Best Practices to Increase Google Adsense EarningsBest Practices to Increase Google Adsense Earnings

How to Earn From Blogging- 6 Best Practices to Increase Google Adsense Earnings in 2023

Updated: 24/06/2023.

When it comes to blogging for beginners, top ad networks like Google Adsense and AdMaven are considered the popular place to make money online by showing ads on their content.

In particular, there are many influential factors that have a direct impact on Adsense revenue, which include Adsense CPC, ad type, and the location of the traffic source to your site.

If you want to learn how to make money with Google Adsense, you must not ignore any of these factors and try to implement as much as strategies that can help to improve your Google Adsense earnings.

As mentioned in the previous post that talks about how to implement keyword research and Google search console, which helps to drive traffic and increase ad revenue for your site.

In this post, you will continue to learn several proven strategies that show how to increase Adsense earnings and drive traffic to your blog. You should apply as many practices as you can to increase Google Adsense earnings.

Key Points

  • The 6+ practical tips to make money blogging with Google Adsense and drive traffic to your site.
  • Apply as many practices as you can to increase Google Adsense earnings.
  • Pay more attention to creating unique and quality content as it is the main sticking point to driving traffic and increasing Adsense revenue.
  • Use multiple Adsense ads within blog posts, but do not aggressively display too many ads.

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Adsense earnings per 1000 visitors?

It’s not 100% accurate to determine exactly how much your site would make money with 1000 visitors. But, your Adsense revenue will depend on cost per click ( Adsense CPC) and revenue per impression (RPM) as well as the traffic source.

For example, let’s assume your site has an average RPM revenue that is around $8 for every 1000 visitors. You will double your Adsense revenue if your site has 2000 visitors, which means you can make around $16.

Your Google Adsense earnings will be varying based on other factors such as content quality, CPC, and traffic source, which you may need further investigation and experience on your own to find out the answer.

For further information about Adsense revenue per thousand impressions, you should read more and get familiar with how the Adsense RPM earnings work.

A common question that many people ask is how much your Google Adsense earnings per click.

Whenever your readers click on the Adsense ads on your site, it will automatically generate revenue on your Google Adsense account, which means your Google Adsense earnings per click will be depending on the traffic sources and the number of money advertisers can pay.

How to increase AdSense earnings in 6 proven steps

The following are several tactics that show you how to make money with Google Adsense as well as drive traffic to your site.

Monetizing a blog with Adsense is one of the beginner ways that show how bloggers make money. You are going to learn different techniques that can optimize your site in terms of increasing ad revenue and improving readers’ experience.

Make sure you use targeted keywords with low difficulty scores to improve the SEO optimizations and allow your site to increase revenue- use a keyword tool like SEMRUSH to find profitable keywords and traffic metrics.

1. Link your Google Adsense account to Google Analytics

The first and foremost important step is to link your Adsense account with Google Analytics due to the fact that you will understand better how your Adsense ads perform in terms of traffic locations, and sources as well as the bounce rate.

By using Google Analytics, bloggers will be able to highlight which area of your site visitors spend most of their time reading. For this reason, they will pay more attention to delivering content that can satisfy users’ experiences.

Understanding different kinds of metrics will help to optimize your website and blog in terms of Adsense ad units and the location of ads that may help to increase your overall Adsense revenue.

2. Place Adsense ads within the content

One of the best ways to improve ads revenue with Google Adsense is to run the experiment by displaying ads within your posts. It may help to increase the chance of visitors clicking on your site’s ads.

Keep in mind that Adsense ads must be relevant to the content that you deliver to readers because it will increase the conversion rate and curiosity of clicking on the ads of readers.

In addition, don’t aggressively place too many ads in the main body of the post, which may have a negative impact on the user experience. Thus, they may find it annoying if your site has too many ads.

Based on my experience, I would only display a maximum of 3 Adsense ads on a single post as it will not slow down the site and improve the user-friendly experience.

3. Create responsive ads

Another practice to make money blogging is to create responsive ads on your content, which helps to increase the efficiency of time management in terms of keeping resizing ads. 

In particular, the responsive displace ads will automatically adjust the size of the ads in order to fit with the available space on your post. For this reason, it will definitely help to increase the user experience by directly sending messages to customers.

Responsive ads would also help to increase better performance for many blogs and websites, but it is not always the case as your Adsense revenue may be impacted by other more important factors.

4. Focus on delivering quality content

The most important and effective way that shows how to increase Adsense earnings is to keep producing fresh and genuine content. It’s because the content is the king to keep the high attention of the general public as it delivers value to them.

Those visitors would be becoming your regular readers, which directly helps to drive traffic to your site. In other words, the more traffic your blog has, the more Adsense revenue your site will generate over time.

For this reason, regularly create 2 or 3 blog posts a week to keep updated with your loyal visitors. This practice not only generates more traffic to your site but also helps you to become an expert in terms of your writing skill and knowledge in your niche.

By posting fresh content every week, Google’s algorithm will take a further step to reward blogs or websites with a higher ranking on the search engine.


5. Use multiple Google Adsense ads units to maximize earning

Another tip to increase Adsense revenue is to place different types of Ad units on your Google Adsense account by running an experiment for a while first. The reason for this is to figure out different profitable ad units that contribute to improving Adsense earnings.

In particular, you may use a combination of different Adsense ad units like in-page ads, an anchor ad, and ads between posts or pages, which allows optimizing your Adsense earnings by clicking on those ads.

As mentioned earlier, you should not display too many ad units on a post, which may cause to slow down your website speed and create a bad user experience.

In order to avoid account termination or suspension, bloggers or website owners should always update the Adsense program policy.

6. Share your posts on Social Media

Last but certainly not least is to share your blog posts on multiple social media channels, which aim to drive more traffic to your site. More visitors equals to increase more Adsense revenue for your site.

Bloggers should post at least 1 or 2 articles a week across social media channels, which will keep delivering fresh content for visitors.

Whenever they search for topics that are related to your niche, then your site or blog posts may come on their search as they will highly likely click on your content for reading. It’s one of the proven strategies that generate a lot of traffic to blogs and websites.

Here are several social media channels you should consider creating an account and posting regularly on there:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Quora
  • Pinterest

Those sites have a super high authority ranking on the Google search engine, which means your blog posts may appear on the first page of the search results.

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Final Thought

I believe there are more proven tips to help increase Google Adsense earnings, but with more than 6 action steps ( plus from the previous post), you will be able to drive more traffic to your blog over time.

In addition, it’s essential to run the experiment and keep trying different tips as much as you can. Therefore, you will be able to figure the several best practice that can satisfy your Google Adsense earnings.

Make money blogging with Adsense is one of the passive income ideas that regularly earn you stable and steady revenue for your online business. 


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