search on the internet to find out the right course, which helps you to learn new skills and be able to pursue your dreams in the future.

By updating with the trend, you could consider launching an online course to help people learn a new skill or improve their knowledge. Instead of taking live lessons, you could organize and compile all the necessary course materials by recording video lessons, writing model answers, and creating spreadsheets, just to name a few.

After compiling all these learning lessons on a file, then you can offer to sell an online course to help others solve their own problem. When you deliver value to the community, it means they are happy to pay you remuneration for their hard work and creativity.

  •  Udemy is one of the trusted online money-making sites when it comes to creating online courses. The platform has more than 183,000 online courses with over 40 million students from all over the world. You almost can learn anything, such as data science, marketing, and web design, to name a few.
  • Thinkific is another big player in the market for selling online courses. The platform has helped thousands to create online courses while earning additional passive income.

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